Can I Clear IAS Exam Without Coaching Classes?

Importance of IAS exam

IAS is the most prestigious position in civil services. People are keen to enjoy the well-esteemed job because of the IAS powers.  IAS officers hold vital and strategic positions in Union Government, States, and public-sector undertakings. The postof the District Officer is known as District Magistrate, district Collector orDeputy Commissioner. He is appointed under center government regulation as hissalary and other benefits also declared by center govt.  

Importance of self-study

With the expansion in a number of population and new technology invention, the trend of self-study is increasing. Now education is no longer confined to classrooms only because it is not able to beat one’ sintellectual needs. Some also argue it with an outdated model. Here we deal with some benefits of self-study.

  1.    it’s the better way to learn because a person learns and research more when alone.

2.    Its less distracting than group-study

3.    Through solo-study, you also build a strong, valued habit for future

4.    Self-study is better than group-study because it’s the best way to learn and is distraction-free.

India’s No.1 IAS Coaching Institute

Importance of coaching institutions

As we read the benefits of self-study but on the other hand, we cannot ignore the importance of IAS coaching institutes. As this is an era of cut-throat competition where there is a tough competition for a better life, every parent wants their ward to excel in every subject. And when a child fails to do it, there is arising of stress. So to eliminate this stress at an early stage it’s better to take IAS Exam coaching and join the civil services.

  1.    Teachers are more familiarize with IAS study material.

2.    When you are stuck at some point, on some question or are unable to clarify your doubt, theexpert guidance & explanation help you clear these clouds.  

3.    The teachers at the coaching center keep you focused and keep you motivated toward the preparation.

4.    The group of aspirants, attending the coaching or mentors gives you this platform to evaluate yourself with reference to your peers.

5.    It makes your thought and preparation more focused on the level of competition.


To conclude, although self-study is good on the other sidewe cannot ignore the benefits of coaching institutes. Rest choice varies fromindividual to individual. The main target for the candidate should be to clear IAS entrance exam. 

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How to Crack SSC CGL Exam 2019 in 2 Months (Tier-1) Preparation Tips/Tricks

Well, I would like to like to clear you that no wonder is possible within two months practice, candidates need a lot of practice to clear this one of the toughest exams. Many aspirants start their exam year ago, or at least you need 6 months training to clear this exam.

But if you are self-dedicated and have the ability to learn faster, most important ready to devote your daily 18 hour in practicing for paper, only then you have the ability to crack this exam. Apart from above we have some tips which will help you in your preparation within 2 months:

• Stop wasting time for self-study
Wethe ll if you are thinking of self-study, your this decision could be prove harmful to you at this time. So joining SSC coaching institution could be a better choice e for you. Don’t take a chance and join the best coaching classes.

• Buy best study material
Buying best SSC study material is like winning a half war. So instead of collecting quantity books prefer quality books. You can take help from seniors and or any faculty member.

Get syllabus in your hand
Before start preparing for exam take copy of syllabus in your hand. This led you more understanding of concepts. And you will be more familiar with concepts.

• Know your exam pattern
Exam pattern play an important role. This led you saving of time in solving unimportant questions. You can solve more questions and emphasize on important topics only.

• Start with easy topic
Always start practice by picking easy topic. Hard topics are left for last. With this you will get the confidence to solve questions.

• Practice most recurring questions
It’s a good idea to practice the most recurring questions. These questions have more probability to come in question paper, otherwise practicing these questions gives you an idea to attempt similar questions.

• Ask your teacher for tough question
In case you find difficulty while practicing at home, don’t hesitate to ask question your teacher. No more delay will be good at this time.

• Complete your syllabus as soon as possible
Try to practice more at home and complete your syllabus as soon as possible. Don’t mug up topics try to understand them so that if no time left for your revision you can easily attempt the question.

• General knowledge practice
Keep a habit of reading newspapers daily. There are many mobile applications who update you for GK. Whatever you have learnt try to discuss it with your friends. This makes the event more lasting in your mind.

• Practice mock tests
Don’t forget to practice SSC online mock test series. This provides you knowledge about your weak subjects. You can work on them in a better way.

• Practice last year question papers
Join institute which stress on preparation of last year question papers. With the help of this you can know about your exam score and can for strategy to beat cut off score.

Set target according to previous year cut off:
Keep cut off target in front of you where your studies. This step motivates you always when you sit for exam.

Hope these tips will prove beneficial for you.. BEST OF LUCK

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Effective Tips to Prepare for CDS Exam

The accompanying are demonstrated procedures that have helped numerous understudies enhance test scores and get ready all the more adequately for exams.

 Don’t Procrastinate. Try not to Cram.

It appears like a few understudies blossom with a minute ago cramming. Be that as it may, as indicated by greater part of specialists, packing isn’t viable. The most serious issue with cramming is that understudies forfeit rest time keeping in mind the end goal to rehearse for CDS exam consider. While it’s unrealistic to perform well on a test without the required learning, rest is basic for scholastic achievement. Giving up rest for an extra 3 or 4 long periods of study is regularly counterproductive.

A standout amongst the most essential test Preparation tips for CDS Exam we can give you is to give yourself enough time to consider. Try not to dawdle! It’s best to start getting ready some time before the day of a test. Make it a propensity to finish perusing assignments on time and habitually survey address notes. In case you’re getting ready for mid-term or end of the year tests, you’ll need to arrange your chance so you can commit more opportunity to those exams that are more vital or will be all the more requesting.


 Plan Your Study Time

Set aside a few minutes for contemplating. Putting aside consistent time to examine is basic for accomplishing high test execution. We suggest setting up a term date-book, week by week timetable and day by day plan that incorporates customary examination sessions. It’s so natural for work and different exercises to rapidly outweigh examining, so design your investigation time ahead of time in CDS Coaching in Chandigarh. As you advance through the term it’s alright to change your examination timetable to address your issues, however ensure you design contemplate sessions ahead of time – and that you stay with them.

 Watch for Answers

Relatively every instructor has a procedure for getting ready test questions – and they tend to utilize a similar system each time they set up a test. Look for intimations your instructor may give about conceivable test questions and configurations during CDS Coaching classes in Chandigarh. It is additionally prudent to take an interest at test audit sessions and make inquiries about hazy ideas. Never be embarrassed to make inquiries.

 Ask Your Teacher for Direction

We’d even propose asking your educator straightforwardly the most ideal approach to consider for the test. Numerous educators are available to offering to understudy’s recommendations, even insider facts, with reference to how best get ready for their exams. Try not to be terrified to get some information about what subjects or themes you will be tried on amid the exam – even what sorts of inquiries to might see.

Arrive Early on Test Day

The more you can gather before a test the happier you’ll be. Despite everything I appeared for CDS examination center at an opportune time the day of CDS exam. My educator, was noting an inquiry to him by another understudy looking for some elucidation on guinea pig matter. Regardless of whether attentively or accidentally I’ll never know however he said to this understudy, “Don’t worry about that. Almost no of the test covers that material.” Knowing that enabled me to center my residual 30 minutes of concentrate on topic that would have will probably be on the exam.

It’s likewise normal for understudies battling with troublesome ideas or topic to appear at an early stage test day to look for extra elucidation or comprehension from the educator or teacher. This is a phenomenal chance to increase extra understanding and test arrangement.

Appear to class at an opportune time test day, on the off chance that the instructor gives any extra tips, direction or knowledge.

Review Early. Audit with a Group.

Begin a last audit of all address notes, perusing assignments, and different class materials that will enable you to set up, two or three days before the test. You can do this survey without anyone else’s input or as a feature of an examination gathering. Functioning as a feature of an investigation gather is a fantastic method to audit in anticipation of an exam. Checking on in anticipation of a test as a major aspect of study gathering will enable you to enhance your notes, fill in any holes in your seeing, all the more completely investigate complex ideas, amplify your opportunity, cover more material, increase extra learning about what may be on the test, and furnish you with an emotionally supportive network.

Prepare an Outline

Set up a layout of the primary points and ideas that will be secured amid an exam, at that point utilize this sheet to examine. This will enable you to remember key actualities and other data you will be tried on.

Use Visual Aids

Visual guides, including outline, charts and diagrams are incredible examination helps – particularly in case you’re a visual student. Arranging data into outlines and diagrams gathers and just data and enhances review at test time.

Stay Healthy

Getting a lot of rest and practicing routinely will upgrade your capacity to perform well on a test. Eat a nutritious supper before stepping through an exam to be alarm and centered. Avoid low quality nourishment. Eating shoddy nourishment or sugar before a test will cause your vitality levels to drain rapidly and can affect your capacity to center.

Get Plenty of Sleep

It is incautious to remain up throughout the night contemplating before test day. Get a lot of rest the night prior to a test. In spite of the fact that investing additional energy getting ready appears like it will enhance your score, you never need to appear to a test tired. Studies demonstrate that understudy who invest more energy forthright contemplating and less time packing the prior night regularly perform better on tests.

Stay Hydrated and Use the Bathroom

Make certain to utilize the washroom before the CDS Exam starts. In the event that you should visit the bathroom amid the test, it can sit around idly, and as a rule, understudies are not allowed to leave a room once a test starts. It can likewise be to a great degree awkward and divert your focus. In any case, it’s additionally critical that you remain hydrated. In the event that conceivable, carry a jug of water with you to the exam.

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How to Prepare for Air Force Entrance Exam? What are the Books to be referred and any Coaching Centers?

When you are getting ready for Air Force exams, there are a few things you must keep in mind. First and foremost, prepare properly. If you are facing problems while getting ready for Air Force exam and don’t know exactly what you should do in order to ace it, then this is the post you should be reading. Your search for Best coaching center Chandigarh & Dellhi can end your many of your queries.

In this article, we are going to tell you Air Force exam preparation tips of doing well on an exam and how you can do well for yourself by doing the right things.
Air force entrance exam Preparation Tips and Tricks:



Airforce – Join The Mission


The following mentioned are few preparation tips for how to study for Air Force exams. Air Force exam preparation tips.

1. Plan Well

A well-laid plan means half of the job is done. Familiarize yourself with a schedule of exams that you are attempting. Calculate time and create a proper study plan. Take help from Airforce entrance exam coaching in Chandigarh for better results.

2. Time Management

It is important to manage your time wisely and smartly in order to achieve success. In order to avoid chaos and distractions in your daily routine separate some time for study, recreation, and various other activities. Try to make the optimum use of your time.

3. Choose subjects wisely

It is important to wisely choose the subject you find yourself most comfortable in. Many students have described this as a crucial point in order to attain success. You must choose Best Books and Best Study Material.

4. Shorter Study

Studying till the last minute would only lead to stress and exhaustion and even confusion. Before formulating your study plan, pick the examination syllabus and measure your comfort level in each section. Students should give extra time to weak areas on a daily basis rather than in one go.

5. Mock Papers

Practicing last year sample papers would be really helpful. This will give you an idea about the exam pattern and would force you to practice within the given time frame. Solving sample test papers would also improve your speed and time management skills.

6. Motivation

Draw motivation from teachers, seniors, family members and so on. Always remember that motivation will always inspire you to attain goals. In addition, interviews of past toppers in competitive examinations should be carefully studied and important tips and instructions should be implemented.

Delhi Career Group is the most prestigious name and best known for Best coaching center Delhi & Chandigarh. Its branches in two major cities serve with Best Coaching Classes for Airforce exam with affordable fee structure. Students from all part of the country join the institute and serve the nation through various competitive classes. We provide training under the supreme guidance of Col. Puneet Sehgal, retired from defence and has more than 12years experience.

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NDA Exam is conducted twice in a year the sole authority lies with the UPSC (union public service commission) to conduct this NDA Exam. this exam is being conducted for those who impart basic training for all the three services of Indian armed forces- army, Navy, and Airforce. It is basically a three-stage selection procedure follow die. Written Exam, Service Selection Board Interview and last is Medical Examination. for such candidate The emphasis in NDA is on character building, mental and physical robustness, leadership and a sense of keen observation for leading the troops in the Battlefield.



Notification published on    2nd week of January 2019

Application form available from    3rd week of January 2019

Last date for filling the application on    1st week of February 2019

Admit card will be announced    2 weeks before the Examination

Exam date    4th week of April 2019

The result will be announced    May 2019

 Application Fee

  • The candidates from unreserved categories will have pay Rs. 100/- as application fee for the NDA application form.
  • Candidates from SC/ST and reserved categories and ward of NCOs/ JCOs/Ors can fill the NDA application form on free of cost.
  • Application fee payment can be done through credit/debit card, net banking and through cash in any branch of SBI.

 NDA 2019 Eligibility Conditions

The Candidate has to be a national of India or has to fulfill the exact requirements as laid down in the NDA 2019 Notification.  Only Male candidates (unmarried) whose date of birth is within 02nd July 2000 and not later than 1st July 2003 are eligible. (Another Age relaxation is as per notification) and minimum educational requirement as laid down by UPSC for NDA Army wing Army Wing of National Defence Academy is 12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School  see Complete NDA Exam Eligibility Conditions

NDA 2019 Exam Syllabus

The NDA exam is divided into two parts.  Part-I is for Mathematics and second part is for General Ability Test.


The mathematics paper of NDA includes Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Statistics and Probability and all other topics from the maths book of class 11 and 12.

General Ability Test

In this exam, the candidate’s English and general knowledge is checked. The English part includes the grammar and its uses, vocabulary, comprehension skills etc. The general knowledge part covers the topics from physics, chemistry, General Science, Social Studies etc.

 NDA Exam Pattern

All the questions will be of objective type and will be conducted in the pen-and-paper mode. The question paper will in two languages English & Hindi. There will be negative marking for the wrong answers.


Topics Code Duration Maximum Marks
Mathematics 1 2:30 hours 300
General Ability Test 1 2:30 hours 600
SSB Interview     900
Total     1800

For The Preparation Of NDA Entrance Exam

If you satisfy with all the above then, congratulations! You are eligible to take the entrance exam. Now it’s time to start your preparation for the NDA Examination.

If you want help, then get ready, this NDA coaching classes in Chandigarh will be more helpful for you. NDA coaching Institutes help the students at each step moreover they provide NDA study material, NDA Mock test, NDA Last year papers help etc.our Institute Namely Delhi Career Group helping you to qualify you NDA coaching in Chandigarh. And fulfill your all wishes and Dreams.

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How to prepare for NDA exam after 10th? List of best coaching institute at Chandigarh

NDA exam for admission in Nation Defence Academy is one of the hardest exams. The examination syllabus involves basic knowledge but question in exam are asked from advance level. Student need to be more active and well prepared for with preparation. So students are advised to start their preparation for NDA exam after 10th classes. There are many NDA Foundation classes in Chandigarh are available for students which help them to clear NDA exam after 12th. So do not procrastinate your study plans and start as soon as possible.



Delhi Career Group

Here we guide you some basic tips that will help you in clearing NDA exam in first attempt:

Mathematics Exam preparation:

This test will involves topics like Integral Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra Matrices and Determinants, Vector Algebra, Analytical Geometry, Differential Equations, Statistics & Probability etc.

To prepare for this section, the first and foremost requirement is to have clarity in concepts. The questions will test your basic understanding of the concepts. Go back to the basics if concepts are not clear and try to solve as many sums as possible. Do try to solve mock questions too to a great extent.

General Ability Exam preparation:

This section is further divided into two parts:

Part A: English

The English test is for 200 marks and covers topics like vocabulary, grammar and usage and comprehension. This test evaluate the basic command a person has on the language. To prepare for this test, read English newspaper daily, learn new words, go back to basic grammar and learn the rules thoroughly. Try to solve as many English tests as possible. There are many English tests available online as well. Try to attempt them as much as possible.

Part B: General Knowledge (GK)

The GK test is for 400 marks and will check a candidates general understanding and his insight into the Current Affairs within the country and outside. The test will comprise six sections: General Science, Indian history, Physics, Geography, Chemistry and Current Events. To prepare for this test, follow the news updates regularly, be aware of the latest happenings in the field of sports, arts, literature, and the like.

Preparing for Intelligence and Personality test

For this test, concentrate on developing your personality. The test usually assesses the candidates for officer-like qualities, which includes sense of responsibility, reacting to situations, social adaptability, team work, etc. To prepare for this test, you can start practicing psychological tests that enable you to know yourself. The better you know yourself, the better you will be able to control your reactions and groom yourself to develop officer-like qualities.

List of best coaching institute at Chandigarh

Delhi Career Group

• 6 Months / 3 Months & 45-Days Revision & Crash Courses For Student After +2 Class
• 1-Year & 2-Year Regular or Weekend Classroom Batches Available
• Special Dropper Batches For +2 Pass Students
• Intensive Practice Sessions and doubt classes By Expert faculty On Mock Test Of NDA Exam Pattern
• Daily 7-hr Classes + Including SSB Interview For Students
• Highly Dedicated, Experienced & Permanent Team of Faculty
• Full Syllabus Coverage + 21 Booklets Set
• Hostel / PG Facilities For Students
Address: S.C.O 215-216 (First Floor), Backside Entry, Above Near ICICI Bank, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh.

Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

Aim Achiever

• GK including Indian Affairs / Defence.
• Shortcut methods in maths /reasoning.
• 45 Days to 3-month coaching Starting from Basics/Comprehensive Syllabus coverage
• Full Study Material with Computerized NOTES.
• Daily 5-7 hours Classes 7 days a week
• Highest success rates in north India.
• Defence Teachers / Ph.D. Level Qualified Faculty.
• Experienced and Dedicated faculty
• Friendly Environment and well equipped classroom.
• Regular Mock test and Practise papers
Address: SCO 64-65, 4th Floor, Sector 34/A, Chandigarh, 160022.

Call Now: 8968024595, 9501859816

NDA Coaching India

• Guaranteed selection provided a candidate scores 40% in our mock tests
• Provide notes that carry 90% of the paper that will come in this Examination.
• Over three generation of officers have got through NCA.
• Batches run throughout the year, no break.
• Own hostel and not a PG accommodation so that our students get best of the facilities.
• Students in the hostel study from 9 P.M. to 12 P.M. daily in the hostel (Separate study halls are provided in the hostel)
• Classes are held in morning as well evening and 8 hours a day(240 working hours monthly)
• Students are required to speak in ENGLISH so that a base can be set up for SSB
• Proper grooming of the students
• Cheapest and yet the best.
• Every Term, various Sainik school boys get through NDA written as well SSB, with success rate being 70%+
Address: Mrs. Priyanka Sharma SCO-217 (NDA-Coaching-India)
ICICI Bank’s Block, Sector 34 A Chandigarh, 160022
Ph: 09915857423, 07837012642

Minerva Academy

• The highly qualified and experienced faculty at Minerva adopts a practical, systematic and fun filled approach towards SSB training.
• Guaranteed 10 days, 100 hrs of coaching for SSB Interviews / over 300 hours in 6 weeks for written exam coaching.
• Location is easily accessible and well connected by Rail, Road and by Air.
• Former Chief of The Indian Army, General JJ Singh / Former Deputy Chief LT General GD Singh has been a student of Minerva academy.
• The First Indian to climb Mount Everest Cap. A. S. Cheema (Padma Shri Award, Arjuna Award, SM VSM) was also one of the famous alumni.
• Offers a fully equipped Football ground, Basketball court, dedicated Obstacle course and vast open grounds to encourage fitness among candidates as endurance and stamina are a pre-requisite for a success at the SSB.
• Address: NH 21, V.P.O. Daon, Distt. Mohali, Punjab. (10 km from CHANDIGARH Bus Stand, Sector 17)

Call Us: +91- 8054197300

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ACE Olive Greens

• 8 hours coaching daily and one hour daily tests.
• Coaching is conducted on Sundays and Holidays also.
• Coach the syllabus and not conduct just doubt clearing sessions as some other institutes do.
• Classes conducted on GK and Current Affairs also.
• Expert faculty led by Col MS Dhillon.
• Hostel facility available for outstation students.
• Best results for NDA written exam
Address: Ace Olive Greens 61, Sector 25, Panchkula,

Call Now: +919417364311

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SSC CGL 2018 Preparation Strategy with Daily Routine

SSC CGL is one of the most immensely popular exams amongst the candidates across the nation. It is one of the hardest exams. Enormous candidates early apply for this exam, but they essentially don’t know that how to Crack SSC CGL 2018 Examination in first attempt. the tier-I paper’s preparation candidates have started. Therefore, here we are going to discuss SSC CGL 2018 Preparation Strategy and Daily Routine which is undeniably going to be a fundamental success for the candidates who want to get higher marks in the SSC CGL Tier-1 Examination of 2018.

Preparation tips for SSC exam

This is a very important and crucial time for each and every aspirant who is preparing for this exam. There are a “n” number of applicants who are going to apply for this exam and looking for the Preparation tips for SSC exam to crack this exam. We are going to deliver you with some preparation tricks whereby you will absolutely know how to crack SSC CGL 2018 tier-I exam. It might be difficult to add in your daily routine initially, but believe us it is not impossible to opt. Thus, let’s discuss some Preparation tips for SSC exam with Daily Routine.

Follow Exam Pattern and Full Syllabus: – To begin with, candidates need have to take exam pattern and full syllabus before starting preparation for SSC CGL 2018 Exam. Afterward, Candidates should read and study the entire syllabus. They can print out the syllabus and exam pattern, so it becomes available all time with his/her as well as they can analysis at any time & anywhere they need. The syllabus is more important because it gives a concise idea regarding the exam topics. Maybe exam pattern should be changed so, candidates are advised to Check SSC CGL 2018 Notification for correct exam pattern or consult with faculty SSC Coaching in Chandigarh.

Try to Get Best Guidebooks: To crack the SSC CGL exam is not an easy task. It is a very tough examination, so candidates need to utilize his/her time of preparation by studying the best guidebooks. Candidates should know about it that – books play a very important role to get success in the exam. Therefore, candidates should study via best books which have all correct guidelines. If you are unable to buy your preferred books then you can also read them via the Internet. Nowadays, online books available to prepare for the exams.

Solve online mock Test Series: – There are various web portals available on the internet to offer online test series, but may not have the best resource to clear the examination. Therefore, Candidates are advised to follow a best SSC Coaching in Chandigarh to prepare for the exam. SSC CGL SSC Coaching classes in Chandigarh are very helpful for the candidates because they have a sectional and mock test. If candidates solve SSC MOCK tests on the daily basis then they may know the exactly about the SSC CGL exam.


SSC CGL 2018 Preparation Strategy

Practice by solving last Year Question Papers: – After finishing a study of the entire syllabus, candidates must solve the previous year question papers to know their performance. It plays a vital role for making a policy of in what way to Crack SSC CGL examination. You can simply investigate that what kind of questions will be asked in the examination and which types of questions will be made for the topics of the syllabus. If you practice by solving the last year papers, then it will upsurge your speed of solving papers.

Analysis the Previous Year Cut off List: – Candidates should check and download the preceding year cut off marks list of SSC CGL (Combined graduate level) examination and analysis full list as per category. If you analysis the last 3 to 4 years cut off marks then you will know the idea that how many marks you have to get for passing in SSC CGL. Do not think that this year cut off will release like the last year. It might be released with increased as compared than last year.

SSC CGL 2018 Daily Routine

Day Morning  5-7:30 AM Morning

8:30-10;30 AM


4:30 to 6:30 P.M


7 to 9:30 P.m

MONDAY GK & Newspaper Practice for Reasoning Practice for English & Comprehension Practice for Quantitative Aptitude
TUESDAY GK & Newspaper Practice for Reasoning Practice for English & Comprehension Practice for Quantitative Aptitude
WEDNESDAY Read an Essay Practice Report writing Practice Letter/Application writing Practice computer typing
THURSDAY GK & Newspaper Practice for Reasoning Practice for English & Comprehension Practice for Quantitative Aptitude
FRIDAY GK & Newspaper Practice for Reasoning Practice for English & Comprehension Practice for Quantitative Aptitude
SATURDAY GK & Newspaper Practice for Reasoning Practice for English & Comprehension Practice for Quantitative Aptitude
SUNDAY Practice to solve test papers for General awareness and GK Practice to solve old question paper

of Reasoning

Practice to solve old question paper

of English

Practice to solve old question paper

of Quantitative Aptitude




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Salary Details of Indian Air Force Officers

Is it true that you are keen on building a profession in the Indian Air Force? I’m certain the appropriate response would be “yes”! That is the reason you are interested with knowing the compensation points of interest of Officers serving in the IAF! The Officers serving IAF are paid high compensations. Alongside the essential pay bundle, IAF Officers additionally get the chance to appreciate various different advantages, benefits and in addition recompenses! Joining every one of these figures together, the subsequent gross compensation is entirely great looking! However, coming to IAF, cash doesn’t make a difference that much. The fabulous-ness and feeling of serving ones Nation surpasses the ‘cash factor’ effectively! All things considered, on the off chance that you believe that cash matters, this article will give you bits of knowledge about the compensation subtle elements of IAF Officers.

Discussing Officer Posts in IAF, there are three fundamental Branches in which Commissioned Officers work-

 Flying Branch
 Technical Branch
 Ground Duty Branch

The Gross Salaries of Officers having a place with various Branches of IAF are extraordinary. Among the three Branches, Flying Branch Officers pack the most astounding compensation every month. They are trailed by Technical Branch Officers. Ground Duty Branch Officers come third.


INDIAN Air force

Before we look at salary and other elements of IAF Officers, let us become accustomed to a few terms, stipends and advantages that constitute the month to month Gross Salary of an IAF Officer.

Here we go-

• PPB Stands for Pay in Pay Band
• GP Stands for Grade Pay
• DA Stands for Dearness Allowance
• BS stands for Basic Salary
• MSP- Military Service Pay
• FA- Flying Allowance
• TA- Technical Allowance
• KMA- Kit Maintenance Allowance
• TA- Travel Allownace

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Those are some of the components and allowances that make up the Gross Salary. Note that Flying Allowance is provided to Flying Branch Officers only and Technical Allowance is provided to Technical Branch Officers only.


PPB= 15,600 Rupees per month (Pay Band 3 of scale: 15,600-39,100)
GP (Grade Pay) = 5,400 Rupees per month
MSP (Military Service Pay) = 6,000 Rupees per month

 Basic pay= PPB+GP+MSP= 27,000 Rupees per month
 DA (Dearness Allowance)= 30,5100 Rupees per month (at the rate of 113% of Basic Salary)
 Flying Allowance= 13,500 Rupees per month
 Kit Maintenance Allowance= 600 Rupees per month
 Transport Allowance= 3,200 Rupees+ DA (in case of major cities) and 1,600 Rupees+ DA (in case of other cities)
 Gross Monthly Salary= Basic Salary+ Dearness Allowance+ Flying Allowance+ Kit Maintenance Allowance+ Transport Allowance= 78,426/- Rupees

 This Gross Monthly salary figure of Flying Branch Officers will rise, since other allowances like- Location Allowance, Field Area Allowance, High Altitude Allowance etc. have not been included in it!


 PPB= 15,600 Rupees per month (Pay Band 3 of scale: 15,600-39,100)
 GP (Grade Pay)= 5,400 Rupees per month
 MSP (Military Service Pay)= 6,000 Rupees per month
 Basic Salary= PPB+GP+MSP= 27,000 Rupees per month
 DA (Dearness Allowance)= 30,5100 Rupees per month (at the rate of 113% of Basic Salary)
 Technical Allowance= 3,000 Rupees per month
 Kit Maintenance Allowance= 600 Rupees per month
 Transport Allowance= 3,200 Rupees+ DA (in case of major cities) and 1,600 Rupees+ DA (in case of other cities)

Gross Monthly Salary= Basic Salary+ Dearness Allowance+ Flying Allowance+ Kit Maintenance Allowance+ Transport Allowance= 67,926/- Rupees

This Gross Monthly salary figure of Flying Branch Officers will raise, since other allowances like- Location Allowance, Field Area Allowance, High Altitude Allowance etc. have not been included in it!


PPB= 15,600 Rupees per month (Pay Band 3 of scale: 15,600-39,100)
GP (Grade Pay) = 5,400 Rupees per month
MSP (Military Service Pay) = 6,000 Rupees per month

Basic Salary= PPB+GP+MSP= 27,000 Rupees per month
DA (Dearness Allowance) = 30, 500 Rupees per month (at the rate of 113% of Basic Salary)
Kit Maintenance Allowance= 600 Rupees per month
Transport Allowance= 3,200 Rupees+ DA (in case of major cities) and 1,600 Rupees+ DA (in case of other cities)

Gross Monthly Salary= Basic Salary+ Dearness Allowance+ Flying Allowance+ Kit Maintenance Allowance + Transport Allowance= 64,926/- Rupees.

This Gross Monthly salary figure of Flying Branch Officers will raise, since other allowances like- Location Allowance, Field Area Allowance, High Altitude Allowance etc. have not been included in it!

Note: every year there is increase in salary according to the officer level and as per Govt. budget.

Delhi Career Group is the only academy who helps you in achieving your desired salary in air force. We provide special Air Force Coaching in Chandigarh from the well qualified and experienced faculties. Our team of expertise not only guides the candidate but also motivate the aspirants to achieve their goal. Our sincere efforts in Air force coaching classes in Chandigarh give candidates fruitful results. We welcome the candidates from all part of country and provide him neat and clean environment to live and study.

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8 Effective Steps to Crack NDA Written Exam in Ist Attempt

National Defence Academy (NDA) Exam is one of the toughest exams for defence. A good deal of hard work and dedication is required to clear NDA exam in the first step. Apart from above here we guide you with some basic tips which you can follow to clear NDA exam, so keep reading this write up.

1. Before going to start for NDA Written exam, go ahead with the syllabus and exam pattern part. That will help you in preparation. The details are as:

The written exam consists of two papers.

Written Examination:-

Paper Subject Duration Maximum Marks
I Mathematics 2.5 hours 300
II General Ability Test 2.5 hours
(i)                English 200
(ii)              General Knowledge 400
Total 900

2. Revise NCERT textbooks in stating days; this will help bring concept clarity. This will brush up all your concepts.

Help full tips

Helpful Tips for NDA Exam

3. Class 12th books must be referred for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry sections and Class 10th books for Biology, Geography, History, Political Science, and Economics.

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4. Candidate must clear basic concept and clarity in order to score high in the Mathematics paper. It is expected to have both, complete the statement or to solve questions in Mathematics paper; so a candidate must prepare for both.

5. Create a revision sheet for Mathematics. It should have important points and formulas in it.

6. Revise basic grammar rules in order to score high in reading, focus more on comprehension, basic grammar and vocabulary part. The English section for 200 marks is one of the most scoring sections in the NDA examination, so it’s important to prepare for it well.

7. The candidates must be aware of the current situations and be prepared for Environment Science and General Science. The candidates must have knowledge of India’s struggle for freedom, Constitution of India and the political scenario of India.

8. Practice at least one sample paper before sitting for the exam. This will help in understanding the exam pattern and bring better clarity on how to attempt the same.

