Some Tips to Stay Fit for NDA Exam and Interview

NDA exams are for getting an opportunity to serve India by joining the Indian army forces but you all know that working in army forces is not an easy task and you would require some extravagant physical and mental skills to be able to get success in Indian army. One must be fit mentally and physically and only then he can join National Defense forces. Once you clear NDA exam you need to go through physical examination.

Eligibility criteria for Physical Test

Height : Male – 157 cms Female – 152 cms

Weight is measured according to the age and height of a person

Eyesight- 6/6 with glasses and 6/12 without glasses

Totally healthy without any type of disease

Here are some tips to stay fit for NDA Exam

It is quite daunting task to maintain the fitness and for attaining a job posting in NDA forces you need to be fit. After you clear the NDA written exam you need to go through the second stage of selection and that is the physical efficiency test. You would need to do 60 plus push-ups and 60 plus sit ups in respective two minutes given for each task. Following are some tips to stay fit for NDA Physical Test:

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• The first this you should add to your routine is doing exercise. This can help you improve your health fitness and keep you active throughout the day.

• You can go for Quadriceps, Planking, Upper back and Hip exercises for preparation of Push-ups.

• Time to time medical checkups, neck strengthening and regular sit ups are required to prepare for Sit Ups.

• You can also go for ADF app in which you get best plans for fitness for NDA exam. You can follow step by step instructions given in the app to improve your fitness level.

• One of the best way to stay fit is to take part in sports activities. It can benefit you in improving your overall health as sports help you moving your whole body and at the same time you make strategies which will help you exercising your mind.

• Choose the best diet plan after consulting a dietitian. A diet can easily help you remain fit and healthy by doing nothing. All you need to do just follow the diet plan and you would be able to stay fit for long.

General Tips for Preparing NDA Exam Physical Test

• You must begin the proceedings of your routine with exercise and workouts which will help you stay active and fit for all the day and you can do your daily works with more energy and enthusiasm.

• Water Consumption in proper measure is important. You can use honey and ginger with warm water for additional betterment.

• Always try to eat as much as it can satisfy your appetite in the morning and then eat less in afternoon and take less dinner at night.

• Avoid the street food and junk food totally. Go for fruits and salads.

• Take proper sleep of 7-8 hours daily. Failing to do so can affect your health in bad manner.

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