How to Develop & Inculcate Army Officers Like Qualities?

Most of the people always accept that one must have the required Officers like Qualities (OLQs) to be selected as an officer inside the Indian armed force. Today we are going to discus all the qualities that should be occurred in an officer.

Defense Service Officer Students are going for Defense Selection is advised to re-check the following Officer Like Qualities as to whether they are inborn in you. At the complete environment and the way we assume make us the person we are. Anyone may have some unique features in specific quantities. Each person rarely explains the way to move approximately imbibing these officers like qualities in oneself.

Check the list of 15 officers like qualities using their respective tools and techniques, which are drawn from the various tasks at the NDA. Here is the list of all important tools, keep all these in your mind:

Organizing and Planning


Organizing and Planning


Powerful Intelligence:  It is the ability of a person to evolve answers to the challenging problems. Its miles how one makes use of his intelligence in extraordinary form of conditions to produce productive outcomes. Slowly however progressively you may see that you are thinking inside the right path and the outcomes are coming.

Capability for Reasoning: It is far capacity to understand a piece of facts and to reach at a logical solution with a rational mind set. My advice will be to examine opinion pages in the newspapers and listen to the television debates to have a concept about what’s more rational and what isn’t always. Do most of the conversation with educated people.

 Ability for Organizing: It is the ability of an individual to use the limited resources in an ordered manner to produce the desired result.

Expression of Power: It is the ability of an individual to put in front one’s though process with ease and clarity. Expressions are a way of giving some life to the thoughts and feelings inside us.  For example: If you feel sad than you cry, If somebody crack the joke than you laugh this all show the power of expression.

 Adjustment in Social


Adjustment in Social

Adaptability and capability in Social: It is the Ability of the individual to sense and understand the internal and external environment and take action for it. Developing your adaptability allows you to understand how different types of people would like to be treated.

Cooperation: It is the attitude which a man wishes to participate with willingly and in concord with others contributors in a set so that he will gain the aim for the institution.

Feel of duty: It is the whole knowledge of the numerous values of responsibility, social and of what’s anticipated of a character after which through channelizing his strength and attention.

Self Confidence: It is the ability to belief in yourself, it describes an internal state made up of what we think and feel about ourselves.

Liveliness: It’s far ability of a character to stay satisfied while faced with challenges to result in a satisfied atmosphere in the group.




Willpower: It’s far potential of an individual to put in non-stop efforts so as to reap dreams despite the numerous throwbacks/setbacks and barriers one faces.

Braveness: Its far capability of an individual to take risks at times whilst they are maximum required.

Stamina: It is the capacity of an individual to hold bodily and intellectual fatigue without giving up.

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