Hope the above write up will be helpful and for more help you can take coaching from NDA coaching classes in Chandigarh. DELHI CAREER GROUP is the Top NDA Coaching Classes for NDA Written Exam in Chandigarh. We have master and talented instructors for different subjects qualified from very much reputed govt. We likewise furnish notes with appropriate points of interest syllabus and test arrangement are made by our employees from their experience of past year questions papers. This institute made it the Best NDA Coaching in Chandigarh.

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NDA Preparation Tips 2018-19, How to Prepare for NDA

NDA exam refers to National Defence Academy entrance examination. This exam is an entry pass for the candidates to join the world’s fourth largest force. Students who clear NDA training directly recruited to the post of “Lieutenant”. This entrance exam comprises of three parts namely NDA Written exam, SSB interview and medical examination. NDA exam is also considered as one of the hardest exams so students need to be very careful while preparing for NDA entrance exam. Here we guide you with some of the preparation tips for NDA exam below:



1. Start with Clearing Basis:

Before going to the hardest level, a candidate needs to start preparing with simple basics. Once you are cleared with the elementary level you can easily shift to the hardest one. To clear your basics you can use study material of your higher secondary level or refers NCERT books.

2. Try to Focus More on General Knowledge and English

As English and GK are foremost important subjects of NDA Written exam, so students’ seeking preparation tips for NDA exam are advised to go through with daily English newspaper. As your this effort will work as the cherry on the cake. You should also watch English news channel, Magazines, and make a habit of communicating with peers/ family in English.

3. Use Proper Study Material

Preparation from the right book is of most importance. As the market is full of good books, but it is not possible for one to buy all, so here NDA Coaching Center in Chandigarh bring for you Best NDA study material to fulfill all your needs. Choice of best study material is like winning half of the battle.

4. Solve Past Year’s Question Papers

It is very important to clear NDA Written exam do the preparation in an accurate direction. Solving past years question papers serves you with dual purpose not only your speed will be enhanced you will also get the idea about the NDA exam pattern of the examination and difficulty level of the questions asked in the examination.

5. Join Best Coaching Institute

Joining best coaching institute is very essential for students. They keep you update regarding syllabus, exam pattern, current affairs and many more activities that will help you to clear entrance exam. So we suggest you join best NDA Coaching Classes in Chandigarh for best preparation.

6. Go with a Scheduled Timetable

For superior preparation, it is essential to building smart work rather than hard work. Here, smart study plan means to manage your time and NDA syllabus efficiently. Your preparation schedule must be fully planned so that you are capable to score good grades.

Delhi Career Group is primer institute and well known for its best NDA Coaching classes in Chandigarh. DCG always serves its candidates with the best faculty and infrastructure. It serves the candidates with numerous benefits like updates syllabus, shortcuts tricks, mock test, group discussions, online coaching classes for the distant students etc. DCG also provides the preparation tips for NDA exam so that student can make plans wisely.

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NDA Cut off is always a matter of great concern for the candidates preparing for NDA ENTRANCE EXAM. The cut off of NDA refers to the minimum qualifying marks that candidates need to secure to succeed the exam and become eligible for next round of selection process. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) announces NDA cut off for written and final every year. NDA cut off is applied for both i.e. written and SSB Interview. NDA cut off for both the stages will be released after completion of selection process in following May month. Candidates who secure equal to or more than the essential cut off in written stage are selected for next round of i.e. SSB Interview.

Important Dates of NDA Cut off 2018

NDA I cut off will be released by UPSC in November, 2018. The exam of which was conducted on April 22, 2018. SSB Interview will be held from August to September, 2018. NDA II cut off 2018 will be announced in May, 2019. The exam is scheduled to be conducted on September 9, 2018. The SSB Interview will be held from January to April, 2019.

Different Types of NDA Cut off

NDA Sectional cut off – The sectional cutoff is the least qualifying percentage that contenders have to score in each section. According to sectional cutoff, contestants must secure the qualifying proportion in every subject – Mathematics and General Ability Test (GAT). The sectional cutoff differs every year for NDA I and II. In 2017, the sectional cutoff for NDA I and II was 25%. In 2016, the qualifying percentage for each subject in NDA II was 20 while it was 25 for NDA I.

NDA Overall Cut off – The overall cut off for NDA I and II is calculated out of the total marks. It is the total marks that candidates have to secure at written and SSB Interview stage to be selected for admission. Only that candidate who secures the overall cut off is declared qualified.

Factors Responsible for NDA Cut off 2018

The cutoff is based on the following aspects.
• Number of candidates appeared for the exam
• Total number of vacancies
• Difficulty level of exam

NDA Cut off Phases 2018

NDA Cut Off

NDA cut off for Written Exam: The cutoff for written exam is the minimum qualifying marks that candidates have to secure to qualify for SSB Interview. The examination authority, UPSC decides NDA cutoff for written exam out of 900 marks.

NDA cut off for SSB Interview: Candidates have to secure minimum qualifying marks in Interview fixed by the SSB to be considered for the merit list. The SSB Interview is conducted for 900 marks.

NDA cut off for Selection: The final NDA cut off is the marks secured by the last recommended candidates. The cutoff is decided out of 1800 marks, 900 marks of written exam and 900 marks of SSB Interview. Merit list is prepared based on the marks secured by candidates in written exam and SSB Tests as well as the cutoff. Final allocation to Army, Navy and Air Force of NDA and 10+2 cadet Entry Scheme of NA will be done as per vacancies, medical fitness, merit and preferences.

NDA Cut Off Analysis

As per NDA cut off analysis, in 2017 the cut off for NDA I written exam increased compared to 2016. NDA I cut off 2017 for written exam was 342 while it was 288 in 2016. Similarly, the final cutoff in 2017 was high compared to 2016. The final NDA I cut off was 708 while it was 656 in 2016. NDA I cut off for written stage in 2015 was 306. In 2015, the final cut off was 674. In 2017, NDA II cut off for written exam was 258 which was more compared to 2016. NDA II cut off 2016 for written exam was 299. The final NDA II cut off 2017 was 624 while it was 602 in 2016. The final cut off increased in 2017 compared to 2016. NDA cut off of last three years is provided in the table below

Previous years’ NDA cut off for Written Exam out of 900


NDA I Cut Off

NDA II Cut Off


342 (With 25 % in each subject) 258 (With 25% in each subject)


288 (With 25 % in each subject)


229 (With at least 20% marks in each subject)


306 (With at least 30% marks in each Subject)


269 (With 25% in each subject)

Previous Years’ NDA cut off for SSB Interview out of 1800


NDA I Cut Off

NDA II Cut Off










Delhi career group use experts approach to guide its candidates for NDA Coaching in Chandigarh. Our institute is excellent venue for taking NDA exam education. Our academy use updated syllabus and self-prepared computerized notes as per student’s level. Our, this initiative in classes makes us Best NDA Coaching Classes in Chandigarh. Candidate takes coaching from our academy they receive more benefits. Our institute furthermore recognized for retaining higher unique practice ,They giving fruitful consequences for the exam and surely decided on in NDA for particular future.

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A Career in Defence Forces – Career Guidance for Students

Choosing Defence as careen is one of the best decisions of your life. You get numerous opportunities during your service to go on high ranks once you enter in. no other organization can provide you the benefits that they can. Apart from all the benefits you get a master card that after completing training from National Defence Academy or OTA or any other field you get the chance to join Special Forces of defence. Let’s share more information with you about these Forces:


MARCOS (Marine Commandos) is a Special Forces unit that was established by the Indian Navy in 1987 for direct action, special reconnaissance, amphibious warfare and counter-terrorism.

All MARCOS are qualified for HALO/HAHO Para jump. They are probably known as “Dadiwala fauj” , means the “bearded army” by terrorists because of their bearded disguise in civil areas, MARCOS are capable of operations in any kind of terrain, but more specialize for primarily in maritime operations.

2. Para Commandos

Raised in 1966, the Para Commandos are part of the highly-trained Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army and are the largest part of the Special Forces of India. The parachute units of the Indian Army are among the oldest airborne units in the world. The main objective of a Parachute Regiment is rapid placement of soldiers behind enemy lines to attack the enemy from behind and destroy their first line of defence.

This shot of the Indus River in Kargil shows the Tiger Hill in the backdrop. The Para Commandos played a pivotal role in helping India claim this peak from the Pakistanis during the 1999 Kargil War.

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3. Ghatak Force

Accurate as to its name Ghatak (which means ‘killer’), this infantry platoon goes for the destroy and spearheads strikes ahead of a battalion. Every infantry battalion in the Indian Army has one platoon and only the most physically fit and dedicated soldiers make it to the Ghatak Platoon.

The Ghatak soldiers are well-trained, superiorly-armed and equipped to handle situations like terror strikes, hostage situations and counter insurgency operations


COBRA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action) is a specialized unit of the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) that was raised to counter Naxalism in India. It’s one of the few Indian Special Forces, that’s exclusively trained in guerrilla warfare.
Since its inception in 2008, it has successfully cleared out a number of Naxalite groups from India. Set up with a grant of million in forms of cash, it is one of the best-equipped paramilitary forces in India.

5. Force One

Force one cam e into being in the year 2010 after the deadly 26/11 terrorist strikes in Mumbai. The prime role of this special elite force is to protect the city of Mumbai from terrorist attacks.
Within 15min this force boasts of the fastest response time in the world and responds to a terror strike.

6. Special Frontier Force

Raised in the aftermath of the 1962 Sino-Indian war as a special force for covert operations behind Chinese lines in the event of another war with China, it was never really used for its intended role and has mainly served as an elite special operations and counter-insurgency force.
This covert paramilitary special force operates under India’s external intelligence agency RAW and reports directly to the Prime Minister via the Directorate General of Security in the Cabinet Secretariat. It’s so classified a set-up that even the army may not know what it’s up to.

7. National Security Guard

The National Security Guard is India’s premier counter-terrorist force. The NSG provides special security to VIPs, conducts anti-sabotage checks, and is responsible for neutralizing terrorist threats to vital installations.
The selection process is so demanding that it has a dropout rate of about 70–80 percent. The 7500 personnel strong NSG is evenly divided between the Special Action Group (SAG) and the Special Rangers Group (SRG).

8. Garud Commando Force

Formed in 2004, the Garud Commando Force is the Special Forces unit of the Indian Air Force. The training for being a Garud is the longest among all the Indian Special Forces. The total duration of training before a trainee can qualify as a fully operational Garud is around 3 years.

The youngest special force of the services, the Garud Commando Force is entrusted with the duty of protecting critical Air Force bases, carrying out rescue operation during calamities and other missions in support of air operations.

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9. The Special Protection Group

The Special Protection Group is a security force of the Government of India that is responsible for the protection of the Prime Minister of India, the former Prime Ministers and members of their immediate family members.

They have to gather intelligence, assess threats and provide protection. Their track record has been impeccable after the Rajiv Gandhi assassination and no attacks have been carried out on any Prime Minister ever since.

All the above are very interesting Force, if are like adventures in life them joining NDA is the best option for you. Every force goes with the hardest training that is not possible for common man to bear. But once you complete it you become a part of special Force. To clear NDA entrance exam students are advised to join Best NDA coaching classes in Chandigarh.

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Best NDA Preparation Tips

For many people, exam time is the most stressful part of the life. With so much riding on the outcome, there can be a high degree of pressure to perform well. Here are some exam preparation tips to help you excel in NDA exam.

Getting Started

The earlier you start, the more time you will have to prepare for the exam. So, you don’t have to wait until exam time approaches; try to set the stage from the beginning of the course by reviewing the material after each class. By starting early and studying on a regular basis, you will have a better opportunity to understand concepts and the information, moreover life will be a lot easier when it’s time to put it all together for the exam.

Make sure all of your course material is well organized so you can find and fill any gaps. If you miss any NDA Coaching classes in Chandigarh, get the notes from your friends right away instead of scrambling at the last minute. Proper organization will help you to get a better picture of the material that has to be covered and improve the flow of the study process.


Creating a Proper Study Plan

As the exam scheduled in September, you need to build a plan to help you study effectively and to minimize stress. Start by figure out how much time and effort you must dedicate to studying for the exam by finding the following answers:

• How much time is available?
• How important is the exam?
• What is your performance target for the exam?
• Quantity & quality of material do you need to cover?
• How difficult is the material?
• Do you have any other priorities during the study period?
• What is the format of the exam?

Here Are Some Tips to Follow in Creating Your Study Plan:

• Allocate the study time into several manageable study sessions;
• Divide the course material into small segments and assign them to the study sessions;
• Set clear and specific goals for the study sessions;
• Prioritize to ensure that material weighted more heavily in the exam gets sufficient study time;
• Take into account your familiarity with the material and the difficulty level;
• Don’t make the study sessions too long;
• Study sessions should have enough variety in terms of topics and activities to prevent boredom and loss of effectiveness;
• Avoid cramming before the exam; and
• Don’t forget to include regular breaks.

Studying for The Exam

You are now armed with a plan and ready to start studying for the NDA Entrance exam. Try to study in a location where you can concentrate and won’t be interrupted. You can work with others or join a study group if you find it helpful, but be careful to keep it from turning into an inefficient use of your time. Some proven study tools and methods are listed below – people respond to different learning styles, so use what works for you.

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Revising with Summary Notes

Make a shortened version of your readings and class notes by creating summary notes. Pin down the key terms and concepts and make sure that you prepare them well. You can identify key terms and concepts by paying attention to what has been highlighted in your NDA Coaching classes, textbooks and course syllabus. For example, if a particular topic has taken up a lot of time in the classroom, it is more likely to be on the exam and you should have a good understanding of it.

Memorizing with Flashcards

Flashcards (or “index cards”) are a good memorization tool. Reduce your summary notes into bullet points, keywords, lists, formulas and figures and place them onto a card for each topic. The items on the flashcards act as memory triggers. By memorizing the flashcards you can enhance your skill to recall larger bits of information referenced by the triggers. You can carry the cards with you and review them even when you have only short bursts of time available.

Practicing Under Exam Conditions

Knowing the proper NDA Study material is necessary but not sufficient to guarantee success on the NDA Entrance exam – you also need to be able to communicate the answers effectively in exam. Rehearsal using sample questions or past years papers in the same format as the exam and answer them in a simulated test environment. The sample questions can be obtained from old exams and assignments or from NDA coaching institute, which are often similar from year to year with small changes. Even though you are only practicing, it is better to write full answers to the questions so you can work through the entire thought process.

Take Care of Yourself

Last but not the least don’t forget to take care of your health during the NDA exam preparation. It is very important to be in good mental and physical state for the exam day. Even a small amount of stress can get you panicked, but too much mental or physical strain can be harmful to your performance. The last thing you want to do is to sabotage your efforts by ignoring your well-being.

• After you complete your studying, take some time to relax.
• Don’t stay up too late if you can help it and try to get a good night’s sleep.
• Eating before the exam help in building your energy, but avoid heavy foods that can make you drowsy.
• Always carry positive attitude about the exam.
• Think of ways to demonstrate your knowledge and not as some imposing challenge.
• Go to the exam focused and relaxed – you have done the work, now it’s time to reap the rewards.

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Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing the Coaching Institute for Your Children

When you are living in a posh city where there is no dearth of coaching institutes, at that time to choose the best coaching institute in Chandigarh for your child is very difficult decision. But don’t worry we have a solution to guide with some of favorable tricks that will help in your search. See the below qualities in coaching institution and then decide:

best Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

Best Coaching Institute

  1. Organized Approach / Commitment:

The first and most important aspect of coaching institute is work on commitment. Before joining coaching institute, take commitment from them about coaching classes, tests and all, and throughout your coaching keep track record on all of them.

  1. Process Oriented / Consistency:

The good coaching institute works on consistency of their faculties. Check their faculty’s turnover ratio before joining your ward. As it affects your child’s study.

  1. Participative Feedback:

The good coaching institute must take into consideration participative feedback from parents as well. When you are searching for Competitive exam coaching institute in Chandigarh for your child have look upon feedback forms of parents.

  1. Knowledgeable / Skilled:

There is always an vacillation in parent’s mind but the choice of good coaching institute is very crucial. So think again before taking any decision.

  1. Objective:

Take look at institute’s as well as your personal objective. If they both match, then only decide.

  1. Flexibility / Adjustable:

The Best NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh should have the quality to be more flexible. As per scenario they must provide online as well as offline coaching classes.

  1. Healthy Environment:

The institute must provide healthy environment for indoor with modern teaching methodology. They must use updated study material and guides students for exam pattern, syllabus and the entire details.

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How to start preparing for NDA Entrance Exam?

NDA Entrance exam is one of the awaited as well as difficult exams for the candidates. Candidates after +2 can apply for this exam and build his career at a very early stage of life. Students after clearing NDA training joins as a Lieutenant in Indian Armed Force. So candidates who have not started preparing for NDA exam must start soon because the date for NDA II has been scheduled by UPSC on 22 September.

Here in Our Write up we Will Provide You Some Best NDA Preparation Tips:


NDA Exam Tips and Tricks

Know the Ins and Outs of the Exam

This is the first thing you have to do before you dive into NDA coaching in Chandigarh for defence. Know the details about the exam, their selection procedure, the level of cut off expected of you etc. in case of need help take help from NDA Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. They provide you full detailed syllabus and exam pattern.

Prepare Your Strategy

After the basic know-how, start preparing a strategy to accomplish your goals. NDA exams have three steps in the selection process. One the written exam and the other are the SSB interview and later medical examination. So, you have to plan your preparation accordingly.

Arrange Study Materials

When you know, what you have to study, you are half-done. Next, you have to arrange the NDA study materials required to crack the written examination. Every NDA Coaching Classes in Chandigarh has their own set of study material recommendations.

Make a Routine

A Routine is a must. Without any definitive routine for your studies may sound directionless. When you have a couple of papers, it would not be easy to study all the papers with the same emphasis, if you haven’t scheduled it properly. Remember your routine should be a feasible one and not something that only a superman can adhere to. Try to follow the routine strictly over a long period of time. Hope that would bring you nearer to your accomplish your goals and clear NDA exam

Prepare Yourself by Writing What you Have Learned

Writing by hand strengthens the learning process. Reading your own handwriting in a subject, dramatically improves your command on the its better to make a habit of writing what you have studied in NDA Coaching classes in Chandigarh.

Solve Previous Years’ Question Paper

Candidates who are preparing for exams be it NDA coaching Institute in Chandigarh, solving previous years’ question papers definitely helps you. All you can have an idea about the question patterns, their mark allotments etc. Moreover, there’s a strong perception that by going through the previous years’ question papers, makes it easier for a candidate to figure out the common questions.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Since NDA exams are conducted in English or have a subject paper on the English language, you should be at par in the language. English grammar is also an important topic to be covered by the candidate. Though you shouldn’t be an expert, yet a Standard English is expected from you. Another important thing is to use appropriate idioms and proverbs in sentences enrich you writings manifold.

Update Yourself on Current Affairs

Latest and current knowledge always are solicited from a candidate aspiring for a job. The NDA exams are designed in such a way that would bring out the shallowness if you are not well prepared on current developments.

Prepare Yourself for Aptitude Test

Aptitude test is the core subject in almost all the NDA exams. Aptitude tests are meant to bring out the candidate’s abilities to perform specific jobs under a certain given situation. These tests are designed in such a way that would assess your logical reasoning and thinking performance without prior knowledge or training. A typical test includes 30 or so multiple choice questions to be answered within stipulated time period.

Keep Yourself Motivating

Motivation is the key-driven force behind any success. Well, it’s not always possible to crack NDA exams at first instance. You ought to have the patience to clear this exam. Keep yourself motivated until you get the desired result.

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How to Choose Career

With the birth of a child parent’s expectation to see their baby at well renowned positions starts. With the passage of time when baby grew up his own choices merge with parent’s expectation took a shape. Every child is grown with different skill and ability so they all go in different sectors with the sole main of serving their nation. No area of job is less than other whether it can be defence or civil services. Both have equal importance for the society as well as nation. The gateways to enter into these sectors are different some of them are discussed as follow:

Best coaching Institute

1. NDA: NDA exam is conducted for the defence lovers. This is the gateway to enter India’s tri-services like Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air force. NDA exam is conducted to enter in Nation Defence Academy. From here the shape of his career changes. He joins Indian Military as a Commissioner. So to get admission in NDA the coaching from best NDA coaching in Chandigarh like Delhi Career Group become is important.

2. SSC: Staff Selection is a combined Graduate level test conducted for the various posts in ministries, departments and organizations of the Government of India every year. Every year lakhs of applicants apply for this exam but only in thousands are selected who did brilliant preparation to clear this exam. So to clear this exam it’s better to choose the best SSC coaching classes in Chandigarh to live with your dream as soon as possible.

3. BANK PO: Today the demand for the Bank Probationary Officer is at a peek. So the competition is very tough for the aspirants. Hopeful’s dedication, presence of mind and months practice can be the only tools that can help them. For the aspirants who cannot do enough self-study the choice of best Bank PO coaching classes is the only tool for them. Candidates who are blessed with leadership qualities and have effective communication skill can choose this career for their better future.

4. PU CET: PU CET Exam is conducted by Punjab University to admit candidates under multiple courses on offer through PU CET UG including B.Pharm, B.Sc. Botany, Zoology, Anthropology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biophysics, and Mathematics. Students after cracking this exam can join any of the above field. Cracking is exam is one of hardest task as one need depth previous year subject knowledge otherwise for more help students can join the best PU CET Coaching Institute in Chandigarh.

5. CIVIL SERVICES: Civil Service exams are for the aspirants who wish to join nation’s different sectors like IAS, IPS, IFS, PCS, HAS, IRS and many more. These services do not include legislative, judicial and military branches. The main benefit of joining civil services is that the members of the civil service have no official political allegiance and are not generally affected by changes of governments. Three of them are discusses as follow:

• IAS: IAS stands for Indian Administrator Service. IAS is the most respected job in civil services. That gives the one chance to serve his country’s administration by allotting one district to each IAS Officer, as a District Collector. Every year UPSC conduct IAS EXAM. IAS officers also represent Government of India at international level in bilateral and multilateral negotiations. To clear IAS exam Delhi Career Group is one of the best IAS coaching institution in Chandigarh who is serving the nation by providing the best IAS officers.

• HAS: HAS stands for Himachal Pradesh Administration Services exam. This exam is conducted by state govt. for filling various positions in state. HAS Exam is also one of the toughest exam. So students prefer coaching to clear exam in first attempt. Delhi career group is the best place for getting HAS coaching classes in Chandigarh.

• PCS: PCS stands for Provincial Civil Services or Punjab Civil Services. PCS exam is held for the recruitment of candidates for the civil service posts of particular state. These posts work under the regulation of the State government and biggest advantage is that one cannot be transferred to another state once recruited under PCS. To clear the hardest exam candidates need coaching where Delhi Career Group is the first preference of today’s aspirants for choosing best PCS Coaching in Chandigarh

Why only Delhi career Group?

Thinking of Joining

• 45 days, 2 months, 6 months, and 1 year regular weekend classes are offered by us for IAS batches
• Those who want to join us for the weekend batches, DCG also provide weekend batches.
• 4 to 5 hour classes are given by us in regular batches.
• Early morning and Evening batches are also offered by us
• We have well managed faculty members and also have professional & skilled faculty who helps the students in every aspect.
• Well reputed and experienced faculty, specialist in their subjects.
• The course syllabus core study materials are created by our faculty who specialize in their subjects.
• Online and offline test series to prepare for different mock tests also provided by us. Daily, weekly and monthly practice sets are also provided by DCG.
• The study notes are refined by our own staff. DCG provide phenomenal study material.
• Doubts clarifying sessions are also given by DCG on weekends.
• DCG also provide personality development classes for personality test / interviews.

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Why to join coaching classes for Indian Navy Sailors Recruitment 2019?

There are 2 special grade of sailors in Indian Navy for non-commissioned officers AA and SSR, AA is a technical branch and SSR is non-technical branch and they are nice job jobs for students who makes his carrier in Indian Navy and there are many departmental exams for candidates who want to becomes A one class officer in Navy. Navy gives proper suitable environment for those candidates.

To enter into your desired field hopefuls are recommended to join Navy coaching classes in Chandigarh & Delhi to clear exam in one go. Few benefits of joining Navy coaching classes in Chandigarh & Delhi are as follow:


Indian Navy Exam Syllabus


1. Preparative Guidance: – One of the biggest advantages of opting for Navy SSR coaching in Chandigarh & Delhi has to be the guidance and mentorship of teachers. The teachers employed by the Navy coaching classes have vast experience and knowledge regarding the competitive exams. Therefore, they are able to guide the aspirants towards success effectively by helping them hone their skills and transform their weaknesses into strengths.

2. Useful Study Material: – The Navy study material provided by coaching classes as part of the package is designed by experts after thorough study and detailed analysis of Navy exam pattern and entire Navy syllabus. Therefore, the Navy coaching classes in Chandigarh & Delhi study material is more likely to cover topics on the basis of their importance in the exam and help aspirants take up targeted approach to crack them.

3. Time Management & Discipline: – For aspirants, who are just starting out in the field of navy exams, it is very difficult to manage their time and exhibit necessary discipline when it comes to studies. Many aspirants take up preparation for navy exams along with their academic studies or professional jobs. For such students, joining a Navy coaching institute would ensure that they would devote a minimum amount of time and effort for the preparation, irrespective of their other commitments.

4. Provides Relevant Information:- Navy Coaching classes get updates and current information, which might not be possible with self-study. This might keep you lagging behind the rest of the aspirants. You are kept in the know of things with coaching classes.

5. Best Infrastructure: – Navy SSR coaching in Chandigarh & Delhi quipped with best infrastructure. That will you appreciate any such place devoid of the required facility? Learning education for Navy exams is one thing. Addressing your basic needs is quite another. Sometimes you have to deal with the both simultaneously. A coaching institute with good infrastructure or at least a decent place with fundamental facility for its students is trusted.

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Syllabus of UPSC Exam? How to Crack The Exam in 1st Attempt?

Well the question mostly arising on internet or in other words we could say the highest searching keyword on internet is about UPSC exam and UPSC syllabus. Aspirants who have applied for UPSC exam have some question so here we sought out some question and you will find out their answer along with.

Ques.1 What is the full form for UPSC exam?
Ans. The full form for UPSC exam is Union Public Service Commission.
Ques. 2 why they conduct this Civil services exam?
Ans. Union Public Service Commission conducts exams to fill various vacancies in civil services like IAS, IPS, IFS, IAAS and IRS and many more.
Ques.3 What is the age limit for form filling?
Ans. The age of the candidates must lie between 21 years – 40 years depending upon post applied.
Ques.4 what is UPSC Syllabus?
Ans. PAPER – I General Studies-I
PAPER- II General Studies-II
Elementary Mathematics
General English
General Hindi

Ques. 5 what is UPSC exam pattern?
Ans. The exam is divided into three parts
• Preliminary
• Mains
• Interview
Only after qualifying preliminary exam candidate will be eligible for Mains
Ques.6 From where I can get PCS study material?
Ans. To choose best PCS study material you can take help from your seniors or choose PCS Exam coaching in Chandigarh.

Hope you get some of your question to be answered. For more help you can visit to PCS exam coaching In Chandigarh.

All the Best for your Exam

Exam Pattern

Name of the Question Paper Number of questions Total marks Total time
CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) 200 (2.5 marks for each question) 2hrs.
General Study 100 200 (2 marks for each question) 2hrs.

Main Exam

• UP PCS 2018 Mains will constitute of 8 question papers
• The 1st and the 2nd question paper will be of General studies.
• There will be 4 question papers of the two optional subjects which candidates have to choose from the list of subjects given in the official notification.
• Candidates will have to write 3 essays in the question paper of the essay writing.
• There will be the question paper of Hindi language too.
• Candidates need to qualify the question paper of the English language as well.
• All the mains question paper will be descriptive in nature.


There is no as such specific pattern and syllabus of the interview. Candidates must be aware of their surroundings, state and should have a good knowledge about contemporary issues. Candidate should be communicative during interview and must keep their views openly before the interview board.


PAPER – I General Studies-I

• Current events of national and international importance.
• History of India and Indian National Movement.
• Indian and World geography – Physical, Social, Economic geography of India and the World.
• General Issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity, and Climate Change- that do not require subject spec
• Indian Polity and governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights issues etc.
• Economic and Social Development – Sustainable Development Poverty Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector Initiatives, etc.
• General Science

PAPER- II General Studies-II

• General English
• General Hindi
• Comprehension
• Interpersonal skills including communication skills.
• Decision making and problem solving.
• Logical reasoning and analytical ability.
• General mental ability
• Elementary Mathematics up to Class X level- Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics.

PCS Exam coaching Institute

PCS Coaching Institute

Current events of national and international importance: – candidates should have a good knowledge about Current Events of National and International importance,
History of India and Indian National Movement: – In the Indian National Movement, the candidates are expected to have synoptic view of nature and character of the freedom movement.In History emphasis should be on broad understanding economic, social and political aspects of Indian history( growth of nationalism and attainment of Independence).

Indian and world Geography: – Physical, Social, Economic geography of India and the World involves World Geography only general understanding related to the Physical, Social & Economic Geography of India.

Indian Polity and Governance:-

Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc:- In Indian Polity, candidate economic and culture, questions will be tested, country’s political system including Panchayati Raj and Community Development and some special features of Economic policy in India and Indian Culture.

Economic and Social Development: –

Poverty, Inclusion, Sustainable Development, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc:- The candidates will be tested with respect to problems and relationship between Population, Urbanization and Environment. General issues on Environmental ecology, Climate Change & Bio-diversity –which do not require subject specialization. Only General awareness of the subject will be required and expected from the candidates.

General Science: –

Will cover general appreciation and understanding of Science including matters of every day observation and experience, as may be expected of a well educated person, who has not made a special study of any scientific discipline.



Number systems: Natural Numbers, Integers, L.C.M. and H.C.F. of integers and their interrelationship Rational and irrational numbers, Real numbers, Divisors of an Integer, prime integers etc.

• Average
• Percentage
• Ratio and proportion
• Profit and Loss
• Speed, Time and Distance
• Simple and Compound interests
• Work and Time.


Factors of polynomials, L.C.M. and H.C.F. of polynomials and their interrelationship, simultaneous linear equations, quadratic equations & Remainder theorem.
Set Theory: Set null set, subsets and proper subsets of a set, operations (Union, Intersections, difference, symmetric difference) between sets, Venn diagram.


Constructions and theorems, rectangle, square, trapezium and circles, their perimeter and area, regarding triangle
Volume and surface area of sphere, right circular cylinder, right circular Cone and Cube.
Statistics:- Collection of data, Classification of data, tabulation, cumulative frequency frequency, frequency distribution. Representation of data – Measures of Central tendency: Arithmetic mean, Median and Mode, Pie chart, Bar diagram, histogram, frequency polygon, comulative frequency curves (ogives)


• Active Voice and Passive Voice.
• Parts of Speech.
• Vocabulary & usage.
• Idioms and Phrases.
• Transformation of Sentences.
• Direct and Indirect Speech.
• Punctuation and Spellings.
• Words Meanings.
• Fill in the Blanks.

