Journey from NDA to Commandos and Paratroopers: A Daring Career

As the decision to join NDA is in itself is a very harsh so the challenges with the increase of responsibility goes on increasing for the commando and paratroopers. Commando and Paratroopers established and now controlled by special force department where they are trained form the tough to toughest situations. These Special Forces comes into existence after 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Now they are always ready in case of any emergency arise in India as earlier.


Joining the Special Forces of India as an NDA Cadet

It’s a great opportunity for the NDA cadets that after finishing their NDA training they have an option to join special force in their respective wing. Every wing of Indian tri-force has its own set of commandos, paratroopers, Deep-sea drivers, skydivers and Para-jumpers. Indian Army has Para Special Forces, the Air-force has Garuda and Indian Navy has Marcos, all these Special Forces are skilled to face the deadliest and complex rescue operations.

Cadets after completion in the respective academy can apply for the going with the Special Forces. If a NDA alumnus working with the Army, Navy or Air-force decides to join the respective Special Forces then they have to go through the probation period where their mental and physical ability is tested only after the probation is over. The Special Force aspirants are sent to the relevant training bases to start the training as Special Force units.

Procedure to Become a Commando or Paratrooper in the Indian Army

An Indian Armed personal who want to join commandos in the Indian Army become National Security Guards and the Paratroopers make up the Parachute Unit of the Indian Army.

Only interested male candidates age ranges between 20 to 35 years can join the special force of Indian Army. For the candidates whose age exceeds from 35 years, joining is possible on depending upon their mental and physical fitness.

Normally, commandos are trained to become paratroopers, skydivers, Para-jumpers and deep-sea divers. After the probation period of 3 months, the filtering of the soldier for the next phase is chosen. After the completion of the training one is decorated with Marron Beret and Para Wings and send to the respective training battalions and they are off to join the simultaneous commando Unit.

Training Period of the Special Forces and Commandos

The training to become a Commando or getting into the Special Force is very tough unlike the training for the Armed Forces. Hundreds of aspirants or volunteers apply every year and only a few hundreds are selected. The training procedure is not only tough but draining in all aspect full day-long training on an every day basis is important in becoming a commando in the Special Forces.

The training includes all kinds of operation formats such as special operations, Direct action, Special reconnaissance, Hostage rescue, Asymmetric warfare, Personnel recovery, Counter-proliferation, Counter Drugs operations, Counter-terrorism, Foreign Internal Defense, Counter-insurgency, Unconventional warfare, Low-intensity conflict, and Intelligence Operations etc.

Every type of shootings, full sprint, quick reactions, taking decisions and control in a matter of minutes are also a part of the training. The training involves all kinds of pressure handling when captured by the enemy. In short, the training makes you capable of dealing with all kinds situations in the toughest of the circumstance.

NDA Cadets Training apt for the Special Forces

However there is no hard and fast rule that only NDA candidate will make the best soldier or officer of the Special Force. But this is for sure that the training method through which an NDA candidate goes makes the person the best suitable person for the job of a Commando. The reason which there has been NDA Alumni who have made their name as a Special force Commando, here is some NDA Alumni who made a name in the Special Forces

Sandeep Unnikrishnan An alumnus of the NDA who was the hero of 26/11 Mumbai attacks and gave up his life fighting the terror. He was an NSG Commando who died fighting and saving his colleague. He was presented the Ashoka Chakra posthumously for his contribution in the terrorist attack

Mohit Sharma This NDA Alumni died fighting with terrorist on March 2009 in the Kupwara sector of J&K. he alone not only killed 4 terrorists in the encounter but saved two fellow soldiers in the process. He was awarded the Ashoka Chakra posthumously for his bravery.

Joining the Special Force is Challenging and Better

Special Forces might be a tough place to be and it might be draining both aspects mentally and physically. But the challenge that it offers is undeniably the greatest vigor in being a part of the Special Force. Not every person is lucky to be serving the nation but serving the country in a way that matters the most when the country is in acute danger makes it rewarding.

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