Age Eligibility for NDA

Well, while filling NDA Entrance exam form the biggest question arise in every mind that whether as per age eligibility criteria he is eligible or not. The dilemma arises in mind make every candidate confused. Many NDA Coaching institute in Chandigarh helps in your problem. But if you filling your form by own here we come with the solution to problem. We provide you shortcut tricks to calculate your age eligibility.

Age: 16 ½ to 19 ½ (Before joining NDA),

15 ½ to 18 ½ (For form filling).

This exam process takes one year process so it is advisable to fill form after 11th standard for first attempt.

Number of chances calculation:

Age criteria decide your number of attempts to appear for the NDA exam. To find your number of chances do as underneath.

Consider the month and year in which you are planning to appear for the test e.g. I want to give exam in September 2018

Now subtract 18 years and six months from it. So September 2018 – 18 years = September 2000 September 2000 – 6 months = April 2000

Thus as per NDA entrance exam age criterion Students born after 1st July 2000 and before 1st July 2000 + 3 years = 1st January 2003 can appear for this test, Provided they are going to pass their 10 + 2 level exam in next year before Jun 2018

Now suppose the student has birth date 15 October 2001 He has appeared for 11th exam in March 2018 then his number of attempts can be calculated as

The year of passing 11th std. + 0.5 – 18.5 = x e.g. x=2018.5 – 18.5 = 2000

Birth year –x=y e.g. y = 2001 – 2000 = 1

Number of attempts = 2y – 1 if birth date is on or before 1st July

Number of attempts = 2y if birth date is after 1st July

e.g. Number of attempts = 2y = 4 as birth date is 15th Oct

Now if student is planning to take September 2018 attempt hence subtracting 18 years and six months we get April 2000. Hence as per NDA entrance exam criterion Students born after 1st January 2000 and before 1st January 2000 + 3 years = 1st January 2003 can appear for this test Provided they are going to pass their 10 + 2 level exam before May 2019.

Important features of NDA coaching classes in Chandigarh

1> Starting preparations for NDA entrance exam after 10th exam is the best time to start. Fresh and tension free minds, ready to learn new ideas, enthusiast to see new horizons can give maximum time to develop own skills.

2> Science experiments and Maths magic to maintain vacation tempo.

3> Maths modules and English sessions with no syllabus and exam constrains to strengthen subject foundations and for easiness of learning the further theory. It grabs the hold on the subject.

4> Give up traditional mug – up technique and learn proper memory techniques during NDA coaching classes in Chandigarh.

5> SSB test and NDA written exam emphasizes on English and our experts make you comfortable in it.

6> What personality do you desire? Leadership ability, logical thinking, Stage confidence, management skills and whatever else you can imagine; we have the platform and activities, participate in it with your soul and body and carve out your dream personality.

7> Assured results – Join NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh with one month course in June and with our overall evaluation get assurance of results that you can get at the end of the our course and join our course with confidence .

8> Test series of 20 papers with complete guidance for planning and practicing paper solving strategy.

9> It includes all the features of all other courses.

About Delhi Career Group

Delhi Career Group is a specialized leading Institute all over India. Well known for its Best Guidance and affordable education Services in India. We offer a complete range of Competitive Exams, includes SSB, NDA SIP, NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Assistant Commandant, RMS, RIMC, Sainik School, Army, Air Force, Indian Navy, IMU-CET, Merchant Navy, Territorial Army, TES (Tech Entry Scheme) Etc. Call Now: 84273-39559. Website: FB: /dcgacademy/ Twitter: @dcgacademy01 Linkedin:
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