सामान्य हिंदी (हाईस्कूल स्तर तक) के पाठ्यक्रम में सम्मिलित किए जाने वाले विषय

• हिंदी वर्णमाला, विराम चिन्ह
• शब्द-रूप,
• शब्द रचना, वाक्य रचना, अर्थ,
• क्रियाएँ,
• संधि, समास,
• विलोम शब्द,
• अनेकार्थी शब्द,
• पर्यायवाची शब्द
• मुहावरे एवं लोकोक्तियाँ
• तत्सम एवं तद्भव, देशज, विदेशी (शब्द भंडार)
• हिंदी भाषा के प्रयोग में होने वाली अशुद्धियाँ
• वर्तनी
• अर्थबोध
• उ.प्र. की मुख्य बोलियाँ.

For more information you can visit here:

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Clearing an IAS EXAM is not an easy task but if the candidate clears this exam at that stage where most of the students gave up is a commendable task. Yes, it is true there are many students who not only clear this exam but also topped with such circumstance where it becomes impossible for them to even prepare for the exam. Here we discuss some of them.

Dr. T Shubhamangala


She is on the top of the list of 2018. She is a Gynecologist and Mother of a 3.5-year-old baby boy. She started preparing for the exam using online coaching method and got 147 rank in all over India for clearing prelim at the age of 34years. When she was asked why she has chosen this career she said,

”Being a gynecologist, I understood that I could only treat the visible part of the diseases that patients had. The social and infrastructure challenges are in fact major factors that need to be addressed. Hence I decided to study for UPSC”.

Anu Kumari

Anu Kumari.jpg

Again Anu Kumari a mother of the 4-year child had scored the second rank in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2017 at the age of 31 years. This was her second attempt in UPSC CSE as in her first attempt she was left with one mark only. She hails from Haryana’s Sonipat. She was the topper among female candidates. Before clearing UPSC exam she was working in the corporate sector.

Now, Anu Kumari has been named the brand ambassador for the ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’ programme in her home district Sonipat by the Haryana government.

Anudeep Durishetty

Anudeep Durishetty

From more than 10 lakhs candidates who apply for the UPSC exam, Anudeep Durishetty from Hyderabad got the 1st Rank.

He is an Electronic Engineer from BITS Pilani in Rajasthan in 2011. His first job was in Google and later on, he was selected as Assistant Commissioner (P) at Indian Revenue Service (IRS), Government of India. Anudeep’s father is an Assistant Engineer while his mother is a home-maker.

This is his fifth attempt at Civils. He qualified the examination with Anthropology as his optional subject. Anudeep prepared without any major assistance from any coaching institution.

Nikhil Srivas


He is the man who had zero ideas of IAS job, roles and responsibilities. He just starts his journey in search of a man who has powerful life, big bungalow and enjoying a luxurious life. His search for the man took a shape of an IAS officer.

He is a self-motivated person who scores 1016 Rank in UPSC exam. During his schooling, he went to an average English medium school, where even the teachers can’t speak English. But he did his written exam and interview in English. He did Civil engineering from MNNIT Allahabad at the age of 19 only. He joined TCS as a Java Developer and simultaneously started preparing for various competitive exams. He cleared various exam conducted by SSC, SBI, IBPS etc. before emerging successful in UPSC Civil Services Exam. With every passing interview, his level of confidence also goes on increasing.

He is always thankful for family and few his friends who always there for him throughout the journey of IAS. His own words,
“Getting into Civil Services is not the end, but just a beginning”

Anju Arun Kumar


She cleared her IAS exam in her 6th attempt. Anju started her UPSC preparation right after B.Tech and got the selection to IAAS first. But her ambition was IAS. Her subsequent attempts landed her in IRS. She got married by then. But till after she keeps on practicing for her dream job rather than just give up there.

She comes from a normal middle-class family. Her father is a retired engineer, and mother is a homemaker. She had done her entire schooling in Bahrain, where her dad used to work. She had come to Kerala to do from where she was straight away propelled into CSE-mode, and so she didn’t take up my placement job. She worked in IA&AS, where she was first an Officer Trainee, and later posted as Deputy Accountant General in Dehradun. she later joined IRS (C&CE), where she is currently undergoing training in NACEN, Faridabad.

Avneet Punia


He is the well-known name who cleared IAS exam in the first attempt with the Rank 356 at the age of only 23 years. Avneet, the son of a farmer from Rajasthan managed his time so well, that he prepared for the IAS exam even while doing his post-graduation and emerged successful in his first attempt.

My father is a farmer and mother is a housewife. : I went to Nimawat Public School, Fatehpur, Sikar (Rajasthan), a boarding school, when I was 5. I completed my entire school education from this school (1st-12th). I was again a hosteler in the Hindu College Hostel. I opted for B.Sc. Honors in mathematics as I was really fond of maths as a subject then. My stay in the Hindu college was a big boost to my personality in terms of confidence level and helped me discover various aspects of my personality and to grove them.

He shared some of his words,
“There is no secret to my success other than the consistent hard work. Complete dedication towards the exam for over a year has made the dream come true. And the preparation strategy for prelims and mains was not isolated from each other. Since almost all the syllabus of prelims overlaps with that of mains, so I followed an integrated approach for prelims and mains. And the specifically prelims oriented preparations began only 3 months before the prelims.”

Hope the above article will be inspiring for those who had to give up their dream and others who are still living their dream. We wish the next story we may publish will be of reader’s.

All the best for those who are preparing and a friendly advice for others to start preparing today before you reach the maximum eligibility criteria and enjoy the most powerful position in civil services.

For more information you can visit here: IAS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh and Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

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Opportunities in Sports after Joining NDA

Well it’s true, NDA provides ample of opportunities to the exceptionally talented candidates in sector of not only in Indian Armed Force but as well as sports too. There are number of officers from NDA who have remarkable achievements in sports. During NDA training candidate learn many indoor as well outdoor games. The purpose of indoor game is to made cadet mentally fit and for outdoor game physically fit.

Other than indoor and outdoor diversification we have a list of sports that NDA encourage to cadets:

Basketball, Archery, Shooting, Hockey, Football, Horse Riding, Volleyball, Sailing, Swimming, Athletics, Cricket, Golf, Lawn Tennis, Squash, Vault, Rowing, Table Tennis, Billiards, Table Soccer etc.

As the list defines NDA provide best facilities to their trainees, there are many candidates who are not in love with games before but later they too fall. Here we have a list of cadets who won best medals for our nation while serving in Indian Armed Force:

1. Athletic- Milkha Singh


The special title holder “flying Sikh”. The entry of Milkha Singh in sports is a major achievement for NDA. He won various Gold medal at various prestigious athletics games events. He entered in athletic during his service tenure in NDA. In addition to gold medal he also won many Asian Games Gold medal, commonwealth gold medal and Olympic bronze medal.

2. Shooting- Rajyacardhan Singh Rathore


he complete his graduation from NDA in early 90’s and served nation till 2013. He took voluntary retirement from army. He won Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, a gold medal for commonwealth game. Silver model.

3. Shooting- Jitu Rai


Jitu Rai was born in Nepal and he joined the 11 Gorkha Regiment in 2006. He joined as a sepoy and then reached the position of the Naib-subedar. Initially, Jitu Rai candidature for the Army shooting team was turned down by the selection team. But in the 2011 National Games, he proved his worth. He then went on to win gold medals at Asian Games, World Cup, and Commonwealth Games. He also credits his sporting career to the army training.

4. Shooting- Vijay Kumar


Vijay Kumar won a silver medal in 2012 Summer Olympics. After that, he went on to win 2 gold medals, one in a competition of 25 m rapid fire pistol and another at Commonwealth Games in 2006. He won the Bronze medal in Asian Games and silver at Asian Championship. He is still serving in the Indian Army as a Subedar Major in the 16 Battalion.

5. Marathon- Ram Singh Yadav


Ram Singh Yadav is the only second marathon runner to have made a place in the Olympics from India. He reached the Olympics qualification mark in Mumbai Marathon and was selected in 2012 London Olympics on the basis of it. His best is still left to be achieved. We are hoping that he will soon get into the list of top 10 very soon.


NDA provides a great opportunity that one can pursue a career in sports after the NDA training if he has exceptional talent. The chances to achieve greater heights at an individual level are more than in a group.

The frequent posting around the country hinders the team practice for the army personnel. However, if any of the cadets show exceptional qualities in any of the sport, NDA surely helps him/her to groom by giving all the world-class facilities and training. Simultaneously NDA also pay to the candidate during training period also.

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Age Eligibility for NDA

Well, while filling NDA Entrance exam form the biggest question arise in every mind that whether as per age eligibility criteria he is eligible or not. The dilemma arises in mind make every candidate confused. Many NDA Coaching institute in Chandigarh helps in your problem. But if you filling your form by own here we come with the solution to problem. We provide you shortcut tricks to calculate your age eligibility.

Age: 16 ½ to 19 ½ (Before joining NDA),
15 ½ to 18 ½ (For form filling).
This exam process takes one year process so it is advisable to fill form after 11th standard for first attempt.

Number of chances calculation:

Age criteria decide your number of attempts to appear for the NDA exam. To find your number of chances do as underneath.

Consider the month and year in which you are planning to appear for the test e.g. I want to give exam in September 2018

Now subtract 18 years and six months from it. So September 2018 – 18 years = September 2000 September 2000 – 6 months = April 2000

Thus as per NDA entrance exam age criterion Students born after 1st July 2000 and before 1st July 2000 + 3 years = 1st January 2003 can appear for this test, Provided they are going to pass their 10 + 2 level exam in next year before Jun 2018
Now suppose the student has birth date 15 October 2001 He has appeared for 11th exam in March 2018 then his number of attempts can be calculated as

The year of passing 11th std. + 0.5 – 18.5 = x e.g. x=2018.5 – 18.5 = 2000
Birth year –x=y e.g. y = 2001 – 2000 = 1
Number of attempts = 2y – 1 if birth date is on or before 1st July
Number of attempts = 2y if birth date is after 1st July
e.g. Number of attempts = 2y = 4 as birth date is 15th Oct

Now if student is planning to take September 2018 attempt hence subtracting 18 years and six months we get April 2000. Hence as per NDA entrance exam criterion Students born after 1st January 2000 and before 1st January 2000 + 3 years = 1st January 2003 can appear for this test Provided they are going to pass their 10 + 2 level exam before May 2019.

Important features of NDA coaching classes in Chandigarh

1> Starting preparations for NDA entrance exam after 10th exam is the best time to start. Fresh and tension free minds, ready to learn new ideas, enthusiast to see new horizons can give maximum time to develop own skills.
2> Science experiments and Maths magic to maintain vacation tempo.
3> Maths modules and English sessions with no syllabus and exam constrains to strengthen subject foundations and for easiness of learning the further theory. It grabs the hold on the subject.
4> Give up traditional mug – up technique and learn proper memory techniques during NDA coaching classes in Chandigarh.
5> SSB test and NDA written exam emphasizes on English and our experts make you comfortable in it.
6> What personality do you desire? Leadership ability, logical thinking, Stage confidence, management skills and whatever else you can imagine; we have the platform and activities, participate in it with your soul and body and carve out your dream personality.
7> Assured results – Join NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh with one month course in June and with our overall evaluation get assurance of results that you can get at the end of the our course and join our course with confidence .
8> Test series of 20 papers with complete guidance for planning and practicing paper solving strategy.
9> It includes all the features of all other courses.

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DCG’s 2018 Toppers for NDA & SSB

VRAJESH RAJPUT-Delhi Career Group wishes you hearty Congratulations on this pleasant occasion. May your life always shower you with such happy and successful moments. Well done “Mr. Vrajesh Rajput”, Roll No. 00030876 for your selection as “Lieutenant in Indian Army”. We congratulate your family members too and thankful for having faith in Delhi Career Group. Vrajesh’s sincere hard work and teachers guidance makes it possible.

Mukul ThakurPassing the NDA written exam and SSB interview require a lot of perseverance. Now we can proudly say your perseverance transforms into success in your NDA Entrance exam. Delhi Career Group wishes you, “Mr. Mukul ThakurRoll No. 0160495  for your selection as “Lieutenant in Indian Armyand your family Congratulations for the selection in National Defence Academy. We also wish you All the Best for your bright future.

Read More: Shining Star of Delhi Career Group

GirishDelhi Career Group wish you “Mr. Girish VermaRoll No. 0196557 Congratulation for clearing Air force written exam and SSB interview in first attempt. Hardworking students like you always perform successfully in their exam. You did a great job and made yourself and your parents proud. We wish you bright future ahead… All the Best


Anjan TamangAge-old wisdom says that hard work always pays off in life, and you have proven that it holds true even today. Congratulations!Mr. Anjan TamangRoll no. 3799 for qualifying NDA exam and SSB interview. Delhi Career Group really feel proud of you and wish you all the best for your future. Well done!



Supair AliCongratulations! “Mr. Supair AliRoll No. 3874 to be a part of Delhi Career Group’s shining star. Delhi career Group Congratulate you and your family for clearing NDA written exam and SSB interview in first attempt. Your selection in National Defence Academy is biggest achievement for your career. We wish for your brilliant future ahead. All the best…


Sourabh Kumar KunalA hearty congratulation from Delhi Career Group to “Mr.Sourabh Kumar Kunal”, Roll No. 3816 for qualifying NDA Exam and SSB interview. Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring for the other students also. Delhi Career Group wishes you many years of great achievements! And thank you your family for believing us.


Harshit ChauhanssbMr. Harshit Chauhan, Roll No. 0009802, thank you for being a part of Delhi Career Group. We wish you Congratulation for your success. Your sincere hard work and supreme guidance from Col. Puneet Sehgal makes it possible to qualify NDA written exam and SSB interview. We wish you and your family congratulations. And greet you for your bright future ahead.


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Delhi Career Group is one of the best professional leading Institutes for NDA coaching in Chandigarh & Delhi. Our group is providing educational service since 2004 at a very affordable fee. We have a team of highly educated permanent teachers who guide students with their experience and self-prepared notes. Students get training under the supreme guidance of Col. Puneet Sehgal (retd.). He is retired from Indian army as a director of joint Group Testing Officer in defence. He is also having more than 12 years’ experience in teaching.

Apart from this, we serve in India with two branches. We welcome students from all over India by providing them fully air-conditioned accommodation facility. We have a healthy environment for students and serve as best infrastructure facility. Within the campus, we have update library filled with various encyclopedias that helped the students in English learning.

Putting the light on academics we provide students customized batch facility, with special crash courses. Students who are unable to attend regular classes in institute can go with the option of NDA online coaching classes. We provide self-prepared updates study material comprises of question pattern from easy to toughest. At weekends we conduct NDA Mock test to judge students preparation.

We could proudly say every year at alumni 8 out of 10 students are from our Delhi Career Group.

Also read: Best Result in Defence Exam by the Aspirants of the Delhi Career Group

Join Best NDA Coaching Institute By:- COL. Puneet Seghal (Retd)

Special Hostel Facility Avalaible for Students from Outside

Fore more information you can Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

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Tips to Improve UPSC Exam Preparation

The UPSC IAS Prelims exam is just about the corner. As you would know, it is scheduled to be held on June. So hope the students are have almost completed their Preparations for the UPSC Exams. The prelims exam is the first hurdle to cross in your race towards the IAS goal. Only if you get the cut-off marks in the preliminary stage, you will be eligible to take the UPSC mains in October this year. This article gives you 8 tips to help you better your performance in the UPSC prelims exam.

As you can see, both the prelims papers have negative marks for every wrong answers. So, it is important to have a strategy for attempting the prelims as you cannot take chances in it. Even with difference of one mark can you can loose an attempt. So, we give you a few UPSE Exam Best Preparation Tips that you can incorporate while answering the paper so as to maximize your chances.



UPSC Exam Preparation Tips


Tip # 1:- Attempt a minimum of 80 questions. Otherwise, you will lose the chance of making it.

Tip #2: – Use your common sense! Out of the 100 questions, there would be around 50 questions that everybody can answer if prepared carefully. And, there would be around 20 that might be honestly called difficult. The remaining around 30 questions are those where you will have to use your knowledge and more importantly, common sense. You must not carry any preconceived philosophies into the exam hall. The UPSC is not a tough exam. It is an exam where you have to ‘apply’ yourselves.

Tip #3: – Read the questions very carefully. Notice words like none, all, few, etc. Take care to understand the question and what is asked with extreme sharpness. Don’t skim the question. Read every word with caution. This can make the difference between winning and losing.

Tip #4: – Read all the options carefully. A lot of candidates tend to avoid reading all the answers especially if he/she thinks that the first option is right. It is recommended that you read through all the options before fixing on an option.

Tip # 5: Keep the question paper booklet at the right distance. Keeping it too far can lead to silly mistakes and keeping it too close can restrict your thought process and you may end up not being able to finish the paper.

Tip # 6: You must learn how to eliminate the wrong answers. This is very important to increase your chances of getting high marks. You can take help from best UPSC exam preparation institution.

Tip # 7: This tip should be used only as a ‘last resort’ in the prelims. Suppose towards the end of your attempt, there are around 10 questions which you have left because you are absolutely not sure of the answer. In this case, it is recommended that you mark the same option for all the ten questions. i.e. all A, all B, all C or all D. This will boost chances of your getting more marks. But remember this is only a last resort.

Tip # 8: Be calm and composed in the exam hall. If you panic, you will not be able to recall even those things which you were very sure of. So, remain calm and focus only on the present. You will be able to do your best if you think with a peaceful mind.

Hope the above tips will help you in improving more for UPSC exam… All the Best.

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Do You Know the Difference Between NDA and CDS?

It’s a common thought arise in every mind that what is difference between NDA & CDS?
Well before going to any conclusion and guiding you for NDA Coaching classes in Chandigarh or CDS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh you should get some more information about both the exams. Let’s discuss in detail for NDA and CDS.


The full form for NDA is National Defence Academy. The exam named NDA entrance exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year in the month April and September. Some parameters required for NDA exam are as follow:

Age:  16 ½ to 19 ½ years
Eligibility: Only male
Educational Qualification : +2
Scheme of Examination: Written + SSB
The frequency of the Exam: Twice/Year
Duration of Training: 4-4.5 Years
3 Yrs. at NDA and 1 yr. at IMA (For Army cadets)
3 Yrs. at NDA and 1 Yr. at Naval Academy(For Naval cadets)/
3 Yrs. at NDA and 1 & 1/2 Yrs. at AFA Hyderabad (For AF cadets)

Training Centers    National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune
Indian Military Academy, Dehradun
Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala
Indian Air Force Academy, Hyderabad

Degrees awarded   Army Cadets – B.Sc./B.Sc. (Computer)/BA /B.Tech degree
Naval Cadets –  B.Tech degree
Air Force Cadets – B.Tech degree
Rank assigned after training  Lieutenant
Stipend during training   Rs.21, 000/- p.m. (fixed)



The full form for CDS exam is Combined Defence Exam. This exam is also conducted by UPSC twice in a year. Some other parameters you need to know about this exam are as follow:

Age    19-25 years
Eligibility  Male & female both
Educational Qualification  degree
Scheme of Examination Written + SSB
Frequency of the Exam Twice/Year
Duration of Training 18 months for IMA Cadets
37-40 months for Navy Officers
74 months for Air Force Officers
Training Centers Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun for Army Cadets
Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala for Navy Cadets
Indian Air ForceAcademy, Hyderabad for Air Force Officers
Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai
Degrees awarded Army Cadets in IMA – PG Diploma in ‘Military and Defense Management
OTA Chennai – Post Graduate Diploma in Defence Management and Strategic Studies

Rank assigned after training Lieutenant
Stipend during training Rs.21, 000/- p.m. (fixed)

Hope the above details helped you to know more about these gateways and their difference also. NDA is better if you get selected in early age. But if you want to live with your parents and stay in home, spend 3 years graduation in civil dress code then CDS is another option for you. To clear both the exams it’s a tough job. So students are advised to take help from best CDS coaching institute in Chandigarh to not to waste so much time in repeatedly attempting. Best NDA coaching classes in Chandigarh help you in achieving your goal as soon as possible.

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Journey from NDA to Commandos and Paratroopers: A Daring Career

As the decision to join NDA is in itself is a very harsh so the challenges with the increase of responsibility goes on increasing for the commando and paratroopers. Commando and Paratroopers established and now controlled by special force department where they are trained form the tough to toughest situations. These Special Forces comes into existence after 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Now they are always ready in case of any emergency arise in India as earlier.


Joining the Special Forces of India as an NDA Cadet

It’s a great opportunity for the NDA cadets that after finishing their NDA training they have an option to join special force in their respective wing. Every wing of Indian tri-force has its own set of commandos, paratroopers, Deep-sea drivers, skydivers and Para-jumpers. Indian Army has Para Special Forces, the Air-force has Garuda and Indian Navy has Marcos, all these Special Forces are skilled to face the deadliest and complex rescue operations.

Cadets after completion in the respective academy can apply for the going with the Special Forces. If a NDA alumnus working with the Army, Navy or Air-force decides to join the respective Special Forces then they have to go through the probation period where their mental and physical ability is tested only after the probation is over. The Special Force aspirants are sent to the relevant training bases to start the training as Special Force units.

Procedure to Become a Commando or Paratrooper in the Indian Army

An Indian Armed personal who want to join commandos in the Indian Army become National Security Guards and the Paratroopers make up the Parachute Unit of the Indian Army.

Only interested male candidates age ranges between 20 to 35 years can join the special force of Indian Army. For the candidates whose age exceeds from 35 years, joining is possible on depending upon their mental and physical fitness.

Normally, commandos are trained to become paratroopers, skydivers, Para-jumpers and deep-sea divers. After the probation period of 3 months, the filtering of the soldier for the next phase is chosen. After the completion of the training one is decorated with Marron Beret and Para Wings and send to the respective training battalions and they are off to join the simultaneous commando Unit.

Training Period of the Special Forces and Commandos

The training to become a Commando or getting into the Special Force is very tough unlike the training for the Armed Forces. Hundreds of aspirants or volunteers apply every year and only a few hundreds are selected. The training procedure is not only tough but draining in all aspect full day-long training on an every day basis is important in becoming a commando in the Special Forces.

The training includes all kinds of operation formats such as special operations, Direct action, Special reconnaissance, Hostage rescue, Asymmetric warfare, Personnel recovery, Counter-proliferation, Counter Drugs operations, Counter-terrorism, Foreign Internal Defense, Counter-insurgency, Unconventional warfare, Low-intensity conflict, and Intelligence Operations etc.

Every type of shootings, full sprint, quick reactions, taking decisions and control in a matter of minutes are also a part of the training. The training involves all kinds of pressure handling when captured by the enemy. In short, the training makes you capable of dealing with all kinds situations in the toughest of the circumstance.

NDA Cadets Training apt for the Special Forces

However there is no hard and fast rule that only NDA candidate will make the best soldier or officer of the Special Force. But this is for sure that the training method through which an NDA candidate goes makes the person the best suitable person for the job of a Commando. The reason which there has been NDA Alumni who have made their name as a Special force Commando, here is some NDA Alumni who made a name in the Special Forces

Sandeep Unnikrishnan An alumnus of the NDA who was the hero of 26/11 Mumbai attacks and gave up his life fighting the terror. He was an NSG Commando who died fighting and saving his colleague. He was presented the Ashoka Chakra posthumously for his contribution in the terrorist attack

Mohit Sharma This NDA Alumni died fighting with terrorist on March 2009 in the Kupwara sector of J&K. he alone not only killed 4 terrorists in the encounter but saved two fellow soldiers in the process. He was awarded the Ashoka Chakra posthumously for his bravery.

Joining the Special Force is Challenging and Better

Special Forces might be a tough place to be and it might be draining both aspects mentally and physically. But the challenge that it offers is undeniably the greatest vigor in being a part of the Special Force. Not every person is lucky to be serving the nation but serving the country in a way that matters the most when the country is in acute danger makes it rewarding.

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India’s 8 Brave Women Stories

Punita Arora


Post: Shewas the first woman in India to don the second highest rank i.e Lieutenant General of Indian Armed forces and the first female vice admiral of Indian Navy.


• She studied in Sophia School in Saharanpur till 8th grade.
• She moved to Guru Nanak Girls Inter-College. In 11th Standard while getting admitted to Government school for boys she decided to take science as a career
• She joined Armed Forces Medical College, Pune in 1963 which was the second batch of the AFMC and she turned out to be the topper of that batch

Achievements: She has been awarded with 15 medals in her 36 years of career in Indian Armed Forces.

• Param Vishisht Seva Medal
• Vishisht Seva Medal(2002)
• Sena Medal (2006)
• 30 Years Long Service Medal
• 20 Years Long Service Medal
• 9 Years Long Service Medal

Experience: She served for 36 year of career in Indian armed force.

Padmavathy Bandopadhyay

Padmavathy Bandopadhyay

Post: She is the first woman Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force. She is the second woman in the Indian armed forces to be promoted to a three-star rank.

Education: She grew up in New Delhi and obtained her education at the Kirori Mal College.

• In her career she has been first woman to become a Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Society of India and the first Indian woman to have conducted scientific research at the North Pole
• She is also the first woman officer to have completed the Defence Service Staff College course in 1978. She was the Director General Medical Services (Air) at the Air Headquarters.
• In 2002, she became the first woman to be promoted to Air Vice Marshal (two-star rank). Bandopadhyay is an aviation medicine specialist and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences

Achievements: She was awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM) for her conduct during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

• Vishist Seva Medal, January 73
• Indira Priyadarshini award
• Ati Vishist Seva Medal, January 2002
• Param Vishist Seva Medal, Jan 2006

Experience: She joined the Indian Air Force in 1968

Mitali Madhumita


Post Lieutenant Colonel


• She is the first woman officer in the Indian Army to receive a gallantry award
• Lieutenant Colonel Mitali Madhumita received the Sena Medal in 2011 for exemplary courage shown during the attack on the Indian embassy by terrorists in Kabul, Afghanistan on 26 February, 2010

Experience : She joined the army in the year 2000

Priya Jhingan


Post “Major in Indian army”

Education: She completed her Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication

Achievements: Priya Jhingan is from first batch of 25 lady officers who got commissioned in Indian Army in 1993 Jhingan was cadet number 001 at the Officers Training Academy in Chennai.

Divya Ajith Kumar


Post: Captain in the Indian Army of AAD (Army Air Defense)

Education: She did her schooling in Chennai and went to Stella Maris College, Chennai. She joined NCC (National Cadet Corps) which inspired her to join Indian Army and participated in NCC women contingent in Rajpath and later joined OTA ( Officers training academy). She passed from OTA (Officers training academy)


• Divya Ajith Kumar became the first woman in the history of the Indian Army to receive the coveted ‘Sword of Honour’ prize, which is awarded to the best cadet, where she passed with a total of 244 cadets, including 63 women. She is also a multi-faceted personality, Divya is also an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer, percussionist and well-versed in sports like basketball
• Captain Divya Ajith Kumar led the first all-women contingent of the Army on Republic Day (26 January 2015).She led a contingent of 154 women officers and cadets during the parade
• Nearly 200 women officers from all over the country had come down to the OTA, and after a rigorous selection process, 126 officers, and 28 women cadets from the academy were selected for the parade. Captain Divya Ajith Kumar was selected to lead the contingent.

Deepika Misra


Post: Squadron Leader

Education: She graduated from the Air Force Academy in December 2006,

Achievements: For the first time, two women are part of the Sarang team of the Indian Air Force, a show-stopping helicopter-formation team that is performing at the Aero India show under way here.

Sophia Qureshi


Post: Lieutenant Colonel

Education & family:

• She hails from Gujarat and holds a post-graduate degree in bio-chemistry.

Achievements: Lt Col Sophia Qureshi is India’s First Female Officer to Lead an Army Contingent it is the largest military exercise hosted by India in the presence of Mr. Barack Obama on Republic day.

Gunjan Saxena


Post: First woman pilot of Indian Air Force.

Education & Family Saxena who belongs to Udhampur, comes from an Army family.

• India’s first woman to fly choppers, who evacuated and saved, injured Indian soldiers from Kargil
• Saxena was awarded the Shaurya Chakra. She was one of the 25 women who were part of the first batch of IAF trainee pilots.

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Also Read : Highest Gallantry Awards of India (Military)

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30 Toughest Interview Questions And Smart Answers By IAS Toppers

1. If you are running in a competition and if you put the second position participant behind, then what is your position?

Ans. 2nd position

2. Which is the largest country (area) in the world?

Ans. Russia

3. Who introduced coffee in India?

Ans. Baba Budan

4. What is the resolution of the human eye in megapixels?

Ans. 576 megapixel

5. How many languages are on Indian currency?

Ans. 17 languages

6. Why school bus colour is yellow?

Ams. The color was selected because it attracts attention and noticed quickly in peripheral vision faster than any other color.

7. What is the full form of Jio?

Ans. Joint implementation opportunities

8. Which is the richest state in India 2018?

Ans. Maharashtra

9. Who made the first compiled map of the world?

Ans. Anaximander

10. Why the doctor’s handwriting is so bad?

Ans. They wrote a lot in less time to save time. That’s why their handwriting is bad that people can’t understand.

11. Who was the first Indian to go to space?

Ans. Late squadron leader Rakesh Sharma.

12. Who was the last governor general of India?

Ans. C. Rajagopalachari

13. Who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest in the world?

Ans. Junko Tabei, the first woman to climb Mount everst in 1975, was from Japan.

14. Can you say three consecutive days names together without saying Wednesday, Friday, Sunday?

Ans. Yesterday, today, tomorrow

15. A is the father of B. but B is not the son of A. How’s that possible?

Ans. B is the daughter of A.

16. An electric train is moving north at 100mph and a wind is blowing to the west at 100mph. which way does the smoke blow?

Ans. There is no smoke with electric train.

17. What can you never eat for breakfast?

Ans. Lunch & Dinner.

18. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Ans. Concrete floors are very hard to crack!

19. How can a man go eight days without sleep?

Ans. He sleeps at night.

20. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

Ans. It is not a problem, since you will never find an elephant with one han

21. If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?

Ans. No time at all as it is already built.

22. A cat had three kittens: January, March and May. What was the mother’s name.

Ans. What. It stated ‘WHAT’ was the mother’s name.

23. What is the opposite of Nag panchmi?

Ans. Nag did not punch me.

24. James bond was pushed out of an airplane without any parachute. He survived. How?

Ans. The plane was on a runway.

25. What often falls but never gets hurt?

Ans. Rain

26. What Looks Like Half Apple ?

Ans. The Other Half

27. What happened when wheel was invented ?

Ans. It caused a revolution.

28. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Ans. Concrete Floors are very hard to crack.

29. If 2 is a company and 3 is the crowd, then what will be 4 and 5?

Ans. 4 and 5 there is always 9.

30. Peacock is a bird who does not lay eggs, then how peacock’s children are born?

Ans. The female peacock eggs, not the male peacock.

