How to Crack NDA Exam, Why to Choose Delhi Career Group

NDA is a defence academy of the Indian Armed Forces located at Khadakwasla, Pune, where the cadets of three services, the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force are trained together to join any of the respective services. NDA is a national level exam conducted twice a year by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). Approx. 450,000 applicants apply every year, out of which only 6,300 candidates can make it for next round of interview. At the final stage, only 70 candidates are accepted in Air Force, 42 in Navy, and 208 candidates in Army.

Delhi Career Group is provides NDA coaching in Jaipur which is best in comparison t other coaching institutes because their faculty staff members are also of friendly and helping nature. They give students lots of facilities which makes easy for students to make they comfortable and to study more.

How to crack NDA Exam

Understand the Pattern

NDA written examination has a fixed pattern and learning the same solves half of the problem. The test is divided into two sections General Ability and Mathematics. The first section is for a maximum of 300 marks and limited time duration of 150 minutes. The time is given in order to solve 120 questions that carry 2.5 marks each. A wrong answer brings (subtracts actually) -0.83 marks and unanswered stay neutral at all times. This gives you just 75 seconds (1.25 minutes) for one question. The second part is further divided into General Knowledge and English section. A total of 150 questions are asked in the exam and every question here carries 4 marks. 50 questions are from English, 25 for physics, 15 for chemistry, 10 general sciences, 20 for social science, 20 for geography and 10 for current events.

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Clear Your Basics

Clearing your doubts on the basic principles of various subjects could help you clear NDA with ease. The majority of the questions are have shuffled values and all new situations which require your basic knowledge of the concept. Know how things work as remembering a formula and deriving a formula has a lot of difference when compared to each other. Delhi Career Group helps the aspirants to clear their basic because they teach Best NDA Coaching in Jaipur.

Find a Professional Crash Course

Professional crash courses that vary from four to six weeks are the best way to get you brushed for NDA. They will help to deal with those queries that have appeared for the most times, giving you an everyday dose of NDA thrill in the institution itself. DCG provides regular Crash courses and gives us NDA Coaching Classes in Jaipur. One can choose between morning and evening class batch, getting more time for self-study in those days.

Learn Time Management

Time management is one of the most important keys to success in the NDA exam. In just 300 minutes, 270 questions means you need to know which part to do first and which at the last. Figuring out your strongest part will help you save more time for the toughest part. Assume, you have a good hold on chemistry but physical is not that strong, you should consider finishing the first lesser time in order to save more time for physics. Some minutes saved in the first section could add up more time to difficult ones. If you going through those questions which need a derivation to take much more time and these should be kept for the end. Attempting the sure short answers first will inspire confidence in you and help you maintain the speed to reach all questions on time. If you are going well, taking a risk and marking a suspicious answer would be a wrong step at that moment.

Find Required Study Material

As the right ammunition helps an army win the war with ease, going with the right books can help you secure a better score in the NDA examination. First, going through the NCERT books for a better understanding of the concept is suggested. It should be used for reference in cases where you are unable to understand the situation explained in question or the questions.

Why to choose Delhi Career Group

Discipline and Time Management

There is a proper time schedule maintain by the DCG and some rules & regulations, because time is a precious thing in everyone’s life. All the students follow these rules and come institutes at time.

Hostel or PG facility

This institute provides PG and hostel facilities for the students who comes from other states, the hostels are near the institutes so that they easily travel. These are some unique qualities provided by Delhi Career Group which makes it unique and best.

Reading and study room

This facility is only available in Delhi Career Group they provide separate reading room and study room regular for 1 & 2 year which is noise free and students learn easily without disturbance.


The academy looks like a huge building. This institute is having training blocks also with the class rooms which are clean and well maintained. The classrooms used for the training and teaching are all air conditioned. The modern audio technology is used in the classrooms and projectors also.

Doubt Sessions

In doubt sessions, class for the queries of the students are taken by the teachers and help them to solve those doubts, these classes are held every weekend. These help the students to clear their all subject’s doubt.

About Delhi Career Group

Delhi Career Group is a specialized leading Institute all over India. Well known for its Best Guidance and affordable education Services in India. We offer a complete range of Competitive Exams, includes SSB, NDA SIP, NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Assistant Commandant, RMS, RIMC, Sainik School, Army, Air Force, Indian Navy, IMU-CET, Merchant Navy, Territorial Army, TES (Tech Entry Scheme) Etc. Call Now: 84273-39559. Website: FB: /dcgacademy/ Twitter: @dcgacademy01 Linkedin:
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