Can I Clear IAS Exam Without Coaching Classes?

Importance of IAS exam

IAS is the most prestigious position in civil services. People are keen to enjoy the well-esteemed job because of the IAS powers.  IAS officers hold vital and strategic positions in Union Government, States, and public-sector undertakings. The postof the District Officer is known as District Magistrate, district Collector orDeputy Commissioner. He is appointed under center government regulation as hissalary and other benefits also declared by center govt.  

Importance of self-study

With the expansion in a number of population and new technology invention, the trend of self-study is increasing. Now education is no longer confined to classrooms only because it is not able to beat one’ sintellectual needs. Some also argue it with an outdated model. Here we deal with some benefits of self-study.

  1.    it’s the better way to learn because a person learns and research more when alone.

2.    Its less distracting than group-study

3.    Through solo-study, you also build a strong, valued habit for future

4.    Self-study is better than group-study because it’s the best way to learn and is distraction-free.

Importance of coaching institutions

As we read the benefits of self-study but on the other hand, we cannot ignore the importance of IAS coaching institutes. As this is an era of cut-throat competition where there is a tough competition for a better life, every parent wants their ward to excel in every subject. And when a child fails to do it, there is arising of stress. So to eliminate this stress at an early stage it’s better to take IAS Exam coaching and join the civil services.

  1.    Teachers are more familiarize with IAS study material.

2.    When you are stuck at some point, on some question or are unable to clarify your doubt, theexpert guidance & explanation help you clear these clouds.  

3.    The teachers at the coaching center keep you focused and keep you motivated toward the preparation.

4.    The group of aspirants, attending the coaching or mentors gives you this platform to evaluate yourself with reference to your peers.

5.    It makes your thought and preparation more focused on the level of competition.


To conclude, although self-study is good on the other sidewe cannot ignore the benefits of coaching institutes. Rest choice varies fromindividual to individual. The main target for the candidate should be to clear IAS entrance exam. 

About Delhi Career Group

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