31. Where Lord Rama would have celebrated his “First Diwali”?

Ans. People will start thinking of Ayodya, Mitila [Janaki’s place], Lanka etc…
Bu the logic is, Diwali was a celebrated as a mark of Lord Krishna
Killing Narakasura. In Dusavataar, Krishnavathaar comes after
So, Lord Rama would not have celebrated the Diwali At all!

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NDA Special Crash Courses

Crash Course means a quick, intense course of learning. Delhi Carrier group provides the special crash courses for NDA. These crash courses divided into different categories. The courses are of 6 months / 3 months or 45 days revision. And also we provided 1 year crash course for the students after they completed their +2.



Important Dates:-

Delhi Carrier Group started crash course batches on 28 April or 2nd of the May.

Preparation tips provided by Delhi Carrier Group:-

Delhi Career Group is the premier institute for the Best NDA Special Crash Courses. Team of Delhi career group is focused to carry out different venture to meet the needs and expectations of the students. The Institute posses highly qualified teaching staff who teach you all the shortcut techniques and creative things to remember all the concepts in your mind. Comfortable sitting arrangements and study material are also provided by us. There are some of the preparation tips that are provided by the Delhi carrier group.

• Time Management:- Time management also plays an important role. Make proper planning to solve the question paper is very important to succeed in any exam, so, don’t waste your time on a question which is not known to you; switch to next question and attempt it at last.

• Study with Relaxed Mind:- A relaxed mind always work more efficiently and the final result will be in your favor. Keep yourself calm and you will find that nothing is impossible. During your study hours give yourself some time to relax also. But keep yourself away from any kind of distraction like cell phones, television etc. Rather engage yourself in physical activities.

• Improve Your English – Reading, writing and listening in English helps you a lot in improving your English. Other activities like watching English news channels, movies etc brush up your Grammar skills. These all are very helpful to improve your English.

• Schedule your Proper Study Plan:- proper study planning is very important for the better preparation. So you should have to manage your proper study plan. It is also very helpful to you for scoring good marks.

• Analyze Yourself:- Analyze yourself with the help of regular test. You would have committed some silly mistakes. Try to avoid them next time. There would be many areas at your level which were unknown to you but are required to understand for the exam you are preparing for.

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Top 5 NDA Coaching Institutes In Chandigarh

To become a military officer and enjoy the prestigious position like “Commissioner” is everyone’s dream. To make their dream true students take admissions in science stream in +2 and score good marks. Afterward, their search for Best NDA Coaching center in Chandigarh starts. Here we provide the list of 5 best NDA coaching Institute in Chandigarh with their key features:


1.Delhi Career Group☆☆☆☆☆

Delhi Career Group is amongst the most trusted NDA coaching academy in Chandigarh. This institute bagged ranks 1st among top 5 NDA coaching institutes in Chandigarh. This institute is also known for providing coaching for other government competitive exams. This NDA exam preparation academy based in Chandigarh boasts of delivering best results in the Banking Sector and LAW as well, other than NDA. Delhi Career Group is one of the best institute providing NDA coaching Chandigarh. This institute provides online and offline coaching facility. Fully air-conditioned hostel facility is available. This institute has highest success rate. They provide special 1 year/ 6 months/ 3 month crash courses are also offered with nominal fee structure. This institute has branches in 3 states Delhi, Chandigarh and Dehradun.

Reasons Which Makes Delhi Career Group as the Best NDA Coaching Institute In Chandigarh

I.      1-Year & 2-Year Regular or Weekend Classroom Batches Available Only In Delhi Career Group.
II.     6 Months / 3 Months & 45-Days Revision & 1 year and Crash Courses For Student After +2 Class.
III.    Special course for 10th class students
IV.     NDA School Integrated Program Available
V.      Special Dropper Batches For +2 Pass Students.
VI.    Intensive Practice Sessions and doubt classes By Expert faculty On Mock Test Of NDA Exam Pattern.
VII.   Daily 7-hr Classes + Including SSB Interview For Students.
VIII.  Highly Dedicated, Experienced & Permanent Team of Faculty For Each Subject.
IX.     Full Syllabus Coverage and Full Study Material
X.      Hostel / PG Facilities For Students From Outside (Other State) Provided By Delhi Career Group.
XI.    Comprehensive Study Material with intensive practice section.
XII.   Group discussion is also done to enhance the confidence of the students.

Address: S.C.O 215-216-217, Backside Entry, Above ICICI Bank, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh

Phone No. 08427339559, 07087785281
Timings: 7 am to 8:30 pm

2.Aim Achiever☆☆☆☆☆

One another name that comes in the list of the 5 best NDA exam coaching classes in Chandigarh is Aim Academy. Renowned for delivering best results among several lines of competitive exams, Aim academy has become one of the top-notch NDA coaching centers in Chandigarh. Aim Achiever have 100% success rate for NDA Exam. This institute provides customized timing coaching. Group discussion classes helps in updating students about current affairs. Special revision batches are conducted for dropper students. So, if you are looking for best NDA exam coaching center, then this might be it. So, enroll today for the best NDA SSB coaching in Chandigarh.

Address: SCO – 64 and 65, Sector 34 A, Chandigarh
Phone No. +91-95018 59816
Timings: 8 am to 7 pm

3.New Careers Academy☆☆☆☆☆

New Careers Academy (NCA) comes on Rank 3rd of top 5 NDA coaching institutes in Chandigarh, which is preparing candidates to crack NDA entrance examination for the past 5 years. NCA does not only guides students for the NDA exam but provides them with a complete syllabus, study material, mock tests in order to prepare candidates for the D- Day. So, if you are looking for the best NDA coaching in Chandigarh, NCA can also be your choice.

Address: #2570, Sector 35C, Chandigarh, 160022
Phone No. 090410 1205
Timings: 8 am to 8:30 pm

4.Minerva Academy☆☆☆☆☆

Minerva Academy is on the list with the 4th position on top 5 NDA Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. In the Indian Armed forces, this institute meet with unbeatable track record Campus provides good infrastructure, spread over 10 acres in lush green, pollution free, SSB like environment with on-campus hostel and mess. Guaranteed 10 days, 100 hrs. of coaching for SSB Interviews / over 300 hours in 6 weeks for written exam coaching. Location is easily accessible and well connected by Rail, Road and by Air. Offers a fully equipped Football ground, Basketball court, dedicated Obstacle course and vast open grounds to encourage fitness among candidates as endurance and stamina are a pre-requisite for a success at the SSB.

Address: NH 21, V.P.O. Daon, Distt. Mohali, Punjab. (10 km from CHANDIGARH Bus Stand, Sector 17)
Phone No. 080541 97300

5.ACE Olive Greens☆☆☆☆☆

If you aspire to become a defense personnel and crack NDA entrance exam then ACE Olive can be named for the suggestion. This institute ranks on 5th position on the top 5 institutes of Chandigarh. Olive Green NDA coaching, Chandigarh Institute is the name to trust upon. With state- of -art infrastructure and highly qualified, Dedicated staff and conducive teaching-learning methods make this coaching institutes one of the best and result oriented educational academy with the approach of holistic development.

Address: First Floor, Lohia International School, Opp Kala Gram, Near BSNL Telephone Exchange, Manimajra, Chandigarh 160101
Phone No. 0172 273 0693
Timings: 8 am to 6 pm

This is the list of best NDA exam coaching institutes in Chandigarh that one can trust on. I hope, with this blog post everyone must have got to know about top 5 best NDA Coaching academy in Chandigarh, their course fee and other details. Those who are preparing to write for NDA exam this year ‘All the best’ to them, we hope you flourish through the sail.

Coaching Institutes Ambience Teachers Fees Batches Overall scores
Delhi Career Group ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆
Aim Achiever ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆
New Careers Academy ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆
Minerva Academy ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆
ACE Olive Greens ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆


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Any Institute Which Coaches Students for NDA Exam After 10th Class

Students’ life is the best time when one can learn so many unknown and interesting facts. But this time is sensitive too as they need proper guidance and interest on their subject. So, for the right guidance, you should need to join the best NDA coaching classes. There is another option to take admission in online coaching classes in Chandigarh also. But as a whole coaching class has an important role in student’s life.

What is the Importance of Coaching Classes?

NDA Exam Registration Open

NDA Registration Open

Coaching classes are always played an important role in proper guidance for the understudies. If one wants to stay in the competition then you need a regular and routine life without having any stress. Don’t force your children to attend the coaching classes. Make them understand by guiding with them the importance of that this types of classes. Actually attended a coaching class has lots of benefits under which your teachers make you more update. As NDA classes are full of fresh flocks of students and their ideas and curiosity. Let’s discuss the benefits below.


• First of all, you will get a compact and study environment where you can exchange the ideas and get some good information on the respective topics from your teacher and other understudies.
• You can save money and time too if you join best NDA coaching classes.
• Your competition mentality will increase more and more in classes by competing in classes.
• With a group discussion, you will be able to know and share some interesting facts with each other.
• Group discussion helps to enhance candidate’s confidence for SSB Exam.
• You will learn short tricks also how to learn and make it remember during the exam period.
• The best part is if any day you missed any class then your other friends will help you by giving you the gist of that particular class and if you want you can borrow the notes also.

Conclusion: The coaching classes will entertain you by delivering some good speech and facts on a particular topic. Delhi career group will help you to practice more work by homework so that you can be able to make a good result in your NDA exam.

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How To Go About Doing Self Study For NEET 2018

Well, it’s perfectly fine if you have decided to go with self-study as there are very few candidates who have cleared NEET entrance exam with no coaching classes. As the decision is good but the path is really very difficult. One needs lots of dedication and makes himself up to date to clear this exam. Once you achieve your target you will get lots of appreciation and applause.

I believe you all know the benefits of coaching classes, so I won’t them elaborate in this article, but here I will discuss some major benefits of self-study.

Benefits of self-study


Self Study

1. Methodology: the best part of coaching institutes is that you can move with the syllabus with your own space according to your own comfort zone. This methodology is beneficial for the students who are not comfortable to move to professional or NEET Coaching centers
2. Material: when you are using self-study technique you need to buy study material as per the suggestion of your seniors, teachers or friend circle with whom you are in touch of.
3. Preparation trends: in case of NEET self-study you need to update yourself through about the latest exam pattern and NEET syllabus and current affairs by internet service.
4. Time management: the biggest responsibility on candidates lies of time management. You need to maintain self-preparation deadlines for syllabus completions and for mock test. Register yourself for NEET Mock test for better results.
5. Competitive edge: while preparing your own you are your own competitor. Therefore you will have to strive to enhance your performance with time. For the better results enroll yourself for tests series. This will improve your caliber.
6. Online coaching classes: NEET online coaching classes can also be a part of your self-study, where you don’t have to go for coaching classes. You can have access while sitting at home through internet.

Hope this article will help you…. All the Best

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10 Best IPS officers of 2017 – Our Real Heroes

IPS officer is the most respectable job in our country. The responsibility to maintain law and order in the state lies with IPS officer. He is responsible for round the clock duty because he looks after peace and justice in the locality where he is appointed. He leads and commands the civil and armed force in all the states and union tertiaries.

These are the real heroes who save us from all types of outside threats. In India there is no dearth of success stories of these heroes. But here we can discuss only few hero’s success stories:

1. Manish Shanker Sharma

Manish Shanker Sharma

Current Post: Senior IPS officer and serving as Additional Director General of police
Education: Masters in International Affairs and Public Policy from the University of California specializing in international security & counter-terrorism
Achievements: He had a list of achievements during his career, some of his achievements are converted into medals and appreciation letters. These are:

• Mayoral Proclamation Naming a Day,
• US Congressional Recognition,
• United Nations Peace Medal,
• Simhastha Jyoti Medal,

Appreciation letters:

• (1998) Awarded for services by the Federal Ministry of Interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
• (2000) the Consul General of Japan, and by
• (2003) the State Government of Madhya Pradesh for the successful conduct of elections
Experience: 25 years with the Government, served across 4 continents service.

2. R Sreelekha


Current Post- Director General of Police
Education- she had completed her schooling from Cotton Hill Girls School, bachelor’s degree in English, Thiruvananthapuram, Master degree from Kerala University Campus, She was awarded the prestigious Chevening Fellowship by the Government of United Kingdom.

Family Background-

Achievements: She was first lady Officer of the IPS from Kerala. She was also awarded many medals like Police Medal for Meritorious Services, President’s Medal for Distinguished Service. Sreelekha has penned and published 9 books till now.
Experience- she is serving the nation for 28 years.

3. Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat

Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat

Current Post Commissioner of Police, Rachakonda, 1995 batch IPS office
Education: He had completed his Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from Osmania University,
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Civil, Civil Engineering, from College of Engineering Pune,

Family background- He is from Maharashtra.

Achievements- Telangana IPS Officer who fought Human Trafficking for 13 Years Gets US State Department Honour award, titled “TIP Hero Award 2017” He is the third IPS officer to get the honor. Rachakonda police closed 25 brothels-five hotels and 20 residential apartments in less than a year and participated in one of the largest crackdowns on labor trafficking in the country, which led to the identification and removal of more than 350 children forced to work in brick kilns.

Experience- during his career he was first posted in Manipur for two years – as an assistant superintendent of police and then an additional SP. In 1999, he joined the Andhra Pradesh police. He was the SP of Adilabad from 2000 to 2004 when Naxalism was at its zenith, and this was one of the most affected areas. In 2004 he became the deputy commissioner of police, Hyderabad.

4. Asra Garg

Asra Garg

Current Post- Superintendent of Police Tirunelveli
Education- He holds a degree in electrical engineering.

Family Background- He is a native of Patiala in Punjab
Achievements- He is the Man Who Is behind Restoring people’s Faith in the System. Around a decade ago, in the rural areas around Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, there existed a culture of threat and harassment from moneylenders who would lend money and then charge exorbitant interest rates i.e. 15% on money borrowed for 15 days. The people who borrowed from them had no assets to show; hence, local banks were hesitant to extend loans to them. They had no choice except to borrow from these moneylenders, which the latter took advantage of. Asra Garg entered the scene and started hunting down these moneylenders. Today, such criminal activity is completely absent in the area. Garg was proactive and successful in chasing down several criminals involved in murder cases and rowdyism in places such as Tirunelveli and Madurai.
Experience- 14yrs

5. Roopa Moudgil

Roopa Moudgil

Current Post- presently serving as Inspector General of Police
Education- she is graduated from AVK College, she prepared for Civil Services Examination and cracked UPSC CSE in her very first attempt
Family background- she is born and brought up in Davangere, Karnataka. Her parents both are Government servants, her sister named Rohini, who is an Income Tax Commissioner.
Achievements- When she was a Superintendent of police initially, she arrested Uma Bharati, the CM of Madhya Pradesh, at Alnavar following court orders for a 10-year-old rioting case. She was the first Superintendent of Police of the newest and 30th district of Karnataka. Roopa, a sharpshooter, has already won the prestigious President’s Medal in 2016
Experience During her 18-year career she got 41 transfers

6. Dr. Sanjukta Parashar


Current Post- IPS officer
Education- She had done M.phil and Ph.D. (us foreign policy)
Family background- Both her parents are working father- irrigation department, Assam, and mother under Assam health service department.
Achievements- She was the first women IPS officer from Assam, She is called as Nightmare for Militants in Assam, Sanjukta Parashar’s name is enough to fill terror in the hearts of Bodo militants of Assam. She has taken down 6 militants and arrested over 64 militants in just 15 months. Here are some amazing facts about this brave IPS officer.
The experience she is having 12 years’ experience for the serving nation.

7. Shivdeep Lande

Shivdeep Lande

Current Post: an IPS Officer of 2006 Batch
Education He is a BE electrical engineer
Family background- He is born and bought up in Maharashtra, India
Achievements: He donates 60% of his salary to a social organization which arranges a marriage for poor girls and hostels for poor students, He arrested many criminals, ranging from fake cosmetic sellers to medicine mafia. Lande became a hero among young girls of the cities, as he took strict action against eve-teasers.
Experience- He has a marvelous experience of 12 years.

8. Arif Sheikh

Arif Sheikh

Current Post- IPS officer of 2005 batch
Education He is a BE in Electronics Engineer from Pune University
Achievements- He is first IPS officer to be honored with IACP award, Total 15 different awards were given in various categories including forensic sciences, prevention of terrorism, community policing, human rights awards, victim services awards and Reuter’s awards for excellence in criminal investigations et al.

Experience- His 13 years of experience in national service.

9. Ake Ravi Krishna

Ake Ravi Krishna

Current Post- deputy commissioner of police
Education- He got bachelor’s degree BSc in geology
Family Background- Ravikrishna was the first member of his family from a small village in Rajahmundry who got bachelor degree as well as selected as IPS officer. His parents ran a paan shop, which incurred heavy losses subsequently.

Achievements- This IPS Officer Adopted An Andhra Village & Inspired Over 1.5 Lakh People To Donate Their Eyes- To curtail social evils such as eve-teasing, domestic violence, gambling, and toddy-consumption, he organized various programmes also.
Experience- His first job was as a data entry operator at Canara Bank, Hyderabad, in 1998- In 2001, Ravikrishna joined Reserve Bank of India, Hyderabad, as a coin-note examiner, Doing well on the bank front, he was promoted as manager at RBI-Kolkata in 2005 after securing the second place in the all-India examination for Group-B officers. In his last attempt in 2006, he was ranked 117th in the country and second in the state. His first post as a civil servant was additional superintendent of police at Munagala police station in Nalgonda in 2008.

10. Shrestha Thakur

Shrestha Thakur

Current Post- Deputy Superintendent of Police
Education- MBA from Uttar Pradesh
Family Background*-  information not available
Achievements- She is also known as “lady Singham”, None of the police chiefs in the history of independent India have stood up to their political masters. None have sacrificed their career and post-retirement avenues to uphold their professional ethos
Experience- information not available.


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NDA Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

If you set your aim to become a defense personnel and crack NDA entrance exam in one go, then Delhi Career Group NDA coaching classes in Chandigarh is the name to trust upon. With state- of -art infrastructure and highly qualified staff, Delhi Career Group has bagged the position in the list of top 5 NDA coaching institutes of Chandigarh. Dedicated staff and conducive teaching-learning methods make this coaching institute one of the best and result oriented educational institute with the approach of holistic development. The interested candidates can apply for the NDA 2018 from 15th January 2018 (for NDA I) and from 6th June 2018 (for NDA II).

Spacel Batches for NDA Exam.jpg

NDA Sepcial Courses

To appear in this exam the candidate must meet with following eligibility criteria:

Age: For NDA (1) 2018: Applicant must possessing age between 2nd July 1999 to 1st July 2002 are eligible for the examination. If born before 2nd July 1999 and after 1st July 2002 then not eligible for NDA (1) 2018 exam.

For NDA (2) 2018: Applicant should have age between 2nd January 2000 to 1st January 2003 are accepted to appear in the exam. If the candidate bears the age before 2nd January 2000 and after 1st January 2003, they are not allowed to appear the exam.

Academic qualification: Candidate should have passed 12th Class, of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination organized by a State Education Board or a University.

Aspirants for Air Force and Naval Wings of National Defence Academy and for the 10+2 (Executive Branch) Course at the Naval Academy: 12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics conducted by a State Education Board or a University.

Candidates pursuing the 12th Class under the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination are also eligible to apply.

Marital status: Unmarried candidates are only eligible.

Sex: Girls are not allowed, only boys can apply for NDA.

Physical Standards Applicants should be physically fit and meet some of the measures of NDA.

Candidates should not be having certain ailments like Varicocele, Undersized Chest, Gynecomastia, Tonsillitis, Overweight/Underweight, Hydrocele/Phimosis, Deviated Nasal Septum, Wax (Ears) and Piles. Applicants need to have a good mental health as well.


A candidate should be:

i) An Indian citizen, or
ii) A subject of Nepal, or
iii) A subject of Bhutan,
iv) Tibetan refugees migrated to India before January 1, 1962 and currently, permanent residents, are also eligible to apply, or
v) A person of Indian Origin who has migrated from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, United Republic of Tanzania etc
The candidates belonging to ii), iii), iv) and v) should produce “Certificate of Eligibility”. The eligibility certificate is not required in case of Gorkha subjects of Nepal.

For Morer Information You Can Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

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Benefits of Joining NDA Coaching

Top Coaching institute in Chandigarh

Those who have decided to become military officer have no need to think for second option. You need to start preparing for the NDA ENTRANCE EXAM. NDA refers to National Defence Academy Exam. This exam is a gateway for the Indian Armed Force. This is the toughest exam for Defence.

You need to know some facts before joining the coaching course.

Eligibility for NDA:

+2 pass from State Board / Universities. You can also apply as appearing for 12th examination.

Marital Status: Unmarried
Sex: Male.
Age Limit: Between 16.5 and 19.
You have to be A citizen of India, or
subject of Bhutan, or
subject of Nepal, or
Tibetan refugee.

Application Forms are published in any leading newspapers during March or April every year and entrance examination to be held by the UPSC six months later from the application form is published.

The UPSC (NDA) exam is conducted twice a year (April and October) in all major cities throughout India.

Each year course start twice January and July.
Selection Procedure: National Defence Academy selects the candidates in three stages:


A written examination by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

An interview by the Service Selection Board (SSC) to check the potentialities Intelligence and personality.

A medical examination by a Service Medical Board (SMB).

About Entrance Examination:

The written examination is of two papers of all objective type questions.

i) Mathematics of 2.5 hours maximum number 300 including Arithmetic, Mensuration, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics etc.

ii) General Ability test of 2.5 hours maximum number 600 including General English, General Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, Freedom Movement, Geography, Current Event.

And you have to score Sectional Cut off of Each Paper.

After clearing the NDA Exam you will be called for a five-day interview process with the State Selection Board (SSB) which is the final step of selection.

On completion of the NDA course, you are sent to the respective service academies for your pre- commission training.

Benefits of coaching

• They help you in Establish and act towards achieving your goal.
• In class task you can practice more rather than individual.
• Your level of learning and knowledge deeper level of learning.
• Classes helps you in motivating every day.
• Practice from NDA mock tests and NDA last year papers is more useful.
• Joining a coaching institute will help you in building the discipline.
• You will get proper guidance to learn each subject thoroughly from specialist.

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NDA (I) 2018 Admit Card has been discharged on 27th March 2018. It has been discharged just through online mode. NDA exam is a national level examination. It is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). This exam is directed for the determination of applicants in the Indian Army, Naval Force and Air Force. NDA Entrance exam will be sorted out two times in a year on 22nd April 2018 (NDA I) and ninth September 2018 (NDA II). Competitors can download NDA Admit Card 2018 through online mode from the site. For the NDA I exam, it is accessible from 27th March 2018. Hope-fuls, those applying for NDA II can download it in the third seven day stretch of August 2018.


The Most Effective Method to Download

Follow the given procedure step by step to download the UPSC NDA admit card 2018

• Go to their official site.

• Click on the given connection.

• A new page will be opened on the PC screen.

• Then, click on the “click here” connection under the segment of “To download e-Admit Card”.

• Read the guidelines precisely and click on “Yes” button.

• Now, select any of the given choices, i.e. “By Registration ID” and “By Roll Number”.

• Fill your “Enrollment ID / Roll Number”.

• Select your “Date of Birth“.

• Now, click on the submit catch.

• The admit card will be shown on the screen.

• Download it and take a print duplicate of it for your exam.

Guidelines for Candidates

1. Check the NDA hall ticket 2018 detail carefully and if any error discovered contact to the authorities.

2. No applicants will be permitted inside the exam with cell phones, calculator or any of the IT devices.

3. Candidates will not bring any kind of significant/exorbitant things to the examination corridors. The commission won’t be in charge of any loss in such manner.

4. Candidates, those not have printed photo on the admit card, they need to bring a personal ID evidence, i.e. aadhaar card, driving license, Voter ID card, and so on and two passport size photo.

5. Candidates can just utilize a black ball point pen for answers.

6. Candidates must achieve the examination hall no less than one hour before the initiation of the examination to maintain a strategic distance from any very late surge.

7. Candidates won’t be permitted to enter the examination hall following 10 minutes of the beginning of the exam.

Seek this will be useful after you….. ALL THE BEST.

For more information, you can Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

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Highest Gallantry Awards of India (Military)

Getting an award during or after your job is matter of great honor for the one. His position in peers as well as society get flourished. Awards not only gives sense of satisfaction but also motivates the others. Title for awards very from organization to organization. But the motive behind the same. Similarly different awards for the different achievement are given in defence also. like wise.

1. Param Vir Chakra
2. Ashok Chakra
3. Mahavir Chakra
4. Vir Chakra
5. Kirti Chakra
6. Shaurya Chakra

Param-Vir-Chakra1. Param Vir Chakra: this award is also known as “Wheel of the Ultimate Brave”, and the award is granted for “most conspicuous bravery in the presence of the enemy” As of January 2018, the medal has been awarded 21 times. Of the 21 awardees, 20 have been from the Indian Army and one has been from the Indian Air Force. The medal is a circular bronze disc 1.375 inches (34.9 mm) in diameter.
Ribbon color: purple ribbon, 32 millimetres (1.3 in) long, holds the Param Vir Chakra.

Ashok-Chakra2. Ashok Chakra: The Ashoka Chakra is a depiction of the dharmachakra represented with 24 spokes. It is so called because it appears on a number of edicts of Ashoka, most prominent among which is the Lion Capital of Ashoka. India’s highest peacetime military decoration awarded for valour, courageous action or self-sacrifice away from the battlefield is also called Ashoka Chakra
Ribbon: Green colour ribbon divided into two equal segments by an orange vertical line.

Mahavir-Chakra3. Mahavir Chakra: The Maha Vir Chakra (MVC) (literally great warrior medal) is the second highest military decoration in India after the Param Vir Chakra and is awarded for acts of conspicuous gallantry in the presence of the enemy, whether on land, at sea or in the air.
Ribbon: The ribbon is of a half-white and half-orange colour

4. Vir Chakra: Vir Chakra is an Indian gallantry award presented for acts of bravery in the battlefield. It replaced the British Veer-ChakraDistinguished Service Cross (DSC), Military Cross (MC) and Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC). Award of the decoration carries with it the right to use Vr.C. as a postnominal abbreviation (note the care to distinguish this abbreviation from that for the Victoria Cross(V.C.).
Ribbon: The ribbon is of half blue and half orange in colour

Kirti-Chakra5. Kirti chakra: The Kirti Chakra is an Indian military decoration awarded for valour, courageous action or self-sacrifice away from the field of battle. It may be awarded to civilians as well as military personnel, including posthumous awards. It is the peacetime equivalent of the Maha Vir Chakra.
Ribbon: Green colour ribbon divided into three equal parts by two orange vertical lines.

Shaurya-Chakra6. Shaurya Chakra: The Shaurya Chakra is an Indian military decoration awarded for valour, courageous action or self-sacrifice while not engaged in direct action with the enemy. It may be awarded to civilians as well as military personnel, sometimes posthumously. It is third in order of precedence of peacetime gallantry awards and comes after the Ashoka Chakra and the Kirti Chakra
Ribbon: Green colour ribbon divided into four equal parts by three vertical lines.

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How Coaching Institute Help You To Crack NDA Exam

Self preparation for any exam is something worth. This may help you in grabbing immense knowledge. In any case, in the event that we discuss clearing a NDA ENTERANCE EXAM one may discover trouble on numerous points. A few understudies leave the subject and some even leave their fantasy of an esteemed job like “commissioner”. This can be a more destructive for the splendid hopefuls.

At that point Why to leave your dream? On the off chance that you have a choice to live with. So we suggest you to go and join the Best NDA Coaching Classes. Rather than giving training, coaching classes serves numerous different advantages to the contenders. Some of them are:


Advantages of Taking Best NDA Coaching Classes

1: It puts the Student at the focal point of the picking up: Instructing centers around the student’s needs, and how they need to address those requirements. Instructing has a tendency to expect the student has the appropriate response. Training ‘draws out’ learning – guideline ‘places it in’

2: It is Drawing in and Including – For the two gatherings: the student is dynamic, as opposed to latent, and consequently more prone to connect with their mind. The mentor too, requirements to possibly be caution and centered all through. There is no hidding spot for either party… !

3: It adjusts effortlessly to the student’s favored learning style and technique: A great mentor will utilize a style that suits the student – which is simpler to accomplish on a 1-1 premise than for a huge preparing gathering.

4: It energizes more noteworthy comprehension and ownership: Coaching includes the student, who has a tendency to produce the thoughts and arrangements. So the student comprehends the arrangement, and how it was landed at. Making the arrangement, they are likewise more prone to bring it through

5: It permits the student the fulfillment of arriving themselves: Of finding the arrangement, instead of being told

6 It can be very cost-effective: It can be snappy, and on the grounds that it tends to the person’s particular issues or needs, is extremely proficient, with no ‘waste’

7: It energizes innovation: Under an instructional model, the got intelligence just keeps on being passed on; under a training approach, every individual has the chance to concoct their own answer, which may be distinctive – and better – than past arrangements. In the event that Einstein is ideal, in that we can’t tackle the present issues utilizing the present reasoning, at that point training will probably create the new ways we require

8: It is formative and fulfilling for the mentor: Instructing requires a high request set of abilities, so can be formative; it likewise can give a great deal of fulfillment – helping somebody to arrive themselves

9: It is a more Adaptable, Responsive way to Deal with D,levelopment: Training programs commonly happen from time to time, and won’t not be at the opportune time or place for the student. Training is more adaptable and less demanding to organize, so can be made accessible as and when required

10: Use of Shortcuts and Tricks: Coaching can help you in using shortcuts and tricks that will be more helpful to the contenders in solving their exam as early as possible with high scoring.

For more information, you can visit: NDA Coaching in Chandigarh

Director’s Message

At Delhi Career Group, we aim at the upliftment of urban and rural youth, driven by a relentless quest to excel. Delhi Career Group consistently & passionately is on the move to acquire synergetic outcome among a blend of knowledge, skill, creativity and aggressive competence on the bedrock of ethics and values for its budding professionals.

We encourage independent thinking that helps students in developing holistic perception, strong domain knowledge, contemporary skill sets and positive attitude. The endeavors on the part of management are to provide the best in terms of knowledge, infrastructure & environment. Our students have been achieving tremendous results in clearing various competitive exams.

With best regards
Gaurav Sharma

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How To Start Preparation For PU CET Exam

PU CET (Punjab University Common Entrance Test) exam is conducted by Punjab University. This entrance exam is basically conducted for those students who WANTS TO make their career in Medical field like Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharma), BHMS, B.Sc etc every year there are large number of aaplicants who apply for this examination.

Delhi Carrier Group is the institute which provides best training for PU CET placements. This Academy provides PU CET coaching to crack examination in 1st attempt. This institute gives proper and less costly prize training to all. And also providing good enviournment for their students. If you want to work for India as an Govt employee then you need proper guidance. With the help of quality coaching, right study material, proper guidance, and experienced mentor you can surely achieve the success in your life.



Prepare yourself towards your examination

Firstly your have to prepare your self towards your exam. To manage your things make a proper plan and assign. Create your proper schedule for study. Try not to waste your time and study as hard as you can.

Keep studying everyday

For appearing any competitive exam you must sit down for study every day. It is important to make proper routine everyday,while you are preparing for your exam.

Take suitable practice test

practice from earlier questions papers students know the format and pattern of the exams. Your should also improve your communication skills and relational abilities.and by Taking suitable practice test; you should try to attempt most of the questions. Manage your time while as in examination hall, do whole test in one sitting.


PU CET consist of objectice type multiple choice questions. And there will be negative marking of 25% . and the medium of exam is englsh.

Subjects Number of questions Marks Total marks Time
Physics 60 2 120 70 minuts
Chemistry 60 2 120 70 minuts
Maths 60 2 120 70 minutes
Biology 60 2 120 70 minutes
Bio technology 60 2 120 70 minutes
Computer science 60 2 120 70 minutes


The question will be on 12 th standard sullybus, including the subjects physics, chemistry,biology, biotechnology, computer science, and mathematics

UG :- The date for the pu cet exam is 29 april 2018.
PG:-  The date for the pu cet exam is 02-June-2018.

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Delhi Career Group Start Batches for NDA CRASH COURSE

The Delhi Carrier Group provides the best coaching for NDA exam.. The workforce at Delhi Carrier Group deeply qualified and highly experienced in effectively instructing understudies for NDA examinations. The guidelines of importance took after by Delhi Carrier guarantee that every understudy who decides on training with us feels sure and all around arranged for the exam. Not exclusively do we cover the whole syllabus subject by subject. We additionally set up our understudies with deride tests, earlier year question papers and uncertainty clearing sessions which are led every week to screen every understudy’s advance. Week by week test comes about are likewise examined to stick point where the understudy might need.


Delhi Career Group

Why to choose Delhi carrier Group For NDA Crash Course

1> Personnel: The extremely qualified, experienced and refreshed workers for NDA composed training furnish understudies with the correct direction to get best outcomes in the exam. Understudies are instructed by changeless employees not low maintenance instructors (dealing with per class premise) as in numerous different organizations.

2> Completely prepared library: Only Delhi Carrier Group offers the office of a completely prepared library offering 1000+ applicable and critical books relating to the syllabus of the examination and forceful exam planning. Understudies can issue these books for self examination, modification, hone and so forth.

3> Study Room/Reading Room: On grounds consider/perusing rooms are accessible to furnish understudies with calm and peaceful condition, ideal for self investigation and arrangements. These rooms are open every day till late hours.

4> Motivational addresses and motion pictures: Delhi Carrier Group Academy spends important time in spurring the youth towards serving our amazing country. Understudies communicate with applicants from everywhere throughout the nation working towards a shared objective.

5> Proper time management:- Delhi Carrier Group Academy is a Defense preliminary foundation with strict principles that all understudies must comply with. All understudies are relied upon to take the Honor Code and Discipline Code of Conduct of Delhi Carrer Group Academy, falling flat which they might be oust without discounts. These rules implemented by the foundation instill great esteem and train in the understudies.


1> Exhaustive room preparation: They used to take 150+ room sessions and 300+ study hours covering all aspects and full set of courses of the examination as set by the UPSC.
2> Comprehensive Study Material: With 11+ books covering the varied subjects, Question banks and observe sets of every subject, prepared reference notes for necessary topics, all widely researched and ready once analysis of previous years’ communicating patterns.
3> Revision and Doubt clearing: They have 100+ worksheets and observe sets facilitate students’ asses their own progress. Previous years question papers are coated. Doubt clearing sessions ar command to answer all queries of scholars.
4> Testing: Weekly observe tests of every subject to arrange students for future competition and supply them with very important self assessment tools. Mock tests are command to arrange the coed for NDA communicating.
6> Subjects covered: within the NDA written Exam coaching job embrace English, & Current Affairs, arithmetic, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Polity, Economics, diverseness etc.

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10 Indian Special Forces Which Are Lesser Known

The Republic of India is considered as one of the possible emerging superpowers of the world along with China, Brazil, Russia and European Union. Currently, only the United States fulfills the criteria to be considered a superpower. An extremely powerful nation, especially one capable of influencing international events and the acts and policies of less powerful nations.

Superpower status is achieved by combined means of technological, cultural, military and economic strength as well as diplomatic and soft power influence. Let us know how well India is doing in this sectors and understand how far we are from becoming a superpower.

Here are units ten of some Special Forces of Asian nation that shield our country and build Republic of India Mata proud.


1. The PARA Special Forces: Para (Special Forces) could be a Special Forces unit of the Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment tasked with missions like special operations, protest, surety rescue, counter-terrorism, unconventional warfare, special intelligence, foreign internal defense, counter-proliferation, counter-insurgency, ask for and destroy and personnel recovery. The unit’s heritage stems from war II, with the creation of the fiftieth Parachute Brigade in October 1941.

Major achievements

  • 1971 Indo-Pakistan War
  • Operation Bluestar 1984
  • Sri Lanka 1987
  • Operation Cactus 1988, Maldives
  • Kashmiri hostage-taking, 4 July 1995
  • 1999 Kargil War
  • Operation Khukri 2000, Sierra Leone
  • Operation Summer Storm 2009
  • Ongoing Counter-insurgency Operations (COIN) in Jammu and Kashmir and the Eastern States
  • Counter terrorist operation in Samba
  • Counter insurgency operation in Myanmar 2015
  • Surgical strikes in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir 2016

Ejercito ruso2. MARCOS: MARCOS, previously named as Marine Commando Force (MCF), is that the Special Forces unit of the Indian Navy created for conducting special operations like Amphibious warfare, shut Quarter Combat Counter-terrorism, protest, Special intelligence, Unconventional warfare, surety rescue, Personnel recovery, Combat search and rescue, uneven warfare etc. The MCF is specially unionised, trained and equipped for the conduct of special operations during a maritime atmosphere. MARCOS is brief for Marine Commandos. The force has step by step non heritable expertise and a name for expertise over the 3 decades it’s been existing. The MARCOS area unit capable of enterprise operations all told sorts of parcel of land, however area unit specialized in maritime operations in Jammu and geographic region through the Jhelum stream and Wular Lake, a sixty five sq. km fresh lake. Some MARCOS personnel also are hooked up with the military special forces units conducting counter-terrorism operations within the space. MARCOS area unit wide feared among the terrorists, United Nations agency decision them “Dadiwala fauj”, which means the “Bearded army” owing to their bearded disguise in civil areas.

Major achievements

1 Operation Pawan
2 Operation Cactus
3 Operation Tasha 1991
4 Operation Zabardust 1992
6 Operation Rakshak
7 Operation Leech
8 Operation Swan
9 Kargil War
10 Protecting offshore oil rigs and platforms

11 Operation Black Tornado
12 Anti-Piracy 2008
13 Exercise Balance Iroquois 03-1/Vajra Prahar’ 2003
14 Malabar 05
15 Anti-Piracy 2008
16 Anti-Piracy 2011
17 Anti-Piracy 2013

ga3. Garud Commando Force: The Garud Commando Force is that the Special Forces unit of the Indian Air Force. it had been shaped in Gregorian calendar month 2004 and includes a current strength of roughly 1080 personnel. The unit derives its name from Garuda, a divine bird-like creature of Hindu Mythology. Garud is tasked with the protection of important Air Force bases and installations; search and rescue throughout peace and hostilities and disaster relief throughout calamities. Presently, Garuds area unit deployed in Congo as a part of the world organization peace keeping operations.


4. Ghatak Force: Ghatak Platoon, or Ghatak Commandos, could be a special operations capable army unit platoon. there’s one squad in each army unit battalion within the Indian Army. Ghatak could be a Hindi acceptation “killer” or “dangerous”. Their name was given to them by General Bipin Chandra Joshi. They act as troop and spearhead assaults prior the battalion.

crop 5. COBRA Force: COBRA (backronym for Commando Battalion for Resolute Action) may be a specialised unit of the Central Reserve force (CRPF) of Asian country expert in guerrilla ways and jungle warfare. Originally established to counter the Naxalite drawback, elapid is deployed to handle any insurgent cluster partaking in asymmetrical warfare. presently listing 10 battalions, elapid is graded among one in every of India’s most full-fledged and sure-fire enforcement units.

ANA 06050

6. Force One: Force One is Associate in Nursing elite commando force, that may be a specialised counter force unit to protect the metropolis metropolitan space, one in every of the biggest metropolitan areas within the world, shaped by Government of geographic region on the lines of National Security Guards (NSG). it absolutely was shaped below geographic region Police, as a response to the 2008 metropolis terror attacks and was commissioned 2 days before its 1st day, on the occasion geographic region Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, additionally set the inspiration stone of the Force One’s headquarters in metropolis. it absolutely was recently declared that one in every of their primary tasks are to safeguard the geographic region law-makers furthermore as many politicians among the state.

Lt_Gen_to7. Special Frontier Force: The Special Frontier Force (SFF) may be a paramilitary special force of Asian country created on fourteen Nov 1962. Its main goal originally was to conduct covert operations behind Chinese lines within the event of another Sino-Indian War. The SFF is additionally called ‘Establishment 22′ or simply ’22’ attributable to its 1st military officer, Major General Sujan Singh Uban (Retd.) of Indian Army, United Nations agency accustomed be commander of twenty-two Mountain Regiment throughout war II, a Military Cross holder and a legendary figure within the British Asian country Army. Singh commanded the twenty second Mountain Regiment throughout war II in Europe and an extended vary Desert cluster Squadron (LRDS) in geographical area. primarily based in Chakrata, Uttarakhand, the force was anesthetise the direct supervising of the Intelligence Bureau, and later, the analysis and Analysis Wing, India’s external administrative unit.


8. National Security Guard: The National Security Guard (NSG) is Associate in Nursing Indian division unit below the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). it absolutely was raised in 1984, following Operation Amsonia tabernaemontana and therefore the assassination of national leader, “for combating terrorist activities with a read to safeguard states against internal disturbances”. NSG is below the authority of Ministry of Home Affairs. but it’s not classified below the uniform word of Central Armed Police Forces. it’s a division mandate, and its core operational capability is provided by the Special Action cluster (SAG) that is drawn from the Indian Army. The Special Rangers cluster (SRG), the police element of NSG, that additionally handles high-up security, consists of personnel on deputation from different Central Armed Police Forces and State Police Forces. The NSG personnel area unit typically named within the media as Black Cats thanks to the black dress and fisher cat badge worn on their uniform.


9. The Central and State Armed Police Forces: The Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) refers to uniform word of 5 security forces in Asian country below the authority of Ministry of Home Affairs. they’re the Border private security force (BSF), Central Reserve force (CRPF), Central Industrial private security force (CISF), Indo -Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), and Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB).


10. The Special Protection group: The Special Protection Group (SPG) is “an armed force of the Union for providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India, India Republic of Asian country Bharat Asian country Asian nation} and former Prime Minister of India and members of their immediate families where they’re.” it absolutely was shaped in 1988 by Associate in Nursing act of the Parliament of Asian country. Former PMs, their immediate relations, and relations of a serving Prime Minister could, if they select, decline SPG security.

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Effective Steps To Crack PU CET Written Exam in Ist Attempt

Preparation is the key of success. Preparation plays a very important role to crack any competitive exams. Preparation is done by various methods. Apart from Preparation Books, we have additionally initiated to prepare a list of some useful study material for PU CET Exam Preparation like recommended to, E-Books, Mock Test and Questions papers in order to show useful for enhancing the overall performance of PU CET aspirants. There are some effective steps to crack PU CET written Exam on the first attempt.

Delhi Career Group is outstanding for giving PU CET coaching in Chandigarh from recent years. This Academy provides Best PU CET coaching to crack examination in 1st attempt. This institute gives proper and less costly prize training to all. And also providing good environment for their students. If you want to work for India as an Govt employee then you need proper guidance. With the help of quality coaching, right study material, proper guidance, and experienced mentor you can surely achieve the success in your life.


Helpful Tips

1> Proper Time Management:- time management plays very important role for any exam. reduce the amount of time that you spend on things that are not very important. so by making proper time management you should easily crack your PU CET exam.

2> Keep Challenging Yourself:- challenges is the finest way that you learn from your life. introducing with the new challenges while studying will help you to improve your learning capabilities. suppose if you are week on any subject then challenge your self to master in it.

3> Development of Your Brain:- Brain development is not merely understanding grownup stuff, it means that opening your mind to any unexpected new challenges and problems in your life. meditation is a very powerful tool for the development of your brain. You also used to play the brain games like chess, Sudoku etc.

4> Don’t be limited:- you will never be limited to only one book. taken help from the different book, eBooks and also from the internet.

5> Creating Good Environment:- good environment is also important, you get the peaceful environment for your studies. The best thing to do in such case is to either change your study timing and also your location of study. Adjust your timing such that you get the most calm time of the day. Like in the late night and in the early morning when everyone is sleeping.

6> Mindful Relaxation:- mind relaxation iss also important. If you feel tired mentally, then go back to your studies after a break. The best way to enjoy the break time is engaging yourself in some physical activities. Physical work will help to release the stress. So try to participate in some physical activity or simply rest your eyes and brain by listening some peaceful music.

7> Revision on Weekly Basis:- revision is necessary to remain in touch with what we learn. Assign at least one day in the whole week for the revision. This is the best way of practice to make yourself strong.

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Benefits of Joining Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a hub for different opportunities. it is Asia’s No 1 planned city surrounded by beautiful buildings, roads, parks and other visiting sites. It is every person’s dream to come here and enjoy the beauty of this city. Chandigarh is also known as the best-planned city in India, with architecture which is world-renowned, and a quality of life, which is unparalleled. As the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana and the Union Territory of Chandigarh, it is a prestigious city.

So getting an opportunity to study in such a beautiful city is like icing on a cake. Being a central place for Punjab and Haryana and Himachal Pradesh people come for jobs here with different talents. So it is a great opportunity for aspirants to come and join the best coaching classes in Chandigarh.

nda13 (1)


Benefits of choosing best coaching institute in Chandigarh

• Shortcuts and Tricks: One can prepare for this competitive exam at home but, best coaching institute will help you to find shortcut methods to solve your problems quickly.
• Proper Guidance: Faculties at DCG Coaching institute will provide you proper guidance to prepare for this exam.
• Sure Shot Question: The staff at DCG Coaching Institute is well experienced and permanent will help you to practice on most important and sure shot questions.
• Emphasize on Basic Concepts: DCG Coaching institute will help the students to understand all the basic concepts of every subject.
• Increase in Confidence: After undergoing many mock tests a student will get an idea about the actual exam pattern and can face it with more confidence.
• Group Discussions: Every class has a group of students with different minds and more queries may arise in the class that can help you to get answers to many unasked questions.
• Detailed Information: DCG coaching institute will provide you detailed information about of all the subjects that are in the curriculum of the examination.
• Bulk Study Material: You will get a lot of study material from institutes that will help you to prepare for this exam with more confidence.
• Regular Study: After joining coaching classing your time will be bonded towards attending the class thus making you more regular for your studies.
• Clearing Doubts: You can clear all your doubts by asking your faculty or batch mates.
Last but not least hard work is s key to success that you must require cracking any of the competitive exams. Value of at Delhi Career Group Coaching Institute has been increased from the past decade due to a filling of a large number of vacancies in all sectors by our students. So stay focused, achieve your goal and establish the safest career in the government sector.

Importance of coaching institute for NDA exam preparation

In order to fulfill ambitions to get a job in the defense sector, various aspirants undertake NDA Exam. According to stats, most candidates fail to crack this exam in the first attempt. This is probably because of the fact that they neglect the importance of getting best NDA coaching classes.

There are several benefits of taking the professional assistance of expert teachers. Apart from scoring high, we have outlined other main features of attending these classes. They are:

Better knowledge of subjects

With expert tutors, you would be improving skills in all subjects. Whatever your ambition of joining defense in any field, you would learn the exact requirement of your exam. Only through NDA Coaching classes, you can become master in all fields.

Study material

Short study material is a must while preparing. Students need not learn and mug up all subjects, they will never be able to do well. These DCG Coaching institutes will provide very accurate study for preparation.

Regular practice

No one can improve without practicing consistently. Your knowledge of subjects will keep on getting better with regular practice. Every day classes will help you to crack NDA Exam.

Doubts are clarified

Having mentor available to you every time you are in need of clarifying doubts is another benefit of joining NDA Coaching institute. When we start learning new things, we frequently find ourselves in a state of confusion. It is better to have a helping hand than to waste a lot of time.

Professional analysis of your preparation

Regular mock tests, along with teachers assessing your performance in class, you are able to get a definitive report on your progress throughout the course. This helps you to work harder if necessary and score better.


choice of Best Coaching classes possesses fitting atmosphere for students to learn and study. It also helps students to interact with like-minded people. Discussing relevant topics and exam trends might help you gain insight which might otherwise you might not be aware of.

Repeatedly Motivated

You as a student are prone to procrastinate studying. With clear objectives and target to reach.

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How to Prepare NDA Exam

The Union Public Service Commission will conduct an Exam for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA for the 141st Course, and for the 103rd Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) commencing from 2nd January 2019.

The candidates Joining Indian Naval Academy would undergo 4 years B. Tech Course and would be given an opportunity to join Executive and Technical Branches of the Navy subject to availability of vacancies. Total Vacancies: 415


NDA Coaching Center in Chandigarh

To grab this opportunity are you looking for the best NDA Coaching Institute in Chandigarh might turn out to be a difficult task. Getting through the all India level National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance examination is not at all a child’s play. The NDA entrance exam is one of the toughest competitive exams in India and those who qualify, attains a prestigious position in their lives. Every year there are a huge number of aspirants for NDA coaching in Chandigarh and all around the country who aim at cracking the NDA exam came. So, it is vital for all the aspirants to enroll in best NDA exam coaching institute in Chandigarh. For that the only name comes in everyone’s mind is DELHI CAREER GROUP (DCG).


Nationality: A candidate must either be a citizen of India,
Age Limits, Sex and Marital Status: Only unmarried male candidates born not earlier than 02nd July 1999 and not later than 01st July 2002 are eligible

Examination pattern for NDA

To appear for NDA exam a applicant has to go through a two-phase selection process. One is written exam other is SSB interview.

NDA exam paper contains two subjects General Ability and Mathematics. NDA General Ability paper contains 150 questions of 600 marks and NDA Maths paper contains 120 questions of 300 marks with time duration of 2.30 hours.

After qualifying in both paper then you will face SSB interview test which also contains 900 marks with various physical + medical and personal interview test. Check table for NDA question paper pattern and complete details on How to prepare for NDA Exam

Basic Tips on how to prepare for NDA 2018

• You should start your preparation as early as possible. Don’t wait for anything starting from today.
• At first, collect all NDA study material at a place. Check complete syllabus that what to prepare? It gives you the better idea about most important topics.
• Strong your basics – Clear the concepts and formulas of your up to higher secondary classes.
• Create Reading habit – It also gives a boost to your UPSC NDA Exam preparations. Reading Newspaper, Magazines, Gk books etc. enhance your overall general knowledge.
• Improve English – Reading, writing and listening in English helps you a lot in improving your English. Other activities like watching English news channels, movies etc brush up your Grammar skills.
• Check some NDA last year question papers for the better idea of NDA Exam.
• Make a schedule for every topic here is the complete guide to proper time management tips for NDA Exam.
• Improve your skills with NDA Online Practice paper and Mock test.
• You can choose to coach from the best coaching institute
• Start with your weak topics first try to strengthen them.
• Don’t forget about Negative Marketing.
• Buy NDA Preparation books for better understand the theme of the exam. and Analysis of the author for this year most important sections.
• Keep yourself calm in the examination hall.

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Why Join a DELHI CAREER GROUP Academy for NDA Entrance Exam?

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is Success.”

Before enrolling in an Institute of competitive exams , one should have awareness hour the process is going on and will help them to proceed their future career . Some people join the course without getting proper knowledge which proves hazardous for their future purpose. Delhi career Group (DCG) is an institute offers a which range of competitive exams including IAS / IPS, Bank – PO, SSC, UGC – NET, NDA, CDS, CLAT, CPT, PU CET, RIMC, PSPCL not only course the newcomers but also wake up the inner strength and motivate them to qualify for such competition.


Govt Exam

Best Coaching Institute for Government exams

Which student join such tedious courses, they often guidance and here DCG inspires them institute, will wise up for the benefit of NDA that keep the student motivated and focused on their goals. An institute with best team, highly qualified teachers who trained student to fulfill their goals since last years. As per the recent population census, we Indian with plenty of youth and this youthful energy will definitely transform our country. But to solve this purpose we need a system to explore the potential of student that leads to a good reason to join a pioneer institute. Student have to dial with lots of efforts, hard work and extreme mental challenges.

Delhi Career Group is a medium, a path for growing up their mental ability. In present era of competition it could not be possible to crack exams without effective guidance. The need of hour to join this institute and grab the opportunity of perfect learning. DCG orient the student in the right direction, develop their skills and ability by providing essential study materials, mock test with model papers, assignments and regular assessments of tests. Number of student from DCG got selected in AIR FORCE, NAVY, ARMY through NDA Entrance exam, SSB and Interviews.

That’s Delhi Career Group Academy proves to be the best coaching institute for NDA exam Coaching in Chandigarh. It is a powerful experience to make positive changes , achieve great heights and create better results. Of course a pioneer institute always increase confidence, motivation and conviction. So main objective is to raise student level so that it would be worth for them to join us. Hope this write up helps you Why should we join DCG for NDA and how can it help one to reach the goals.

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Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) 2018 Entrance Exam

What is RIMC ?

The Rashtriya Indian Military College durability is an inter-Service Institution permanency than a class ‘A’ Establishment on the board of Defence. RIMC longevity has posted for notification because of the boy’s candidates only for the acknowledgment after the Rashtriya Indian Military College for Jan 2019 term which desire stand conducted at elected center on June 01, 2018 AND June 02, 2018.

RIMC Eligibility Criteria:

Qualification: Candidates need to either stay analyzing between class VII then exceeded ClassVII out of anybody diagnosed school at the era regarding admission to the RIMC,i.e, concerning Jan 01 2019.

Age Limit: Candidates boys only appearing for the upstairs take a look at now not lie less than 11 years between age, however, ought to now not have attained the majority 13 years as on Jan 2019, i.e., she should bear been produced now not formerly than Jan 02 2006 and not additional than Jul 01 2007.

RIMC Entrance Exam Syllabus:

The curriculum followed by way of the Rashtriya Indian Military College because of putting upon the question demand paper is similar in accordance with the curriculum accompanied by CBSE/ ICSE/ State Board and someone so did equal board. The level regarding the question paper note desire stay engage after stage over subject studied in Class VII. The consequent topics intention stay covered in the entrance exam:

A. English

•Idioms and Phrases
• Letter Writing
• Common Errors
• Miscellaneous
• One Word Substitution
• Story Writing
• Synonyms and Antonyms

B. Mathematics

• Average Ratio & Proportion
• HCF and LCM
• Number System
• Percentage
• Profit and Loss
• Square & Square Root
• Time & Work, Simple Interest
• Time and Distance

C. General Knowledge

• General Knowledge
• General Science
• Geography
• History
• Sports

RIMC Entrance Exam Important Dates:

Events Dates

Last Dates for submission Application Forms                 31,March 2018
Entrance Exam Date(English&Math)                                 01 June 2018
Entrance Exam Date(General Knowledge)                       02 June 2018
Admit Card for Interview The First week of                    Sep 2018
Interview Date                                                                       4 Oct 2018

Tips and preparation for RIMC Entrance Exam:

1.Solved Previous and Question Paper:

If are you take a look at how many the exam sample execute show up along the assist about preceding question paper since you are easily committed the idea.

2.Brush up your Technical/Academic Knowledge:

Doing hence may answer accessible at some stage in the personal interview. Many times, interviewers pick certain empiric queries. If you’re a 6th passed/appearing student, the interviewer would possibly civilize queries associated with thine studies. For instance, I used in imitation of being asked that question- What is a computer?

3.Make notes:

Make a exact notes in the notepad. Make entire the notes within very own language. It is handy to have in mind the words.

4.Be updated:

Be updated with whole information yet everything. Awareness is whole combination concerning world news.

5.Cultivate Confidence, Improving Skills:

This is Something you definitely obligation in accordance with doing. Building self-assurance desire without a doubt help ye after operate well of an entirely personal interview, discussion, Group task etc. Having higher fluency competencies additionally will assist for the duration of the discussion, team challenge etc.

6.Schedule Management:

It is whole related to managing the day as has been assigned in a fantastically smart manner. try getting to know the avenue techniques and retailer time. Don’t waste time-solving a question so you just don’t have someone layout regarding. Rather than that, bypass concerning according to the consonant question.

7.Prepare Mock Tests:

One regarding the beneficial ways of who in conformity with measure check concerning your knowledge is by lively preceding years question banks, sample papers then joke tests. It’ll facilitate you to boost thy speed between defender MCQs or help you according to the whole you delivery note among time.

8.Improve General Knowledge:

You ought to read newspaper, TV, Magazines in accordance with updated together with the assist of recent gadgets. The New Current Affairs varieties a vital share over that exam. Have in accordance with evident the exam then score high, that part must remain concentration. The excellent way according to thanksgiving because making an attempt that assignment is through developing makes use of-of tv yet NEWS Papers propagate utilizes regarding them in accordance with remain over in accordance with this factor concerning topics associated after Current Affairs in addition as like National and International News.

9.Practice More and More:

“Practice makes a man perfect” is that an instance so we have a tendency after all have detected once more yet again. This rank makes the actual experience here as like an end result regarding during this test the solution in imitation of attainment is lively regarding your own.

About Delhi Career Group:

Delhi Career Group specializes in imparting RIMC Written Exam Coaching In Chandigarh & Delhi for Indian applications into Force. We have flourished a special strategy toward assessments because of the Preparation because of RIMC examination. We furnish RIMC coaching since every weekend days. A particularly qualified or skilled college out of their respective covers the syllabus. Delhi Career Group has executed an enviable then unbeatable document over prevalence because imparting Best Coaching for RIMC in Chandigarh.

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How to Clear NDA Written Exam and SSB Interview

NDA is the national defence academy and held in twice a year. NDA is conducted by UPSC (union public service academy). This exam consist of physics, chemistry, English, mathematics, general awareness, current affair and reasoning. To appear NDA exam a candidate should have two phase selection, one phase is written test and another one phase is SSB interview. NDA exam is the best opportunity to students to join armed forces.

Every year thousands of student appear in the NDA exam but few students clear this exam due to difficulty of the exam. To crack NDA students will have good knowledge and lot of practices. Student must have to clear the basic concepts of all the subjects.

Age Criteria for UPSC Exam:-

Candidate must be appear in this examination must be lies between age criteria of 17 years to 19 years.

Nationality for NDA Examination:-

Those candidate are allowed that are Indian.

Marital Status for Male:-

Only those male candidate are eglisible who are unmarried.

UPSC NDA Education Qualification:-

Those candidates are eglisible who have done 12th class and equivalent to this examination.

How to Apply UPSC NDA Application Form:-

Candidates are required to apply online form in the UPSC site that is

NDA Application Form:-

This form will fill and submit online through site of UPSC. After filling application form you have to check all the details very carefully. You can do payment through sbi challan/net banking or online payment. There is no change authorize during the final submition pf the examination form.

Second Phase of NDA:-

The second phase of NDA is SSB interview. In this phase candidate are required to clear the written exam. After passing the written exam they are called for SSB exam. Duration period of this phase is four to five days.

Tips to Pass NDA Written Exam:-

Candidate have full knowledge of mathematics and general knowledge, physics, chemistry subjects. Collect all the papers of previous years that helps you to crack NDA exam. You have to do regular practices. You have to be aware of negative marking. So be carefully. Read questions and then give answer. You must have best books of the best author that helps to crack the NDA exam.

Tips to Clear SSB Exam:-

You should have good speaking skills. When you are in front of interviewer you have to speak with confidence. You have to improve your English speaking skill.

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Defence wing, Shining Star DCG Academy Chandigarh

Defence wing, Shining Star DCG Academy Chandigarh. Meet Our Shining star Delhi Career Academy.

Congratulation to both Mr. Mukal Sharma And MR. Vrajesh Rajput, Abhishak Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Akash Sharma, Arjun Pundhir, Chandan Kumar, Chirag Sehrawat, Saurabh Kumar, Supair Ali, Anjan Tamang, Girish Verma, Harshit Chuhan, Mohit Chaudhary, Suraj Khamakar, Rishav Sharma, Jatin Sangwan, T. Naveen, Nikhil Yadav, Nippun Giran, Puneet Kumar, Ruhal Kumar, Ramesh Dedar, Rishabh  Pal, Rohit Tiwari, Shakti, Dahiya, Shivam Vashist, Sohan Lal. Both aspirants of our Academy those qualifying NDA Exam Under the guidance of Retd. Col. Puneet Sehgal. Our teacher makes you smart & perfect for this quality you got Success in NDA. We wish you all the best in your future. That Candidate Qualify NDA Entrance Exam are shining Star of Our Academy. Students feel Happy after a break the exam. The success of Candidate is also the succeed of Institute Delhi Career Group. This institute growing day by day by the performance of students. Both Aspirants are Shining Star of the Our Academy. Institute for Indian Defence Exam in Army, Navy & Airforce.

Join Best NDA Coaching Institute By:– COL. Puneet Seghal (Retd)

Branches : Chandigarh, Mohali (Pb.) & Delhi

For More information you can visit here:

Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

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Top 5 Best Books for NDA Written Entrance Exams Preparation | Exam Zone

NDA exam is quite well known to most of us and we all know that it is hard to overcome this exam without preparations. There are numerous possibilities for you to learn from books as well as from a reputed coaching center in your city. To know about which books are best for your preparations you need to know about the pattern and syllabus of the NDA exam. NDA exam consists Math, Reasoning, General awareness, Physics, Chemistry, Current affairs and English subjects. So you need to choose books for these subjects with utmost care because clearing all these subjects is important to overall clearance of the NDA exam. So here we are providing some information about the top 5 books for NDA Written Exam preparation in Chandigarh :


Books for General Knowledge:

The general knowledge part of the exam consist English, Physics, and Chemistry and Current affairs subjects. So you need to prepare for these subjects with dedicated book for each particular subject. If you are not good at English and not sure that you can pass English test with preparing only for the previous year’s exam papers then you must acquire the book named ‘Quick learning Objective General English by RS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal’. You can search the internet for other subjects in the general awareness part of the exam.

Books for Mathematics:

The 50% marks of total exam marks are of Mathematic section and one should prepare for math in order to pass NDA exam. You won’t get very tricky questions in NDA exam and if you have basic knowledge of Math and you are quick in solving math problems then you are good to go. But still you need to prepare for the Mathematic section of the exam because you can’t take it lightly. The old NCERT text books are enough to prepare for NDA exam but if you want extensive learning then you can go for the following books:

• You can buy the book for Mathematics for NDA and NA written by R S Aggarwal named ‘National Defense Academy and Naval Academy (English)’.
• You can also go for the book written by Pearson India for NDA Entrance Examination (English) named ‘The Pearson Guide to Mathematics’.
• Arihant’s NDA & NA – Entrance Examination for Mathematics Study Package (English) can also be a good choice for you.

Books for Previous Year’s Exam Papers:

One of the best methods to prepare for any exam is preparing for previous year’s exam papers as it could give you an idea about the pattern and questions of the exam. You could purchase the books containing previous year’s exam papers of NDA and prepare well for your exam takings. Here are some choices that you can make:

• Choose the best book by Arihant Publications named Pathfinder for NDA & NA Entrance Examination
• NDA Examination Solved papers up-to-date by Upkar Publications.
• NDA/NA Previous Year’s Solved Papers by RPH Editorial Board.

These books can be very beneficial for you but having training from a reputed coaching center could work as wonders in your exam preparations.

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Important Things to Know Before Joining an NDA Coaching Center

NDA exam is the best source for individuals to get a job in Indian army forces after clearing it with high evaluations. NDA exam is a blessing for those who are whole heartedly trying to serve Indian armed forces with their services. You can pass the NDA exam by getting training from a reputed coaching center. You need to know get some information before you go for an institute or coaching center for preparing for your NDA exam. Following are some important things that you should know before joining an NDA Coaching Center:

Check if you are eligible:

First of all you must check if you are eligible for NDA exam. The eligibility requires you to be an Indian citizen and you must have the following things covered:

• You must have passed the Secondary level exam from a recognized university in India
• The student should be unmarried in order to go for NDA Exam
• Your age must be in between 16 to 19 years

Note: Female candidates are not eligible for NDA exam

Get information about the selection process:

• Selection process contains written exam and SSB Interview Round
Know the pattern of Written Exam:
• Written exam has 900 marks in total
• It splits into two parts: Mathematics and General ability
• Mathematic portion consist Math and Reasoning
• General ability consists English, Current affairs, Physics and Chemistry

Know about SSB Round

The students who qualify the written exam go through the SSB rounds, group tests and intelligence test. SSB round is of 900 marks in total and it is scheduled for five days as follows:

• On the very first day of SSB round test the basic intelligence of the qualified candidate is tested.
• On the second day the psychological test is taken
• On the third and fourth day the Group testing officers conduct Group testing
• The general Conference is conducted on fifth day

After the SSB rounds the medical test is conducted where students go through the physical standard test.

Things to know about NDA Coaching Center

Once you know everything about the exam then you need to know some points about your coaching center. Here are some points that you need to know before choosing an NDA coaching center:

• Make sure your coaching center provide coaching for all subjects that are set under NDA exam.
• Always check the credibility of the coaching center by checking the age of the center.
• Make sure your coaching center provides the latest in trend coaching methods to coach you.
• There should be best infrastructure available in your chosen coaching institute.
• Always check the previous year’s results of the coaching center you are going to choose.

If you follow these steps and acquire all the information mentioned in above article then you are good to go for the best preparations and we assure you that you are going to get success without any doubt. Always go for the best institute in your area.

Join Best NDA Coaching Institute By:- COL. Puneet Seghal (Retd)

                           Our Branch : Branches : Chandigarh, Mohali (Pb.) & Delhi

Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

Whats App no: 9569782865

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Defence wing, Delhi Career Group Academy Shining Star

DELHI CAREER GROUP ACADEMY is very specific vicinity for presenting education to all Candidate the ones fascinated to take Coaching from our institute. filed Our institute provides coaching for all subjects, entrance examination in addition to fairly profile Govt. jobs. In Delhi Career Group organization every year numerous of Aspirants receives training from this institute to make their entire lifestyles and destiny tremendous. Our academy put together candidate for NDA and Defense discipline. Delhi Career institution that place in which students satisfy their objective to receives excessive profile government jobs on the premise of their pleasant performance on each step.

Abhishek Kumar Roll No - 128779

Mr. Abhishek Kumar,  Roll No – 128779

Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Roll No – 128779 Student Associated with DCG Academy Cleared NDA Written Sep 2017 Exam. Congratulations for empowering yourself. Best Wishes from Entire Staff of Delhi Career Group Academy.

Chirag Sehrawat Roll NO - 0081529

Mr. Chirag Sehrawat, Roll NO – 0081529

Mr. Chirag Sehrawat Roll NO – 0081529 Student Associated with Delhi Career Group Academy Cleared NDA Written Sep 2017 Exam. Congratulations for empowering yourself. Best Wishes from Entire Staff of Delhi Career Group (DCG) Academy.



Delhi Career Group congratulates
A records of sorts has been made by Delhi Career Group
Three candidates going simultaneously to Selection Center Bhopal for SSB clearing together. A first by any coaching institute.
Mr. Saurabh Kumar Roll No 3816
Mr. Supair Ali Roll No 3874

Delhi Career Group congratulates them and its Staff for this stupendous achievement unmatched by any.

Girish Verma Roll No - 0196557

MR. Girish Verma, Roll No – 0196557

MR. Girish Verma Roll No – 0196557 cleared NDA written Exam and Air Force SSB after training from Delhi Career Group.
Congratulations for your SUCCESS.
You have created a great future for yourself and made DCG proud.

Harshit Chauhan Roll No - 0009802

Mr. Harshit Chauhan, Roll No – 0009802

MR. Harshit Chauhan Roll No – 0009802 Student Associated with DCG Academy Cleared NDA Written Sep 2017 Exam. Congratulations for empowering yourself.

Best Wishes from Entire Staff of DCG Academy

Nippun Giran Roll No - 0095078

MR. Nippun Giran, Roll No – 0095078

Mr. Nippun Giran, Roll No – 0095078 Student Associated with Delhi Career Group Academy Cleared NDA Written Sep 2017 Exam. Congratulations for empowering yourself.

Best Wishes from Entire Staff of Delhi Career Group Academy

Our students always give a nice result, with the aid of this result in present time Delhi Career institution is the pinnacle coaching center in Chandigarh for Defense Coaching In Chandigarh. This institute growing daily by means of the performance of Aspirants. Above all Aspirants are the Shining Star of the Our Academy. In Delhi career Group Academy every year number of Aspirants gets admission in this institute to make their entire existence and future wonderful.

Join Best NDA Coaching Institute By:- COL. Puneet Seghal (Retd)

Special Hostel Facility Avalaible for Students from Outside
Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

Visit here for more information:

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Preparation Tips for PSPCL Exam 2018

PSPCL is the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited. PSPCL has announced exam the 853 posts vacancy for junior engineers and office assistant Lower division clerk, substation attendant. PSPCL provide the chance to every young & dynamic candidate. Recruitment authority decided to conduct registration form 18 december 2017 to 8th Jan 2018.PSPCL Exam is going to be conducted on 15th February to 27th February 2018. The exam will be conduct in various slots they provide training after he/she passed the exam.

Eligibility Criteria

Age: those candidates apply for the PSPCL exam must have a minimum age is 18 years to maximum 37 years.

Qualification: applicant must complete their degree from in relevant field and Notification for Education Qualification details for LDC, Junior Engineers SSA Posts.

LDC: 330 Post (code 11)
Junior Engineer: 300 Posts (code 21)
Sub Station Attendant (SSA): 253 Posts, Code 31.

Exam Pattern of PSPCL

Preparation is very important to qualify PSPCL exam if you are willing to the carrier in Punjab state power corporation limited to prepare for some exam to learn tips which include the time management at top of the list .we help to achieve your goals we are always helping you in any problem regarding any type of entrance exam.

Junior engineer: exam is 100 marks which of the 70 questions are asked from a professional subject.10 question are receiving 10 are general knowledge and 10 are English.

Lower division clerk: examination is 100 marks out of 20 question are asked from general knowledge (static +current affairs).20 question is logical reasoning and 20 are general English.20 question are basic of computers and 25 are numerical aptitude.

Substation Attendant: A written exam will be conducted on 100 marks in which 70 questions are asked from relevant professional course 10 question are reasoning 10 are general knowledge and 10 are English.

Prepare for Best PSPCL Exams to Follow Some Tips

They consist of five section Static + Current affairs General Knowledge, Reasoning, Computer Ability, English Language and Quantitative Aptitude.

Previous Question Paper: to clear PSPCL written exam Give proper time for all category questions. Every topic is important to do more and more practice on the previous question paper More than 4000 previous years.

Be Patient and do not get Panic: take more time to solving question do not be panic otherwise you are confused and your time is waste you will try to a bit easy too just focus and solve if you know and if you don’t then leave them and move to next

Management Time is an important key to life they help to see how many questions you are able to answer in a minimum amount of time. You bring your watch along with you during a mock test and split your overall time into different time limits to manage your time you are trying to complete your sections as the following time management limits.

Save last 15 min: save the last 5 minutes to verify answer before to final submission. In the last minute, you check cross and make sure you had marked all the correct options or answers.

Maintaining study plain: Everyday 2-3 hours study is necessary on regular basis. Categorize the course as per your comfort and start preparing Try mastering the shortcut methods and save time divide your preparation time topic wise. Give proper time to all topics separately.

Last min revision: you write short notes in copy they will help you in exam time to revise step by step in short time quickly you can efficiently read and which can help you like keeping formulas or shortcut tricks rather than the whole copy or book.

Last Short Strong Tips Help you to Crack Examination of PSPCL:

● Spend at least 5 hr with your study daily.
● Revise old previous question paper they help to understand exam pattern.
● You utilize morning time to difficult question and underline after that try to solve.
● You must have detailed knowledge of Indian history, Politics, PSPCL in India etc.
● Try to cover PSPCL topic in the half morning and noon hour dedicate evening hour to refining your performance.
● Practice previous year questions paper. Try mastering the shortcut methods and save time.
● Improve your skills with PSPCL Online Practice paper and Mock test.
● Improve to read news channels, movies etc brush up your Grammar skills news channels, movies etc.

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Step By Step How to Prepared for NDA Exam

NDA exams are the popular and important job recruitment test conducted every year and thousands of students take these exams. NDA Entrance Exam normally scheduled two times in a year. This year is scheduled for April (NDA I 2018) and September (NDA II 2018) month.I have thought to discuss the strategy and few tips which can be helpful to anyone. Proper planning and strategy are must traits to clear the exams and score maximum marks.

Before we get into the details about how to prepare for NDA, let us first understand a little bit about NDA and what a career in NDA means.


Best NDA Coaching in Chandigarh

NDA is national defense academic is the joint services academy of Indian Armed Forces which include Army, Navy and Air Force in NDA Your minimum age must be 16.5 years and maximum of 19 years. All qualified candidates can take admission for such courses. NDA is located in Pune, Maharashtra and is ranked among the best academies in the world.


How to Start:

One should understand it from Where to start, how to start and what to study. These 3 questions are important to answer.if you are not planning to do so I have made a plan and strategy that will definitely work.Now, you have to start from the bottom.

Preparing for The NDA Exam

NDA organize UPSC twice every year by (union public service commission) exam to talented young and aspirants.which include general aptitude, team skills, physical skills.
NDA exam is an objective type multiple choice question paper you should select one option in all of the given answer.

Paper Pattern

NDA will consist of two papers the written test comprises two papers Mathematics and General Ability. The candidates will be given a time of two and a half hours to finish the examination as the questions will be objective type questions.

Step by Step Read

Mathematics: This is all about formula and practices any candidate learn this carefully cover topics like Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Trigonometry, Algebra, Vector Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Analytical Geometry, Statistics & Probability.

Through this, your basic concept is clear or not the examiner check a tests your maths skills in many ways that how fast and accurate you are in basic calculation and concept.

Some Basic Points to Guide How to Prepare Math for NDA Test.

● First of all your basic concept is clear like formula, calculation you should read,10+2 book for your a better idea
● Cover syllabus and each and every topic. Clear your concepts and practice example questions.
● You also read NDA practice books and mock test, previous year paper series and evaluate your preparation.

● A time duration of NDA math test is 150 min so manage your time duration.
● Candidate are the full focus on a study before 1 month of the exam and Mark the tough questions and apply the different trick to solve while preparing so that you can go through them before the exam.
● Maths questions will be asked in both forms to complete the statement or to solve, so be prepared like that.
● You gain help to some books they prepare for NDA. It will give you an important topic, expected questions type for the upcoming exam.

How to prepare for NDA General Ability Test

General Knowledge is the part of syllabus so prepare it well. You can strong your GK portion by reading newspapers, magazines, journals, reference books of prominent writers that focus on current affairs.

English test will be included 200 marks in two hours. Most of the questions asked from vocabulary, grammar and usage and comprehension depend on you how many marks you get.

● In order to crack English paper read a daily newspaper with this, your English is improving.
● The English questions under the General Ability test focus on reading comprehension, basic grammar, and vocabulary.
● The candidates must revise the basic grammar rules from a reliable source.
● You also read NDA practice books and mock test, previous year paper series and evaluate your preparation.
● You also check previous years NDA English question papers for understanding the concept of exam pattern.
● The candidates must revise the basic grammar rules from a reliable source.try to learn new ward daily basis.
● Watch good informative programs on TV, read the daily newspaper, magazines, journal NDA helpline.
● Practice with English online tests for NDA.

General Knowledge (GK)

● Gk will be of 400 marks they are contained General Science, Indian History, Physics, Geography, Chemistry and current events.
● General Knowledge is the part of syllabus so prepare it well. You can strong your GK portion by reading newspapers, magazines, journal, daily practice online test.
● Gk for physics and chemistry prepare it carefully if you can’t prepare every topic then at least prepare the topics from which questions repeatedly come in the previous exams.
● you have a knowledge of about Environment and general science topics.
● If you can’t prepare in physics and chemistry then try to solve questions paper repeatedly come in the previous exams.

How to Crack NDA Exam follow by:

Maintaining Study Plain

Everyday 2-3 hours study is necessary on regular basis. Categorize the course as per your comfort and start preparing. Try mastering the shortcut methods and save time.
Divide your preparation time topic wise. Give proper time to all topics separately.

Solve Previous Question Paper

when you start the preparation for NDA exam. You have to clear all The concepts from the solved previous question paper. Give proper time for all category questions. Every topic is do more and more practice on the previous question paper.More than 4000 previous years.

Focus on Your English

learn both speaking as well as writing skills in English.Improve your skills with NDA Online Practice paper and Mock test. Other activities like watching English news channels, movies etc brush up your Grammar skills.

About Negative Marking

Written exams have the negative marking so attempt what you know and leave what you don’t. It is best to answer only if you are very sure of the answer. See how many questions you are able to answer in the minimum amount of time otherwise wrong answer will cost you extra 1 mark.

General Knowledge NDA Practice

make a daily habit of reading newspaper, following social media on social networking websites, read weekly magazines. These habits will keep you updated on current affair.
you have not know about Indian history and geography firstly you read on these you read it like a story It will make it more interesting and easy to remember.

If you can’t prepare in physics and chemistry then try to solve questions paper repeatedly come in the previous exams.

Managing Time Period

Time management is an important key to life. See how many questions you are able to answer in a minimum amount of time. You add daily schedule and learn everyday 2-3 hours study is necessary on the regular basis.

Short Tips on NDA Exam Preparation:

● The candidates must prepare daily for their preparation and divide time for both papers accordingly.
● practice previous year questions paper. Try mastering the shortcut methods and save time.
● candidate should try to watch the good informative program on tv, read the newspaper, magazine.It is all about managing the time that has been allotted in a good manner.
● You must have detailed knowledge of Indian history, Politics, Armed forces in India etc.

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5 Things That Must Be Avoided During CLAT 2018 Preparation

Common Law Entrance Test is your all in one source for getting admission in top law universities in India. A student need to pass CLAT exam in order to get selected for the admission in India’s various national level law universities. The exam is really tough and you need extra preparations for cracking this exam. There are many mistakes that students make while preparing for CLAT exam and end up falling short in the race of getting admission in Top Indian LAW Universities. Here are 5 things that you must avoid to crack CLAT 2018:

Not Evaluating the Growth:

This is important that you measure your growth throughout the preparation time as it will give you an idea in which direction is you going to. If you don’t evaluate your growth then you would never know if you are preparing with the right knowledge and you could end up learning that is never going to be useful in your exam takings. If you are measuring your growth then you know which aspects are performing good or bad for you and then you can replace or continue with them.

Going for Blind Guesses:

2 hours for 120 questions seems less and that is the reason why students go for blind guesses rather solving the questions. But if you do so then you have to bear the negative marking and that can cost you a lot in rankings. So it is advised that you should strictly avoid going for blind guesses rather you should take your own time solving those questions first about which you are confident enough.

Panic During and Before the Exam:

It has been seen in many candidates that they panic from the start of the preparations and take this panic into the examination hall. If you panic in the exam then you will never understand what is asked in the question and would end up answering wrong for them. Panic will never let you concentrate on your abilities and you could feel low in confidence too. There are many cases where students fail to answer even the simplest questions due to the panic.

Being Choosy in Studies:

Never be choosy in studies because you never know which topic is going to be the part of CLAT exam this year. Students tend to avoid studying those topics that have come across in the previous CLAT exams but it is not guaranteed that those topics won’t be repeated again. So don’t be choosy in studies and study every topic thoroughly to score higher in CLAT exam.

Going for Books Only:

You should not rely on reading books only as you can learn a lot of new things from your surroundings. There is a lot happening around us from which we can learn many things for our exam preparations. You can go for electronic media or newspapers to learn about various facts that can be beneficial in taking CLAT exam.

Still the best choice for cracking CLAT exam is going for CLAT exam coaching and we are delivering just the best possible coaching for CLAT exam that you can obtain from our coaching center at very nominal rates of fees.

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10 Reason Why Delhi Career Group is Best For NDA Coaching in Chandigarh

Delhi Career Group is the best coaching institute for NDA in Chandigarh which gives right environment for NDA entrance exam preparation. To join any coaching institute candidate looks for an institute which can provide :

  • Quality study material
  • Conducive environment for study
  • Individual attention and Guidance on weaker points
  • Revision and Practice
  • Success in exam

All the coaching institutes commit the candidate to provide all the above mentioned things butDelhi Career Group the best institute for NDA preparation does not commit such things but deliver even more than provided in the list. Delhi Career Group achieves the excellence in NDA exam preparation by the proven strategies. We don’t believe in commitments we believe in delivering the right output. That is the reason Delhi career group is the choice of every second candidate who wish to join NDA coaching. Our aim is to equip the students with all that he needs. We work on developing the overall personality of the candidate. Our work speaks about us.

Top 10 reasons to join Delhi career group for NDA coaching in Chandigarh

1.  Schedule of coaching classes: 45 Days to 3-month coaching classes are provided at
Delhi career Group at Chandigarh. We also provide 6 month to 1 year coaching
depending on the requirement of the candidate.
2.  Special Batches: special batches run for candidates who are employed somewhere.
Regular and Weekend batches are also available as per the requirement of the
3.  Preparation strategy: Shortcut techniques for solving mental ability questions. We help students to solve the question papers in least possible time within the time frame. Weekly tests and practice using solving of previous year question papers, guess papers are immensely success oriented
4.  Study Material: Effective Study Material is provided for NDA by expert faculty acc. to
the latest pattern. Online and offline notes both are provided to the candidate as per his
5.  Doubt clearing sessions are planned for students on weekly/fortnightly basis. Candidates can come with their doubt to be cleared from the experts.
6.  Classroom teaching is handled by experienced faculty having the expertise in the field. Students are given training to develop their intellectual, physical and academic skills. Entire syllabus is covered based on the current guidelines and syllabus of NDA.
7.  Personal Attention is given to each student. Every student is assessed and is given the rating for strong and weak pints. We also prepare students for Group discussion and

8.  Regular GK Classes: We provide the regular GK classes to make candidate updated
on the current affairs
9.  Formal Feedback: Regular assessment and formal feeback sessions are conducted.
Whereby experts give the feedback to the students and students inturn give rating to their teachers which shows trust and loyalty towards your work.
10.  Ph.D. Level Qualified Faculty :
Delhi Career group has the highest success rates for NDA in north India

Also, Delhi Career Group Is Well Known For Its Successful Results for providing Best NDA Coaching In Chandigarh

Special Benefits of NDA Coaching At Delhi Career Group

The beautiful Chandigarh city is the hub of knowledge and service industry. There are various academies for different govt. entrance test that provides effective coaching. Peopkle love to come to Chandigarh to join coaching to get better results. Delhi Career group is one of the most reputed Coaching centre which provide best NDA Coaching in Chandigarh. The main Benefits of pursuing coaching in Chandigarh at Delhi career group are:

  • Flexible timings for batches
  • Classes 7 days a week
  • Special batches for working candidates
  • Weekend and regular coaching classes as per the demand of candidate
  • Online study material as per the latest syllabus
  • Special classes for SSB interview
  • Counseling sessions for career plan
  • Regular assessment by experts to work on weaker areas

Delhi career group is able to accomplish the achievements because of the experienced and cooperative staff who are well versed with their subject area. Inputs provided by our experts to the candidate helps not only in clearing the exam but also in overall enhancement of candidate’s knowledge.

Our experts covers the entire syllabus as per the latest pattern of UPSC and prepares the students through mock tests, previous year question paper, regular practice and weekly assessment The standards of quality followed by Delhi career group ensure that each candidate who join us for coaching gets the confidence to crack the exam. In tricity we are known for providing the best coaching for NDA and our dedicated staff helps candidates to sort all the problems regarding any subject in syllabus.

Join Best NDA Coaching Institute By:- COL. Puneet Seghal (Retd)

Branches : Chandigarh, Mohali (Pb.) & Delhi
Special Hostel Facility Avalaible for Students from Outside
Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

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Delhi Career Group-Hub of Defence Competitive Exams coaching

Today is the era of competition. Best quality education is demanded everywhere. In today’s world, competitive exams plays an essential part in the life of young aspirants and their guardians. After completing higher secondary Students start searching for a good training institute through which they can prepare themselves for various entrance/competitive exams. Delhi Career Group offers a complete range of Competitive Exams, which includes NDA Coaching, CDS Coaching, AFCAT, SSB, Navy SSR, Air force Group X and Y, IAS/IPS Etc. Which helps the candidates to fulfill their dreams in his/her particular field. Delhi Career Group provides the best coaching classes in Chandigarh. We are contributing towards shaping the career of the students to mark their existence in Defense/Civil sector etc. Delhi Career Group is one of the Best Defence Coaching Centre in Chandigarh which prepares the students for competitive exams.


Defence Exam Coaching Institute

Whychoose Delhi Career Group for Defence Competitive Exams Coaching.

  • Expert and specialized team (A Group of 17 faculty members) that will prepare you for Defence competitive exam preparation.
  • Helps students to undergo a vigorous training to hone their intellectual, physical and academic skills.
  • Covers entire syllabus through previous years question papers.
  • As defence syllabi encompass science, technology, arts and military subjects we have specialized faculty for different subjects
  • Monthly & Weekly Tests conducted by experts for performance evaluation
  • Regular online/offline Mock tests
  • Prepare students for Personality development which includes preparation for Group Discussion, Personal interview
  • Counseling sessions for the students to choose right area
  • Guidance to weaker students by providing special sessions
  • Shortcut techniques for solving reasoning questions.
  • Time management skills to solve the questions in allotted time
  • Personal concentration to every student by experts
  • Batch size of 15-20 students
  • Physical Training Program for providing practice to the students for physical exam
    Special session for interview preparation
  • Weekend batches for working students.

Today’s era is considered as hub of information and knowledge. Academic excellence is an essential tool for continued trainability. Delhi Career Group is the premier training institute and centre for excellence in providing best junior leaders with high level of mental, moral and physical attributes essential for managing challenges in their respective careers. We are the National Leader for inculcating the reasoning and logical learning skills among the students and foster learning environment that encourages the students to hone their skills in preparing for competitive exams. Delhi Career Group Chandigarh reviews have highlighted this institute as the best institute for providing defence exams coaching.

How Delhi Career Group has achieved the Excellence and Fame

  • Institute pool in the expertise of various faculty members by providing compiled a module for training which guarantees success of the students for clearance in Defence entrance exams.
  • Believes in development of the candidate towards the attainment of rights skill and talent for clearing the competitive exams.
  • Perfect environment to pass NDA examination with flying colors
  • Hub of training and learning which facilitates candidate to mark their existence in intellectual, mental, physical and academic skills.
  • Contented numerous applicants with best teaching and coaching facilities
    Believes in delivering the best content for Defence entrance exams
  • Students are given the extensive study material based on the updated syllabus pattern of competitive exams.
  • Follows the strategy for achieving excellent results in defence examination preparation
  • Provides Shortcut tips and tricks that work well for the students appearing in the exams.

Delhi Career Group Reviews

Delhi career group is the hub of competitive examination preparation. Our reviews prove our institute as the best institute for great success and excellence in competitive examination WE have achieved unbeatable record in competitive exams. Approx. 90% of our students got success in cracking defence written exam and interview. You can visit our website and read student testimonials which gives the real picture how we are renowned in this coaching field. Delhi Career Group Is Considered as the Best Coaching Institutes for Defence Written Exam preparation in Chandigarh. Lot of positive Delhi career group reviews gives the pool of proofs to the one who join us for the first time. We have got excellent results in the past years. We have achieved all this with the effort of our specialized faculty. Our website is developed in such a way that it gives you the clear picture of who we are and why to join us for any competitive exams preparation. We extend full hand support to our students to clear the exam.

For more information, you can visit our website: Best Result in Defence Exam by the Aspirants of the Delhi Career Group.

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Top 10 Tips How to Creck RIMC Entrance Exam

About RIMC :

RIMC exam or Rashtriya Indian Military College Exam is an Entrance Examination which is conducted semi-annually. RIMC or Rashtriya Indian Military College is an Institution that comes under Category A establishment of the Indian Defense. The examination is held with a view to train Indian boys into for entry to the Defence Services. Here, We discuss the 10 trips for how to prepare the RIMC Entrance Exam:-


10 Tips For RIMC Entrance Exam

1 Solved Previous and Question Paper

If are you check how the exam pattern can occur with the help of previous question paper then you are easily taken the idea.

2 Brush up your Technical/ Academic knowledge

Doing thus can return handy throughout the personal interview. Many times, interviewers select such technical queries. If you’re a 6TH standard passed/appearing student, the interviewer might raise queries associated with your studies. For instance, I used to be asked this question- Who is fathers of a computer?

3 Write Make Notes

Make a properly notes into the notepad. Make all the notes in own language. It is easy to remember the words.

5 Be updated

Be updated with all world news and Everything. Awareness is all combination of world news.



Exam Preparation Tips


6 Cultivate Confidence, improve oratory skills

This is Something you actually ought to do. Building confidence will definitely assist you to perform well in a very personal interview, discussion, Group task etc. Having better oratory skills also will help throughout the discussion, group task etc. Invest it slow daily cultivating these qualities in yourself. You’ll be astonished by the come it’ll give!

7 Schedule Management

It is all regarding managing the time that has been assigned in an exceedingly smart manner. attempt mastering the road strategies and save time. Don’t waste time-solving a question that you just don’t have any plan regarding. Rather than that, pass on to the following question.

8 Prepare Mock Test

One of the best ways in which to measure check of your skills is by active previous years question banks, sample papers and mock tests. It’ll facilitate you to boost your speed in respondent MCQs and assist you to complete your paper in time.

9 Improve General Knowledge

You must read newspaper, TV, Magazines to updated with help of new gadgets. The New Current Affairs forms an integral part of this exam. Have to clear the exam and score high, this section must be concentration. The best way to thanks for trying this task is by creating use of tv and NEWS Papers. create use of them to remain up to this point on topics related to Current Affairs moreover as National and International News. Guidebooks alone won’t assist you to master Current Affairs. That’s once TV and NEWS Papers comes handy!

10 Practice more and more

“Practice makes a man perfect” is that an example that we tend to all have detected again and again. This line makes the actual sense here as a result of during this test the key to success is active on your own.

RIMC Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

Delhi Career Institute is renowned for all the states and cities. Delhi Career group is providing the best classes coaching institute in Chandigarh. The institute is satisfied as the no.1 spot for providing coaching for RIMC exam Coaching in Chandigarh. We prepare the students to learn the skill and scheme for attempting the exam in stipulated time. Our institute developed many skills inside the students regarding self- awareness, skills & capabilities, motivational leadership etc. DCG Academy is best Academy in the Chandigarh.

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Press Release for Next RIMC Admission Test in Jun 2018 Press Information Bureau (Defence wing) Government of India

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Delhi Career Group Provide the best coaching for RIMC Entrance Exam in Chandigarh

1. The Rashtriya Indian Military College is an lnter services Institution and a Category ‘A’ establishment of the Ministry of Defence, The college was established in 1922 with the primary aim of preparing the boys for entry into defence services and to Provide quality all round education to young boys.

2. Applications are invited for boys only for admission to class VIII in the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), Dehradun (UK) for Jan 2019* Term which will be conducted at selected centers on 01 (Fru) and 02 (set) jun 2018.

3. Entry Age. candidates (boys Only) appearing for the above test should not be less than 11 and half years in age but should not have attained the age of 13 years as on 01 Jan 2019 i.e. They should have been born not earlier than 02 jan 2006 and not later than 01 jan 2007.

4. Educational Qualifications. candidates should either be studying in Class VII or passes Class VII from any recognized school at the time of admission to the RIMC, i.e., on 01 Jan 2019

5. Scheme of Examination. The examination Comprises of:-

(A) written Examination. The written part of the examination will consist of three papers, namely, English (1000-1200hrs) and Mathematics (1400- 1530 hrs) shall be conducted on 01 (Fri) Jun 2018 and General Knowledge Paper (1000 -1100 hrs) on 02 (sat) Jan 2018. Minimum apass marks in each paper is 50%.

(B) Viva Voce. The Interview date shall be 04 (Thu ) Oct 2018 and interview will be held for only those candidates who qualify in the written exam, minimum pass marks in the interview is 50% and the date, venue for interview will be inlimated to them bt respective States by first week of Sep 2018 intelligence and personality of the candidates will be tested in the interview.

(C) Medical Examination Examination. All the candidates qualified after interview will undergo a medical examination at selected Military Hospitals and only those candidates found medically fit will be considered for selection and admission to the Rimc. The medical examination of the candidates froms only a part of the system of selection and does not imply the final selection.

6. Examination centers. Examination centers are generally located in the state capitals or in cities towns as advertised.

7. Fee:- fees at RIMC is heavily subsidized by the Central Govt. The fee is persently Rs. 42.400/- per year. It may increase from time to time. At the time of entry a Security Deposit of Rs. 20,000 is to be made. This is refunded when the boy passes out.

8. Scholarships: Scholarships are granted by various state Govts to meritorious students. The amount of scholarships varies from state to state and is in between Rs. 10.000/– to Rs 20,000 per annum.. Continuation of Scholarship once granted by the state is subject to merit income and discipline of the cadel and his performance during the year.

9. The Application Forms. The prospectus cum application from and booklet of old question papers can be obtained from The Rashtrya indian Military College, Garhi Cantt, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Pin – 248003 through speed post by forwarding self addressed slip and an account payee bank demand draft of Rs. 600/- fpr General Candidates Rs, 555/- for SC/ST candidates along with Caste Certificate. The demand draft will be made in favour of “The commandant RIMC Dehradun”, Drawee Branch, state Bank of India, Tel Bhavan, Dehradun, (Bank Code-01576) uttarakhand, The Address should be Typed/ written clearly in Capital latters with pin code and contact number. The delay on part of postal department is not the responsiblity of this institution.

10. Last Date : Application in duplicate on pescribed from accompanied by documents to be attached with application from two passport size photographs, Domicile certificate of the candidate, Birth certificate (Issued by Municipal corporation Gram Panchayat, SC,ST Certificate and Cartificate from principal of the school in original with photograph on int attested stating dat of birth and in which class studying. Application forms should reach the respective state Governments (as specified in the press note ) of which their parents guardians are domicle of by 31 mar 2018. Thewords of Central Government employees. in order to verify the antecendents of such candidates. the State (where such candidates intend takin the written test) are free to ask for service certificates over and above the routine documentation The States where the candidates appear must also satisfy themselves with respect to place of duty of the parent/ guardian. other than the above, states are to ensure that no other candidate must be allowed to appear for the written examination in a state other than which the candidate is domicile of.

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Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Exam Notification

National deffence Academy & Naval  Academy Examination (1), 2018

                                                    (Commission’s Website ) (

The candidates applying for the examination shoul ensure that they fulfil all thae eligibility conditions for admission to the Examination. Their admission at all the stages of the examination will be purely provisional subject to satisfying the prescribed eligibility conditions.

Mere issue of Admission certificate to the candidate will not imply that his candidature has been finally cleared by the Commission.

Verification of eligibility conditions with reference to original documents is taken up only after the candidate has qualified for interview/ Personality test.

2. How to Apply

Candidates are required to apply online by using the website Brief instructions for filling up the online Application Form have been given in the Appendix-11. Datailed instructions are available on the above mentioned website.

3. Last Date for submission of Applications:

The Online Applications can be filled upto 5th February, 2018 till 6.00 pm

4. The eligible candidates shall be issued an e-Admit card three weeks before the commencement of the examination. The E-admit card will be made available on the UPSC website ( for being downloaded by candidates. No Admit Card will be sent by post. All the applicants are required to provide valid and active email id while filling up online application from as the commission may use electronic mode for contaction them.


Candidates should note that there will be penalty (Negative Marking) for wrong answers marked by a candidate in the Objective Type Question Papers.

6. For both writing and marking answers in the OMR sheet (Answer Sheet) candidates must use black ball pen only Pens with any other colour are prohibited. Do not use Pencil or Ink pen. Candidates should note that any omission/mistake/discrepancy in encoding/filling of details in the OMR answer sheet especially with regard to Roll Number and Test Booklet Series Code will render the answer sheet liable for rejection. Candidates are further advised to read carefully the “Special Instructions” contained in Appendix-III of the Notice.


In case of any guidances/information/clarification regarding their application, candidature etc. candidates can contact UPSC’s Facilitation Counter near Gate ‘C’ of its campus in person or over Telephone No.011-23385271/011-23381125/011- 23098543 on working days between 10.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs.


(a) Mobiles phones, pagers/bluetooth or any other communication devices are not allowed inside the premises where the examination is being conducted. Any infringement of these instructions shall entail disciplinary action including ban from future examinations.

(b) Candidates are advised in their own interest not to bring any of the banned items
including mobile phones/pagers/bluetooth or any valuable/costly items to the venue of the examination as arrangements for safe keeping cannot be assured. Commission will not be responsible for any loss in this regard.


Union Public Service Commission on 22nd April, 2018 for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA for the 141th Course, and for the 103rd Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) commencing from 2nd January, 2019.

The date of holding the examination as mentioned above is liable to be changed at
the discretion of the Commission.

The approximate number of vacancies to be filled on the results of this examination
will be as under :—

National Defence Academy :            360 (208 for Army, 60 for Navy
and 92 for Air Force)
Naval Academy                                             55
(10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme)
Total :                                                             415

2. CENTRES OF EXAMINATION: The Examination will be held at the following Centres :

Agartala, Ahmedabad, Aizawl, Allahabad, Bengaluru, Bareilly, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cuttack, Dehradun, Delhi, Dharwad, Dispur, Gangtok, Hyderabad, Imphal, Itanagar, Jaipur, Jammu, Jorhat, Kochi, Kohima, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mumbai, Nagpur, Panaji (Goa), Patna, Port Blair, Raipur, Ranchi, Sambalpur, Shillong, Shimla, Srinagar, Thiruvananthapuram, Tirupati, Udaipur and Vishakhapatnam.


(a) Nationality : A candidate must either be :

(i) a citizen of India, or
(ii) a subject of Bhutan, or
(iii) a subject of Nepal, or
(iv) a Tibetan refugee who came over to India before the 1st January, 1962 with the intention of permanently settling in India, or
(v) a person of Indian origin who has migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka and East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire and Ethiopia or Vietnam with the intention of permanently settling in India.

Provided that a candidate belonging to categories (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v)
above shall be a person in whose favour a certificate of eligibility has been issued by the Government of India.

Certificate of eligibility will not, however, be necessary in the case of candidates who are Gorkha subjects of Nepal.

(b) Age Limits, Sex and Marital Status :

Only unmarried male candidates born not earlier than 02nd July, 1999 and not later than 1st July, 2002 are eligible.

(c) Educational Qualifications:

(i) For Army Wing of National Defence Academy :—12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination conducted by a State Education Board or a University.

ii) For Air Force and Naval Wings of National Defence Academy and for

the 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme at the Indian Naval Academy :—12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics conducted by a State Education Board or a University.

Candidates who are appearing in the 12th Class under the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination can also apply for this examination.

(d) Physical Standards:

Candidates must be physically fit according to physical standards for admission to National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination (I), 2018 as per guidelines given in Appendix-IV.

(e) A candidate who has resigned or withdrawn on disciplinary grounds from any of the training academies of Armed Forces is not eligible to apply.

4. FEE

Candidates (excepting SC/ST candidates/Sons of JCOs/NCOs/ORs specified in Note 2 below who are exempted from payment of fee) are required to pay a fee of Rs. 100/- (Rupees one hundred only) either by depositing the money in any Branch of SBI by cash, or by using net banking facility of State Bank of India/State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur/State Bank of Hyderabad/State Bank of Mysore/State Bank of Patiala/State Bank


Candidates are required to apply Online by using the website Detailed instructions for filling up online applications are available on the above-mentioned website.

A candidate who is or has been declared by the Commission to be guilty of :

(i) obtaining support for his candidature by any means, or
(ii) impersonating, or
(iii) procuring impersonation by any person, or
(iv) submitting fabricated documents or documents which have
been tampered with, or
(v) making statements which are incorrect or false or suppressing
material information, or
(vi) resorting to any other irregular or improper means in connection with his candidature for the examination, or
(vii) using unfair means during the examination, or
(viii) writing irrelevant matter, including obscene language or pornographic matter, in the script(s), or 10
(ix) misbehaving in any other manner in the examination hall, or
(x) harassing or doing bodily harm to the Staff employed by the Commission for the conduct of their examination, or
(xi) being in possession of or using mobile phone, pager bluetooth or any electronic equipment or device or any other equipment capable of being used as a communication device during the examination, or
(xii) violating any of the instructions issued to candidates alongwith their Admission Certificates permitting them to take the examination, or
(xiii) attempting to commit or as the case may be abetting the Commission of all or any of the acts specified in the foregoing clauses,
may in addition to rendering himself liable to criminal prosecution be liable

(a) to be disqualified by the Commission from the examination for which he is a candidate and/or
(b) to be debarred either permanently or for a specified Period

(i) by the Commission from any examination or selection held by them;
(ii) by the Central Government from any employment under them and;

(c) if he is already in service under Government to disciplinary action under the appropriate rules.

Provided that no penalty under this rule shall be imposed except after :

(i) giving the candidate an opportunity of making such representation, in writing as he may wish to make in that behalf; and
(ii) taking the representation, if any, submitted by the candidate within the period allowed to him into consideration.


The Online Applications can be filled upto 05th February, 2018 till 6.00 PM.


Candidates appearing for SSB interview for the first time for a particular type of Commission i.e. Permanent or Short Service, shall be entitled for AC III Tier to and fro railway fare or bus fare including reservation cum sleeper charges within the Indian limits. Candidates who apply again for the same type of Commission will not be entitled to travelling allowance on any subsequent occasion.


The Commission will not enter into any correspondence with the candidates about their candidature except in the following cases :

(i) The eligible candidates shall be issued an e-Admit Card three weeks before the commencement of the examination. The e-Admit Card will be made available in the UPSC website [] for being downloaded by candidates. No Admit Card will be sent by post. For downloading the e- Admit Card the candidate must have his vital parameters like RID & Date of Birth or Roll No. (if received) & date of birth or name, father’s name & Date of Birth available with him.

(ii) If a candidate does not receive his e-Admit Card or any other communication regarding his candidature for the examination one week before the commencement of the examination, he should at once contact the Commission. Information in this regard can also be obtained from the Facilitation Counter located in the Commission’s Office either in person or over Phone Nos. 011–23385271/011–23381125/011–23098543 Extn 4119, 4120. In case no communication is received in the Commission’s Office from the candidate regarding non-receipt of his e-Admit Card at least one week before the examination, he himself will be solely responsible for nonreceipt of his e-Admit Card.

(iii) No candidate will ordinarily be allowed to take the examination unless he holds a certificate of admission for the examination. On receipt of e-Admit Card, check it carefully and bring discrepancies/errors, if any, to the notice of the UPSC immediately. The courses to which the candidates are admitted will be according to their eligibility as per educational qualifications for different courses and the preferences given by the

The candidates should note that their admission to the examination will be purely provisional based on the information given by them in the Application Form. This will be subject to verification of all the eligibility conditions.

(iv) If a candidate receives an e-Admit Card in respect of some other candidate on account of processing error, it should be notified to the Commission with a request to issue the correct e-Admit Card. Candidates may note that they will not be allowed to take the examination on the strength of an e-Admit Card issued in respect of another candidate.

(v) The decision of the Commission as to the acceptance of the application of a candidate and his eligibility or otherwise for admission to the Examination shall be final.

(vi) Candidates should note that the name in the e-Admit Card in some cases, may be abbreviated due to technical reasons.

(vii) Candidates must ensure that their e.mail Ids given in their online applications are valid and active.

IMPORTANT : All Communications to the Commission should invariably contain the following particulars.

1. Name and year of the examination.
2. Registration ID (RID).
3. Roll Number (if received).
4. Name of candidate (in full and in block letters).
5. Postal Address as given in the application.


The Union Public Service Commission shall prepare a list of candidates who obtain the minimum qualifying marks in the written examination as fixed by the Commission at their discretion. Such candidates shall appear before a Services Selection Board for Intelligence and Personality Test where candidates for the Army/Navy wings of the NDA and 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme of Indian Naval Academy will be assessed on Officers Potentiality and those for the Air Force in Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS)
and Pilot Aptitude Test (which forms the whole PAB Test) and for Officers Potentiality. PABT applicable to candidates with Air Force as First choice would also be conducted for all SSB qualified candidates with one of the choice as Air Force subject to their eligibility and if they are so willing.


Candidates who were admitted to an earlier course at the National Defence Academy, or to the 10 + 2 Cadet Entry Scheme of Indian Naval Academy but were removed therefrom for lack of officer-like qualities or on disciplinary grounds will not be admitted to the Academy.

Candidates who were previously withdrawn from the National Defence Academy or Indian Naval Academy on medical grounds or left the above Academy voluntarily are however, eligible for admission to the Academy provided they satisfy the medical and other prescribed conditions.


12. The details regarding (a) the scheme and syllabus of the examination, (b) guidelines for filling up the online Application Form (c) Special Instructions to candidates for objective type tests, (d) Physical standards for admission to the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy and (e) Brief particulars of the service etc., for candidates joining the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy are given in Appendices I, II, III, IV and V respectively.

(The Scheme and Syllabus of Examination)


1. The subjects of the written examination, the time allowed and the maximum marks allotted to each subject will be as follows:—

Subject                                        Code            Duration           Maximum Marks
Mathematics                                01                   2½ Hours                 300
General Ability Test                    02                   2½ Hours                600

Total                                                                                                        900

SSB Test/Interview :                                                                             900


3. In the question papers, wherever necessary, questions involving the metric system of Weights and Measures only will be set.

4. Candidates must write the papers in their own hand. In no circumstances will they be allowed the help of a scribe to write answers for them.

5. The Commission have discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all the subjects at the examination.

6. The candidates are not permitted to use calculator or Mathematical or logarithmic table for answering objective type papers (Test Booklets). They should not therefore, bring the same inside the Examination Hall.


PAPER-I MATHEMATIC, (Code No. 01), (Maximum Marks-300)


Concept of set, operations on sets, Venn diagrams. De Morgan laws, Cartesian product, relation, equivalence relation.

Representation of real numbers on a line. Complex numbers—basic properties, modulus, argument, cube roots of unity. Binary system of numbers. Conversion of a number in decimal system to binary system and vice-versa. Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic progressions. Quadratic equations with real coefficients. Solution of linear inequations of two variables by graphs. Permutation and Combination. Binomial theorem and its applications. Logarithms and their applications.


Types of matrices, operations on matrices. Determinant of a matrix, basic properties of determinants. Adjoint and inverse of a square matrix, Applications-Solution of a system of linear equations in two or three unknowns by Cramer’s rule and by Matrix Method.


Angles and their measures in degrees and in radians. Trigonometrical ratios. Trigonometric identities Sum and difference formulae. Multiple and Sub-multiple angles. Inverse trigonometric functions. Applications-Height and distance, properties of triangles.


Rectangular Cartesian Coordinate system. Distance formula. Equation of a line in various forms. Angle between two lines. Distance of a point from a line. Equation of a circle in standard and in general form. Standard forms of parabola, ellipse and hyperbola. Eccentricity and axis of a conic. Point in a three dimensional space, distance between two points. Direction Cosines and direction ratios. Equation two points. Direction Cosines and direction ratios. Equation of a plane and a line in various forms. Angle between two lines and angle between two planes. Equation of a sphere.


Concept of a real valued function–domain, range and graph of a function. Composite functions, one to one, onto and inverse functions. Notion of limit, Standard limits—examples. Continuity of functions—examples, algebraic operations on continuous functions. Derivative of function at a point, geometrical and physical interpretation of a derivative—applications. Derivatives of sum, product and quotient of functions, derivative of a function with respect to another function, derivative of a composite function. Second order derivatives. Increasing and decreasing functions. Application of
derivatives in problems of maxima and minima.


Integration as inverse of differentiation, integration by substitution and by parts, standard integrals involving algebraic expressions, trigonometric, exponential and hyperbolic functions. Evaluation of definite integrals—determination of areas of plane regions bounded by curves—applications.


Vectors in two and three dimensions, magnitude and direction of a vector. Unit and null vectors, addition of vectors, scalar multiplication of a vector, scalar product or dot product of two vectors. Vector product or cross product of two vectors. Applications—work done by a force and moment of a force and in geometrical problems.


Statistics : Classification of data, Frequency distribution, cumulative frequency distribution—examples. Graphical representation—Histogram, Pie Chart, frequency polygon—examples. Measures of Central tendency—Mean, median and mode. Variance and standard deviation—determination and comparison. Correlation and regression.

PAPER-II , GENERAL ABILITY TEST, (Code No. 02), (Maximum Marks—600)

Part ‘A’—ENGLISH (Maximum Marks—200)

The question paper in English will be designed to test the candidate’s understanding of English and workman like use of words. The syllabus covers various aspects like : Grammar and usage, vocabulary, comprehension and cohesion in extended text to test the candidate’s proficiency in English.

Part ‘B’—GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (Maximum Marks—400)

The question paper on General Knowledge will broadly cover the subjects : Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Social Studies, Geography and Current Events. – The syllabus given below is designed to indicate the scope of these subjects included in this paper. The topics mentioned are not to be regarded as exhaustive and questions on topics of similar nature not specifically mentioned in the syllabus may also be asked. Candidate’s answers are expected to show their knowledge and intelligent understanding of the subject.

Section ‘A’ (Physics)

Physical Properties and States of Matter, Mass, Weight, Volume, Density and Specific Gravity, Principle of Archimedes, Pressure Barometer. Motion of objects, Velocity and Acceleration, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Force and Momentum, Parallelogram of Forces, Stability and Equilibrium of bodies, Gravitation, elementary ideas of work, Power and
Energy. Effects of Heat, Measurement of Temperature and Heat, change of State and Latent Heat, Modes of transference of Heat. Sound waves and their properties, Simple musical instruments. Rectilinear propagation of Light, Reflection and refraction. Spherical mirrors and Lenses, Human Eye. Natural and Artificial Magnets, Properties of a Magnet, Earth as a Magnet.

Static and Current Electricity, conductors and Non-conductors, Ohm’s Law, Simple Electrical Circuits, Heating, Lighting and Magnetic effects of Current, Measurement of Electrical Power, Primary and Secondary Cells, Use of X-Rays. General Principles in the working of the following:

Simple Pendulum, Simple Pulleys, Siphon, Levers, Balloon, Pumps, Hydrometer, Pressure Cooker, Thermos Flask, Gramophone, Telegraphs, Telephone, Periscope, Telescope, Microscope, Mariner’s Compass; Lightening Conductors, Safety Fuses.

Section ‘B’ (Chemistry)

Physical and Chemical changes. Elements, Mixtures and Compounds, Symbols, Formulae and simple Chemical Equations, Law of Chemical Combination (excluding problems). Properties of Air and Water. Preparation and Properties of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbondioxide, Oxidation and Reduction. Acids, bases and salts. Carbon— different forms.

Fertilizers—Natural and Artificial. Material used in the preparation of substances like Soap, Glass, Ink, Paper, Cement, Paints, Safety Matches and Gun-Powder. Elementary ideas about the structure of Atom, Atomic Equivalent and Molecular Weights, Valency.

Section ‘C’ (General Science)

Difference between the living and non-living. Basis of Life—Cells, Protoplasms and Tissues. Growth and Reproduction in Plants and Animals. Elementary knowledge of Human Body and its important organs. Common Epidemics, their causes and prevention.

Food—Source of Energy for man. Constituents of food, Balanced Diet. The Solar System—Meteors and Comets, Eclipses. Achievements of Eminent Scientists.

Section ‘D’ (History, Freedom Movement etc.)

A broad survey of Indian History, with emphasis on Culture and Civilisation. Freedom Movement in India. Elementary study of Indian Constitution and Administration. Elementary knowledge of Five Year Plans of India. Panchayati Raj, Co-operatives and Community Development. Bhoodan, Sarvodaya, National Integration and Welfare State, Basic Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.

Forces shaping the modern world; Renaissance, Exploration and Discovery; War of American Independence. French Revolution, Industrial Revolution and Russian Revolution. Impact of Science and Technology on Society. Concept of one World, United Nations, Panchsheel, Democracy, Socialism and Communism. Role of India in the present world.

Section ‘E’ (Geography)

The Earth, its shape and size. Lattitudes and Longitudes, Concept of time. International Date Line. Movements of Earth and their effects. Origin of Earth. Rocks and their classification; Weathering—Mechanical and Chemical, Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Ocean Currents and Tides Atmosphere and its composition; Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure, Planetary Winds, Cyclones and Anti-cyclones; Humidity; Condensation and Precipitation; Types of Climate, Major Natural regions of the World.
Regional Geography of India—Climate, Natural vegetation. Mineral and Power resources; location and distribution of agricultural and Industrial activities. Important Sea ports and main sea, land and air routes of India. Main items of Imports and Exports of India.

Section ‘F’ (Current Events)

Knowledge of Important events that have happened in India in the recent years. Current important world events. Prominent personalities—both Indian and International including those connected with cultural activities and sports.

NOTE : Out of maximum marks assigned to part ‘B’ of this paper, questions on Sections ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’ will carry approximately 25%, 15%, 10%, 20%, 20% and 10% weightages respectively.

Intelligence and Personality Test

The SSB procedure consists of two stage Selection process – stage I and stage II. Only those candidates who clear the stage I are permitted to appear for stage II. The details are :

(a) Stage I comprises of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests are Picture Perception * Description Test (PP&DT). The candidates will be shortlisted based on combination of performance in OIR Test and PP & DT.

(b) Stage II Comprises of Interview, Group Testing Officer Tasks, Psychology Tests and the Conference. These tests are conducted over 4 days. The details of these tests are given on the website

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I Thing Kept in Mind Before Start Preparation for UPSC Civil Services Examination

About UPSC Civil Service

The civil services examination (CSE) is an national level examination in all India. The CSE examination is organised by UPSC every year to recruitment of new cadets for national services and other civil service examination of Govt. of India. These Civil service include various fields like Indian administrative service (IAS), Indian foreign service (IFS),and Indian Police service(IPS),among others. Aspirants are qualify for these service by clearing Three phase exams, like preliminary exam, main exam, than interview.

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Five Thing Kept in Mind for Preparation of Civil Service Examination.

1. Make proper micro notes

Notes help us to overhaul rapidly before the Prelims; the most recent 15 days that can decide if you will show up for the mains that year. These smaller scale notes can be on current undertakings, GK, and different GS and discretionary themes.

2. Assess yourself

Adopting strategy further, endeavor to apply this to assessing yourself. Rather than holding up till the most recent couple of days to take ridicule tests you ought to assess yourself directly subsequent to finishing a specific segment in a subject. For example allude the earlier year’s inquiry papers before beginning Quit India Movement in Modern Indian History and in the wake of finishing it.

3. Adopt proper time Approach

To solve any problem regarding your study ,you can make proper time schedule for study. When you do study under time management every thing happen in good students always adopt time approach.

4. Outline the whole syllabus

On the off chance that you have contemplated science, you would be comfortable with a word “catabolism”. It is a procedure in which unique parts are separated into their results. You can do likewise with your IAS syllabus. Discover the points you are great at and the themes you would require help in. Do it for every one of the subjects and work upon them.

5. Preparation Technique

it isn’t an overstated actuality that IAS is the country’s hardest focused exam and calls for escalated practice and planning. There is no unequivocal response to the most normally made inquiries, for example, how long an IAS hopeful need to put in consistently? It will contrast from individual to individual so give us a chance to take a gander at it from a general point of view.

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B. Sc Agriculture Entrance Exam Coaching in India

B.Sc In Agriculture is an Undergraduate course in the stream of Agriculture. The duration of this course is of four years. This is because the degree is considered as Professional as per norms of the Govt. of India. The demand for Professional in agriculture is increasing day by day to give more focus on the agriculture to increase the Production of Agriculture to fulfill the need of peoples. In fact the agriculture employee nearly half of the Indian Population. Thus the Craze for agriculture course has also been on a rise among the Aspirants. Those aspirants wants to get admission in B.Sc agriculture Course, Delhi Career Group Provide Education for B.Sc Agriculture Entrance Exam Coaching In Chandigarh.

Agricultural Engineering

Bsc Agriculture Entrance Exam Coaching

While the B.Sc Agriculture course is obtainable on a full-time basis in Most establishments, it’s also to be had as a distance mode study option in most of the institutions. The course fee for this program generally varies from INR 1 lakh to INR 5 lakhs, depending on the course and institution supplying it. The course specializes in agricultural technology and generation. It trains students in powerful agricultural practices, farming strategies, animal and poultry management, biotechnology, and horticulture. The course offers theoretical and practical information of what improves agricultural productiveness.

Important Skill for B.Sc Agriculture:-

whether students want to carry out agricultural research or grow to be scientists, they want to be passionate about agriculture before they plan to pursue the B. Sc Agriculture direction. but, there are a few different qualities or talents important to complete the course and carve a profession on this area successfully. Such skills include they are following;

• Analytical ability,
• Research Aptitude,
• Teamwork,
• Good Scientific Knowledge,
• Good physical stamina,
• Good Observation,
• Effective Communication,
• Basic Knowledge of Agriculture & Forming So.On.

Job Opportunity After B. Sc Agriculture:-


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Bsc Agriculture

The field of agriculture is great, and so are the job possibilities in this area. beginning from farming to taking the produce to clients, there are many types of industries and corporations gambling a role within the agricultural zone. therefore, students finishing the B. Sc Agriculture route can discover various rewarding activity alternatives with such industries and organizations. they are able to even paintings with relevant and national government departments and ministries, as well as studies institutes and agriculture -finance groups.

With this kind of good sized scope of careers, there are more options National listed and rural banks, agricultural universities, agro-industries, and agricultural technology center. There is no dearth of jobs in agricultural service firms. Many college students may want to paintings as agricultural managers, supervisors or inspectors in food processing gadgets and breeding center. even as there are first-rate possibilities with NGOs, college students also can start their own agriculture-associated businesses after finishing the B. Sc Agriculture route.

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How to Start preparation for PU CET Entrance

PU CET 2018 also referred as Punjab University Common Entrance Test (PU CET) is a university-level exam, that is organized via Punjab University. This examination is essential for the medical students. This exam is an undergraduate stage examination that is being prepared for the ones of you who desire to take admission in Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharma), BHMS and B.Sc.(Hons.) so. On. Delhi Career Group is the specific place for imparting PU CET coaching in Chandigarh.

Preparation for the exam can be annoying and time eating however it does not must be. There is no need to strain out. With the aid of doing a pair easy thing beforehand of time. You may ensure which you are confident and geared up for anything that comes up on the PU CET exam. Utilized the given remarkable preparation tips for PU CET exam.

pu cet

PU CET Entrance Exam

1 Familiarize Yourself

You ought to method your preparation on the topics within the course of study and therefore set up consequently. If you begin your preparation well ahead of time then there no need to skip a subject.

2 Tick Mark the Topic Covered

By tick marking, one can have a thought whereas rewriting that topics square measure left with and wherever will one notice the study material and content.

3 Give Mock Test

One of the simplest ways that to live test of your skills is by active previous years PU CET question Papers, sample papers and mock tests. It will facilitate you to enhance your speed in respondent MCQs and assist you to finish your paper in time.

4 Systematic Approach to Updated knowledge

Entire study with relevance curriculum of General paper is that the correct step to quick -start your preparation. Study the curriculum and mark the topics which need a lot of time to prepare. Always prefer read news from to newspaper, journals, magazines, and special current affairs update.

5 Do Smart Work Rather than Hard Work

No matter if you study day and night, you eat just the once every day to remain awake you’ll not accomplish your goal, till you are coming up with is effective.

6 Practice Again & Again

“Practice makes a man perfect” is that the quote that we tend to all have detected again and again. This line makes the particular sense here as a result of during this test the key to success is active on your own.

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India’s Best Coaching center for CLAT

Delhi Career Group is best Academy in North India which offers specifically and solely Coaching for CLAT Entrance Exam, and all different National and state level law Entrance Exam. In contrast to different banking or civil service training institutes, we put together for CLAT, AILET, CET regulation Punjab, SET, ULSAT, OCET & other law entrance Examinations. We are situated in the heart of the Chandigarh & Delhi.

CLAT ( Common law Admission test National- level Common Entrance Test for all UG and PG admissions on the NLUs (National Law Universities). It is carried out through one of the 18 NLUs each year on a rotational basis. CLAT exam is held on the second Sunday of May every year. The notification for CLAT 2018 can be released in the 4th week of December 2017. A part of the 18 NLUs, many Private law colleges also consider CLAT scores for admissions.

CLAT 2 - Copy - Copy

Best CLAT / LAW Entrance Exam Coaching institute

 We are providing Best specialty staff and study material for proper training of students. Our lecturers are Masters in Law and are also UGC NET Law qualified. They have cracked various Law Entrance Exams including CLAT, PU, DU law entrances. They are now sharing their experience and expertise at Delhi Career Group Academy. Our Study material is the result of years of legal experience. This institute has best atmosphere for CLAT exam coaching in Chandigarh.

Our main motive is to make law entrance exam a cakewalk for the law aspirants, who are seen running from pillar to post in search of best Instruction & guidance. The study at DCG helps a student to get interaction with bright students from different schools as well as quality faculty members. It boasts a student to shape his goals and to thrive towards it. The course offered by Delhi Career Group Academy opened new horizons for Students and provided in-depth knowledge about the law entrance test. Timely availability of the study material and standard of the mock tests are excellent. Also, the kind and quick reply to all the queries was very helpful.

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CLAT Exam Eligibility Criteria 2018

National University of Advanced Legal Studies will be announced the CLAT Exam 2018 eligibility criteria, The criteria of CLAT Exam and notification are release in the Month of December. Aspirants applying for the National –level law entrance exam need to read and understand the eligibility the eligibility criteria. Those aspirants fulfill all the criteria are eligible for CLAT exam. Criteria include age, Minimum marks & Qualification etc.

Candidates may also marvel why it’s far important to apprehend eligibility criteria for CLAT 2018. Think a candidate fills CLAT Application form, 2018 without verifying the eligibility criteria and in the course of the admission method it is determined that the candidate does not fulfill the eligibility, say does no longer rating the minimally required marks. In such case, the candidature of CLAT 2018 applicant will deem to be canceled as enjoyable the eligibility is obligatory. furthermore, the application costs submitted by the candidate for CLAT 2018 will now not be refunded if candidature gets canceled because of non-fulfillment of the eligibility criteria.


CLAT Exam Coaching Institute

Delhi Career group is Pinnacle institute for CLAT Exam Coaching, CLAT Entrance Exam is very tough Crack, Only few aspirants crack this Exam . Delhi Career Group is best and Unique for providing CLAT Coaching in Chandigarh. After Crack the CLAT exam aspirants get admission in best t LAW college /University. according the Basis of their Score in Entrance Exam.

Criteria for Undergraduate program Including B.A LLB, B. Sc LLB, & B.Com LLB across NLU’S can check the minimum condition required. For this. The Detail is given below.

Educational Criteria:-

Educational Qualification – applicants applying for BA LLB, B.Com LLB and B. Sc LLB Pronto qualify 12th board exam under 10+2 candidates to need to score at the least forty-five per cent marks in a mixture of the topics regarded in the 12th board examination. furthermore, those belonging to SC and ST classes and making use of for CLAT 2018 need to attain at the least 40 according to scent marks within the aggregate of subjects.

Age Criteria

Consistent with March 3, 2017, ultimate court docket’s order, any law aspirant can fill the application form at par revised CLAT eligibility criteria. There is no age bar for CLAT application because the apex court stays BCI’s age coverage for this year.

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Everything About Punjab University Result 2018

PU (Punjab University) result will be revealed around after a week of finishing of undergraduate entrance exam. The PU CET undergraduate result 2018 could be revealed online mode and students check their one result on the official website of Punjab University. After this merit list will be prepared to give admission students in various course according to their score on the Entrance exam. The Punjab University result will be declared in the Month of June 2018. This Blog is very helpful to those students who are looking for Higher study at Punjab University.

Events                                                                                                    Tentative dates
PUCET Exam Date                                                                                     June 2018
PUCET Result                                                                                             June 2018
Declaration of Merit List                                                                       July 2018
Submission of preferences for B. Pharma or B. Sc course         July 201B.

The PU CET result 2018 will only carry your qualifying status in the exam and only pass students will be required to submit the admission form. After the submission of the form PU release, Final list of merit will carry the named students who have correctly submit their application form.


PU Cet exam importent dates

PU CET Exam coaching in Chandigarh


PU CET Merit and Cutoff list:-

The Merit list for PU CET admission will be prepared according to the marks scored in the 12th class and PU CET entrance exam. The weight of the 12th class marks is 25% and entrance exam score 75 %, the merit list will be prepared on the basis of the whole total, of both scores. The Cutoff percentage for getting admission in PU CET is created on the basis of score gains. The total marks 120.The cutoff percentage & marks for general category is 15% & 18, for SC/ST/ PWD is 10 % 12 marks.

Subject wise Merit List:-

• Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
• Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics,
• Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry,
• Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science,
• Only Mathematics.

Documents required:-

Candidate must bring all original documents with photocopy of all –

• Matriculation certificate as proof of date of birth.
• 10th class marks sheet.
• 12th class marks sheet.
• Character certificate
• Category certificate .
• Aadhaar card.

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Best Preparation Tips to Crack SSC JE Exam

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an employer under government of India to recruit workforce for numerous posts in the numerous Ministries and Departments of the government of India and in Subordinate offices. This commission is an connected workplace of the branch of personnel and education (DoPT) which consists of Chairman, two individuals and a Secretary-cum-Controller of Examinations. His submit is equivalent to the extent of additional Secretary to the government of India. A large number of aspirants usually participate in this exam but only a few are able to qualify SSC JE exam, because this exam are very hard to qualify. So, you need to get coaching SSC JE Electrical / Electronics. Our institute gives best SSC JE exam coaching in Chandigarh.




Delhi Career Group is Star coaching institute that prepares students for SSC JE Civil exam in Chandigarh. We provide diverse coaching classes for different competitive examinations.SSC JE Mechanical exam Coaching in Chandigarh provides you competitive and healthy environment to candidate for learning. Our institute provides you skilled, well educated and experienced teaching staff. We provide you comprehensive study material for SSC JE Electronics exam preparation. Notes are especially designed by our experts according to exam pattern. Weekly test are also conducted to evaluate the level of the students in SSC JE Electrical written exam.

Study with full consistency will lead you to qualify this exam.
• Make a time desk of your study.
• Study for at the least 4 hrs a day for 12 months.
• Have a look at with complete concentration and try and clear your fundamentals of the subjects.
• Remembers shortcuts of doing the questions and additionally create your own shortcuts to solve the problems easily & quickly.
• Make sure you attain the exam centre well before time. This manner, you received not be confused, which continually helps you carry out higher in an examination.
• Attempt the ones questions first which you are absolutely certain about. You don’t want to attempt special sections in a selected order. hence, you could always pass backwards and forward between sections.
• Attempt the smooth questions in all of the sections first after which attempt the hard questions.
• As far as possible, do no longer play the guessing game. A thumb of rule you may comply with is if you recognize more than 50% of the paper, you should not take undue dangers and guess answers.
• There is negative marking but, if you understand less than 50% of the paper, it could be worthwhile to take calculate dangers.

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Navy Exam Coaching in Chandigarh

The Indian navy is the most important, maximum capable military in the international, with the best combined battle fleet tonnage. A army or maritime pressure is a fleet of waterborne navy vessels (watercraft) and its related naval aviation, each sea-based and land-primarily based. The Father of Indian Navy is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

navy 04

Delhi career Group Coaching center is an Unique place for providing Best Navy exam Coaching in Chandigarh. Also provide training for other various types of exam ,after qualify these exam getting jobs in govt. sector. Delhi career group is oldest Niceplace for providing best Navy exam Coaching in Chandigarh. Those students who wants to planning join coaching classes for navy 2018. So they don’t waste their useful time for searching of best coaching institute. According to my personal view Delhi Career Group academy is suitable place for giving best Navy coaching in Chandigarh .for qualify Navy exam 2018 .Our institute always providing No.1 Merchant Navy Coaching classes in Chandigarh with affordable fee structure. So came 1st and join it for taking navy coaching .

Eligibility for Navy

• Candidate must be An Indian.
• Candidate pass 10th and 12th class exam from recognized board.
• Age not less then 17 years and not more then 21 years.
• Subjects in +2 Math ,Physics , Chemistry , and English.
• Aspirants must Unmarried.
• Physically and Mentally fit for Indian Navy.

Subjects for Navy Exam

 English ,
 Math,
 Science ,
 General knowledge.

Thing To Consider When joining the Navy

Job Opportunity in Navy

The army has extra than 80 enlisted jobs, which they call ratings. process classifications are dealt with a bit in a different way within the navy than within the different branches. Many rankings divided into sub-specialties, as opposed to breaking them out into separate jobs .

Educational Opportunities in the Navy

all of us who enlists on active duty in any branch of the military is eligible for the G.I. bill. similarly, the army gives a college fund for recruits who enlist in jobs the military considers understaffed, including cash to monthly G.I. bill entitlements. The army also offers training assistance for university publications taken off obligation.

Get in Shape before boot camp

Do now not anticipate the navy will get you in form from a de-conditioned sedentary character. You want to have an ability to run, do pushand crunches, and feature the potential to swim and tread water. In case you fail any of the physical standards, you’ll get to spend any free” time doing more workout routines early or late within the day. So arrive in shape.

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Effective Tips Prepare for NDA & NA Entrance Exam


UPSC Stands Union Public Service Commission regulates the National Defense Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy (NA) exam for providing admission of new aspirants into National Defense Academy. Here aspirants sustain training in the 3 service of the Indian Armed Force, Namely Indian Army. Indian Air Force, & Indian Navy. The Examination regulated by the UPSC two times in a year & invites application from the Indian Unmarried Male candidates. The aspirants are eligible to begin their pre commissioned training in the in the respective fields.

Major points which make Delhi Career Group Best Institute For NDA Entrance Exam Coaching 60 Days to 90 days. NDA Exam Training classes provided by Delhi Career Group.6 to 8 hours permanently. Daily Regular Classes and daily tests of 50 questions taken by Delhi Career Group to check the performance of students on daily basis. DCG institute is best provider of NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

The career in the Indian Armed Force is very respective, glorious high rendition. To service for the Nation is a dream of every young aspirant This exam regulated across the whole Nation to recruits new cadets for the better service of Country. To Join Indian Armed Forces Through NDA is the Dream job of every aspirant. If you can relate to this then the NDA & NA Entrance examination is all That you need to overcome. however, it is easier stated than finished.


NDA & NA tranning

The aspirants before applying for the NDA & NA must understand following facts –

• The Exam is very hard to Crack.
• The Competition is very high.
• Numerous aspirants are applied & appeared.
• Lastly, Number of seats is limited.

Those elements fuel the reduce-throat competition that the NDA and NA exam has been a witness for over the years. You glaringly cannot do something approximately the primary elements. but the 1/3 one can be easily leveraged to your advantage through getting ready safely for it. In this text, we’re going to shed a few mild on some powerful education techniques to ace the NDA and NA exam.

Acquaint yourself With the Syllabus

The syllabus goes to be your roadmap at some point of your education. it’s miles going to expose you exactly what to have a look at and what to leave out. understanding your syllabus is the first step of your preparation strategy. So here is going:

The NDA written exam includes two section Mathematics and General ability.

• The mathematics section includes topics like, Algebra, trigonometry, differential calculus, statics, & matrix, determination, probability and vector algebra So. On.
• General ability test. The general ability section includes English, Physics, Chemistry, Current affair General Knowledge, History, and geography.

Read the Newspaper regularly

The general capacity takes a look at comprises questions of general intelligence, cutting-edge affairs and English. The newspaper is going to be your answer to the ultimate. It would help update your know-how of new events and additionally offer a scope to sweep up on your English competencies in case you subscribe to an English newspaper.

Examine information of news that is of both, countrywide and global importance. you may keep a notebook available to write the critical points of the occurrences for revising later. some other amazing source of supply is the TV.. Watch the information channels regularly to stay abreast of the details. in case you very own a smart phone, you could don’t forget downloading a news app in it for regular updates.

Solve the Previous year’s Question papers

It is Very important to solve many questions as feasible and that too, correctly — to have a hazard at securing a seat within the prestigious academy. one of the excellent methods to reap this is via solving as many preceding years’ questions as you may. this cannot best come up with an idea about the form of questions that commonly function in the exam, however also familiarize you with the exam sample.

Shortcuts are Going to be Your Savior for mathematics

yes, there are not any shortcuts in life, but there positive are a gaggle of them with regards to solving arithmetic issues. the math phase for the NDA and NA examination is pretty elaborate and will make the meager two and a half of hours duration appear like most effective a couple of minutes. I will inform you why. The question that features in this section are analytical therefore need a huge chunk of your time efforts to solves the questions. Candidates used shortcut methods and tricks to calculate the sum easily, this thing very helpful to solve the question in the exam.

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Killer Tips to Crack NDA Entrance Exam

For Students who are in 10+2 and still don’t recognize what NDA is you then want to realize now. NDA means National Defense Academy is the joint services academy of Indian armed forces which encompass Army, Navy, and Air-force. Earlier than a cadet is granted a fee he is trained in the respective academies of Army, Navy and Air pressure .After you are commissioned you end up an officer like Captain, predominant, flying Officer etc for respective Armed Forces.

Delhi Career Group institute gives NDA exam Coaching in Chandigarh. It’s miles considered one of the suitable and popular location to advantage your goal inside NDA field. Our Academy provides NDA coaching to crack examination in 1st attempt. This institute gives proper and less costly prize training to all, The body of workers of this academy usually helps you on every step.

Prepare for NDA Previous Years Question Papers:

This is taken into consideration as one of the pleasant methods to prepare for an exam. NDA previous question papers could assist you to apprehend the syllabus, Exam pattern, and types of questions you would possibly face throughout NDA exam.

Join Coaching Classes:-

There is numerous coaching institute in Chandigarh provide NDA exam coaching. In present time it is more difficult to choose the best institute for NDA exam Training. But Delhi Career Group is a premier academy for imparting NDA exam coaching. Aspirants do not waste your time in search of the institute. Our academy is no.1 in this field.

Prepare with Good NDA Books:-

To be Straight forward most of the NDA entrance exam preparation which is available on the market is just like any other question bank. These books are not dedicated to best preparation, but on the other hand there are some best NDA Exam preparation books are available on internet you can buy these books for best result in Exam.

Self-Preparation is the Best Way to Study:

Contemplate all above methods of preparation, few students believe in a self-preparation approach to crack any exam. Without self Preparation, you cannot able to crack NDA entrance Exam .So if Someone who doesn’t require an extra push from someone else and believe in your capability. However, recollect self-training may bog down your hazard to clean the NDA exam. if you aren’t sure what you’re doing or you have got in no way finished this earlier than. it is continuously better to invite for help even as you aren’t fantastic because of the truth your final motive is to clear the exam.

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Defence Bing | Shining Star Delhi Career Group

Delhi Career Group is best Defence coaching institute for North India.

Vrajesh Rajput

Congratulation!! to Mr. Vrajesh Rajput For Qualifying the NDA exam and SSB interview.

Join Best NDA Coaching Institute By:- COL. Puneet Seghal (Retd)

Branches : Chandigarh, Mohali (Pb.) & Delhi

Special Hostel Facility Avalaible for Students from Outside

Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

For more information you can visit here:


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Stunning Suggestions for Qualify NDA Entrance Exam 2018

Union Public service commission will prepare the National Defense Academy (NDA) 2018 exam in April. the Gateway exam can be held for the admissions to Army, Military and Air Force of India. NDA examination could be finished in a 2 tier stage which will be the written test and Service Selection Board (SSB) test. The primary purpose of the scholars is to Crack the written exam. Those candidates are searching for make their bright profession within the area of protection they ought to be a part of our education center for NDA exam coaching in Delhi.



NDA Exam Coaching in Delhi

NDA Entrance exam is not easy as to school exam. Practice making a perfect to get success on any exam. Delhi Career Group is an academy known for its best academic result in whole Entrance Exam s. Our Academy is famous for Providing NDA Exam Training in Delhi. The atmosphere of this institute is always best for receiving top NDA Exam coaching from Delhi Career Group. Aspirants don’t best your time and join NDA Written exam coaching in Delhi.

  • Compare yourself:- Studying by myself doesn’t make your education whole. You must evaluate yourself time-to-time for a powerful education.
  • Use flow charts & diagram: -When you prepare for NDA written exam, you need to try to make proper flow charts and diagram of learning things it must help you in exams
  • Give yourself enough time to study: -Give proper time to yourself for study because u not give enough time for study you cannot crack any written exam.
  • More practice on previous years papers: Practice makes men perfect. For the preparation of written exam, always give time to practice of the back years exam papers.
  • Focus on Concept, no note learning: -For the preparation of written exam, you must give focus on every concept. when your basic concept accurate must sure u do well in the written exam . do not try to rote learning .this thing not helpful for u.
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What are the Common Mistake Done by the Aspirants when they Prepare for PU CET Entrance

PU CET Entrance is a competitive examination conducted for the purpose of admission of students to the first semester of full-time guides in medical, dental and engineering courses in professional colleges the various states of India. The professional faculties providing such publications are affiliated with the Nation run universities and admit students through the CET yearly. The fees structure varies from year to year.

There is the number of students who lost the match due to some silly errors throughout their coaching. Here is a list of some of the errors which done by the maximum of the scholars In the time of preparation. Delhi Career group is the only single institute that helps the students regarding their problem & doubts related to PU CET entrance exam coaching. Those students want to solve these mistake regarding study must join DCG academy in Chandigarh.



PU CET Entrance Exam


Not Focus on Current Syllabus:-

Books always add some extra spices to already exist in the syllabus of PU CET and we all lap it up. But need to look the latest syllabus for the PU CET exam. This syllabus downloads and checks the Official site of the Punjab University.

Opting too Many Books:-

Do not opt many books at the same time. One right theory book, one or decent exercise books and everyday assessments -that’s all it takes. choosing many books only growth your burden, as questions & theory in the maximum of the books are quite comparable. so always do study from best-selected books of PU CET exam preparation.

Do not Give proper Attention During Coaching:-

That is the foremost one, students normally think at some point of the lecture that they may have a look at it at home with himself/herself. if you hold this kind of mindset, change it at once. Attend normal lectures and pay interest to what is taught in education. This can be done your 50% of the paintings itself.

Do not Study Regularly:-

Most of the student do this when they prepare for PU CET entrance test. This is not like school exam so keep touch with study in regular. Do study full week for better preparation.

Giving up all Hobbies:-

It is miles apparent that you have to look at difficult to gain your intention however you may keep removing an hour a day for your interest. but, Don’t waste your an excessive amount of energy on bodily workout routines.

Not Taking Healthy Meals:-

If you’ll now not take healthy meals, you just might end up falling ill, that can value you lots. If now not the sickness, you’re surely going to be in terrible physical conditions.


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Latest notification of jobs in various department of PSPCL

This is an excellent opportunity for the applicants who’re seeking out Govt. Jobs in Punjab. Currently, Punjab State  Power Corporation Limited confined the release date of PSPCL Recruitment 2017 Notification to fill 853 Junior Engineer, Lower Division Clerk, Sub Station Attendant Vacancies. The PSPCL Application form lively from 18th  December 2017 to 8th January 2018. Job seekers who’re the residents of Punjab apply for this PSPCL JE LDC SSA Recruitment 2017 & Check eligibility information.  Those applicants fulfill all the necessary eligibility mentioned by the PSPCL are applicable to fill the application form.


PSPCL Coaching in Chandigarh

Delhi Career Group is the specialist for giving best coaching to States & Center jobs in Govt. sector. This institute provides coaching according to the needs of Students. Our institute provides PSPCL jobs coaching according to the latest format. Applicants must join Delhi Career Group for PSPCL Coaching in Chandigarh, to get job in PSPCL department.

Detail :-

Organization Name                         Punjab State Power Corporation Limited

Post  Name                                       Junior Engineer , Lower Division Clerk , Sub Station attendant.

Total Vacancy                                   853 posts

Application Mode                            Online

Starting Date                                     18 December 2017

Closing Date                                      08 January 2018

Official website                     

Post Name                       No. of Vacancy

Junior Engineer                               300

Lower Division Clerk                     300

Sub Station attendant                    253

Total                                                    853

Eligibility Criteria:-

Age limits: -Those Applicants apply for PSPCL must have minimum age 18 years &  maximum age 37 years.

Applicants must complete their Graduation degree in relevant field from recognized University/Institute.

Selection  & Salary :-

The selection will be done on the basis of the Written test and Interview.

The salary will give to recruit candidate on the basis of pay scale 2017 / norms of an organization.

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Best Result in Defence Exam by the Aspirants of the Delhi Career Group

DELHI CAREER GROUP ACADEMY is very specific vicinity for presenting education to all Candidate the ones fascinated to take Coaching from our institute. filed Our institute provides coaching for all subjects, entrance examination in addition to fairly profile Govt. jobs. In Delhi Career Group organization every year numerous of Aspirants receives training from this institute to make their entire lifestyles and destiny tremendous. Our academy put together candidate for NDA and Defense discipline. Delhi Career institution that place in which students satisfy their objective to receives excessive profile government jobs on the premise of their pleasant performance on each step.

Mukul ThakurOvation to Mr. Mukul Thakur on their great success. Delhi Career Group is Glad on the achievement of Mr. Mukul Thakur in NDA Entrance Exam & SSB interview. Retd. Col. Puneet Sehgal is expert for giving best training to aspirants to get 100% success in Defense Field. Our teacher makes you clever & perfect by using this high-quality to procure success in NDA. We desire you all the quality of your destiny. This Candidate is Qualify NDA whole examination are shining Star of Our Academy. Students feel satisfied after the crack the examination. The achievement of Candidate is likewise the succeed of Institute.

Vrajesh RajputThis institute growing every day by way of the overall performance of students. Mr. Vrajesh Rajput is the Shining star of the Our Academy. Ovation to Mr. Vrajesh Rajput on their great success.Delhi Career Group is Glad on the achievement of Mr. Vrajesh Rajput in NDA Entrance Exam & SSB interview . Retd. Col. Puneet Sehgal is expert for giving best training to aspirants to get 100% success in Defense Field. Best of luck for their future.

Ajay KumarCongratulation to Mr. Ajay Kumar to Qualify NDA exam, Delhi Career Group is giving best wishes to Mr. Ajay Kumar for Next step. This institute growing Day by day through the overall performance of students. Mr. Ajay Kumar is the Shining star of the DCG Chandigarh

Mohit ChaudharyCongratulation to Mr.Mohit Chaudhary to Qualify NDA exam, Delhi Career Group is giving best wishes to Mr.Mohit Chaudhary for SSB interview. This institute growing Day by day through the great performance of students. Mr.Mohit Chaudhary is the Shining star of the Delhi Career Group.

Sohan LalThis institute growing Day by day through the overall performance of students. Mr. Sohan Lal is the Shining star of the DCG Academy. Ovation to Mr.Sohan Lal on their great success.Delhi Career Group is Glad on the achievement of Mr. Sohan Lal in AFCAT Exam. Retd. Col. Puneet Sehgal is a specialist for providing best training to aspirants to get 100% success in Defense Field.Best of luck for their whole future.

Chandan KumarThis institute growing Day by day through the overall achievement of students in various filed. Mr.Chandan Kumar is the Shining star of the DCG Academy. Congratulation to Mr. Chandan Kumar on their great success.Delhi Career Group is Glad on the achievement of Mr.Chandan Kumar in AFCAT Exam. Retd. Col. Puneet Sehgal is a specialist for providing best training to aspirants to get 100% selected in Indian Armed Forces.Best of luck for their destiny.

Mr Suraj KhamakarCongratulation ! Mr.Suraj Khmakhar to Qualify Navy Exam. In present time most students interested to go in the field of Navy. Those Students wants to change their Dream into reality must join Delhi Career Group, Students gain training Under the Guidance of. Retd. Col. Puneet Sehgal is a specialist for giving the best training to aspirants to get 100% selected in Indian Navy.

Mr. Rishav Sharma

Congratulations for  Qualifying CDS Exam

Mr. Vijender Sangwan

Congratulations!! for  Qualifying CDS Exam

Congratulation to all Aspirants those Qualifying CDS Exam by gaining proper coaching from our expert. Retd. Col. Puneet Sehgal is a specialist for providing the best training to aspirants to get 100% selected in CDS. Ovation to Mr. Rishav Sharma, Mr. Jatin Sangwan and Mr. Rohit Tiwari on great success to qualify CDS Exam. I wish, God may bless you & maintain your happiness for whole life.

Our students always give a nice result, with the aid of this result in present time Delhi Career institution is the pinnacle coaching center in Chandigarh for Defense Coaching In Chandigarh. This institute growing daily by means of the performance of Aspirants. Above all Aspirants are the Shining Star of the Our Academy. In Delhi career organization every year number of Aspirants gets admission in this institute to make their entire existence and future wonderful.

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AFCAT-1 Entrance Exam Notification 2018

Indian Air force invites candidates to join IAF as Commissioned officers in Flying, Ground duty (Non-Technical) and Ground duty (Technical) Branches through Air Force common Admission Test. The Course will start within the month of January 2019 and its online application accessible in the month of December 2017. Candidates could be decided on based totally on their universal performance in Written exam and AFSB Interview observed with the aid of medical examination. So, prepare in reality properly in case you want to grab this possibility. In the meantime, you should read this put up in an effort to gather all associated info of AFCAT exam, which includes eligibility required, exam dates, examination pattern and so on. Those candidates decide to go in this line they must come in Delhi Career Group for gaining proper Knowledge to crack AFCAT Exam.



AFCAT Exam Coaching Classes

Delhi Career Group institute provides AFCAT exam coaching in Chandigarh. It’s miles one of the precise and popular location to gain your goal inside the fields AFCAT. Our Academy provide AFCAT coaching to crack examination in a single strive. This institute offers proper and less costly prize coaching to all, & for first-class AFCAT examination in Chandigarh. The group of workers of this academy continually help you on each step.

A Quick Overview

Title                                                     Overview

Examination name                             Air Force Common Admission Test,
Exam conducting Authority             Indian Air Force,
Exam Conducting at                           National level,
Offered post                                         Commissioned Officer at flying Officer, Ground Duty (Technical ),                                         Ground duty (non Technical) branch.
Date of Application Form                  From December 2017,
Mode AFCAT exam                             Written Test,
Selection Step                                      Written Exam., AFSB Interview, Medical examination.

Important Dates for AFCAT 2018

Events                                                 Date

Date of Notification                                  December 2017,
Date of filling Application form           December 2017,
Last date of filing Application form    December 2017,
Admit card release date                          Update so. on ,
Exam date                                                    February 2018
Announcement of result                           Update so .on ,

Eligibility for AFCAT 2018 :

 Flying Branch :- 18 – 23 years..
 Technical Branch :-18- 28 years
 Ground Branch :- 20 – 27 years

 Aspirants must be an Indian
 Aspirants passed 10+2 class from recognized board..
 Aspirants pass +2 in PCM with English as compulsory subject.& gain at least 60 % marks in aggregate.
 Those candidates complete their Graduation with 60% Marks also apply for This.

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Engineering Entrance Exam for Successful Career

If you are one of those Aspirants who assume which you should take a seat for the gateway examination of most effective the ones faculties that are able to get your campus placement for the best paying jobs, then sorry to say this, however you are about to make a huge mistake in your selection of an engineering university, positive, the task placement and the revenue are an important part of the college selection, however you cannot make those elements your sole criterion for deciding on among the various B. Tech colleges . Delhi Career Group academy helps the aspirant by providing Coaching for JEE Mains Exam in Chandigarh, those seeking for higher study & Profession in the field of Engineering

Engineering entrance exam, To have a successful profession in engineering, it’s apparent which you have to have an engineering degree and to get into any engineering university you have to have executed genuinely properly in an engineering entrance examination. Here some important engineering entrance exam is given below:

• JEE Mains,
• JEE Advance,
• K-CET,
• MH- CET, so, on

JEE Main & JEE advanced are for college kids interested in becoming a member of the elite engineering faculties in India like IITs, NITs and so forth. whereas CET helps you get into the engineering schools in particular states. IITs & NITs are any engineering aspirant’s dream and if you are ready to put inside the attempt, you can fulfill your dream of graduating from these colleges. Early training is the key. thinking about those are competitive assessments, if you may get beforehand in any way you need to take hold of the opportunity. To have a terrific training it would be of fantastic assist to join JEE Advance training classes in Chandigarh to receive the proper steering.


So focusing on both PU and aggressive exam training collectively is the best way to move. There will be a very good balance between both your board exam coaching and instruction for competitive tests. you can attention on learning the concern as well as choosing up shortcuts and intensive concept learning to crack your competitive exams.

Gaining knowledge of shortcuts and preparing with the exam in mind is right however the early preparation gives you a hazard to select up the standards to be able to assist you do properly for your profession. consequently it’s miles critical to enroll in the proper institute so that you can join a good university and in turn have a success career.

Recognize the importance this holds on your lifestyles and put together for it critically to cut down numerous time in getting a activity and a good designation at a enterprise of your preference. the way to prepare for IIT is something you’ll recognize after some weeks into your route and it is not a problem to take that point. avoid taking unnecessary pressure and attention all your energy into placing your true plans into action.

Having a success career in engineering field, Our academy gives best JEE entrance exam coaching in Chandigarh. there may be shorter route to attain your purpose but do not suppose that it is a shortcut. You want to put in attempt but it does not must be painful. deal with it as something you like doing and it is going to be a a laugh process to gain the culmination of your tough work. Be knowledgeable at each factor, have precise and practical goals and align your moves on your dreams to get the outcomes which you are looking for. that is a specific manner of having a promising career in engineering.

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How to prepare for UGC NET Computer Science Exam 2018?

Exam time is the most stressful fact for the students to qualify the exam under the pressure. The students who is preparing for UGC NET Computer Science need to get motivated and encouraged in achieving best score in UGC NET exam. To score well you need to follow some smart strategies. Here are the some useful tips to prepare for UGC NET Computer Science exam.


Preparation Tips to qualify UGC NET exam:

Examine your syllabus:

Collect the complete study material of UGC NET Computer Science syllabus of your concerned subjects and review all the topics which you cover faster. Mark the topics you have covered than proceed to next topic.

Refer to Good Books:

To clear UGC NET Computer science exam students need to purchase some good authorized books that will help you to clear all basic concepts as well as logics and covers the entire syllabus of UGC.

Create Short Notes:

It is the best way of preparing short notes of whole syllabus in short period of time. Write down all important things related to points and also highlight headings by using underlying, it will help you to make better notes. Revise every topic thoroughly.

Time Allocation:

Time management skill is beneficial while preparing for any exams. Create a schedule for daily routine and allot is separately for every section of syllabus to reduce stress and confusion. 

Take help from solved papers:

By solving earlier solved papers of UGC NET Computer Science, students are eligible to test their knowledge and know the pattern of the exam. By doing this you will also get the idea how to attempt the final papers’

Join Coaching Classes:

By enrolling yourself to coaching class’s means you can increase your knowledge and confidence level for cracking the UGC NET exam efficiently. So join best UGC NET Computer Science coaching Classes to get all facilities.

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CLAT 2018 Preparation Tips – Preparation Tips by Toppers

CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) test is basically conducted for the students who are seeking to take admission to 18 colleges of NLU (National Law University) across India. CLAT exam is conducted in month of December by NUALS Kochi (The National university of Advanced Legal Studies Kochi) in which students can get admission in undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes (BA LLB, B.Com, B.Sc LLB and BBB LLB). Before going for preparation tips take a look at important dates and pattern of CLAT exam 2018 which will help you to prepare well for the examination.



CLAT Exam Coaching Institute


CLAT Exam Pattern 2018:

The mode of CLAT exam will be organized in a computer-based. CLAT Exam consists 200 multiple choice question among five sections and time of duration will be 2 hours. This exam contains negative marking it will deduct your 0.25 makrds for incorrect answer.


For more information, you can visit here: and Call Now: 084274-14076, 084272-87963.

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Most Useful Points to Crack PU CET Entrance Exam 2018

Punjab University entrance exam (PU CET), Punjab University Common Entrance Test is an university level examination, which is Organised by Punjab University. This Exam is conducted for providing admissions into many undergraduate courses such as Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS), B. Pharmacy and B.Sc. (Hon.). and BAMS etc. This exam is for those students interested to get admission in Punjab University.

PU CET Entrance Exam will be conducted for various subjects such as Biology ,Biotechnology, Biochemistry ,Physics, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Chemistry, and computer science .

Delhi Career Group Coaching Academy in Chandigarh

Delhi Career Group considered as first choice for candidate to take coaching for any competitive exam in Chandigarh. We provide coaching for PU CET Entrance exam. We deliver our coaching through latest methods of learning. We have and skilled and well experience faculty members. These unique methodologies encourage the aspirants to learn more enthusiastic. Delhi Career Group is the no.1 coaching institute for the preparation of PU CET entrance exam coaching in Chandigarh. We provide you quality and affordable education to every individual. Our institute provides you small size batches for easy concentration. All the facilities such as highly skilled faculty, interacting classroom, best sitting arrangements, best facilities for outside students, proper hygienic atmosphere.


Eight Important Point for Crack PU CET Exam :-

Practice Previous Year Question Paper: Candidate completes all the topics of the exam then they start to practice previous year question Paper in according to exam time.

Practicing More Mock Test: If you want to success so that you start online mock test. Doing more mock test you give a fair idea on time management strategy for attempting the paper.

By Joining Coaching Classes: By Joining Coaching Classes study can be done by your own but it is always advisable to join a coaching Institute because Coaching Institute keeps you updating about the topics and upcoming information and provide practice accordance with latest Exam pattern.

G .K.preparation : Those students who wants to qualify any exam they must need to update there general knowledge. Students update there G.K. by watching news related to many field like entertainment, sports, politics etc.

Current affairs preparation : To crack any competitive exam Students need to updates your listening Radio. Reading news papers and also watching news related to many field like entertainment , sports ,politics etc.

BY maintain your Health: This is very important to keep yourself fit and fine. Because of stress of exam some students avoiding their health while this some time them unhealthy and weak during exam.

By Revision: when you are on last level of completion of study syllabus, you must spare some time to revise what you have learnt. Revision helps to memorize each and every aspect of your study and so keeps you updated till the time of examination.

By managing time : Candidates firstly needs to maintain proper time for every subjects in a day. Through this step candidate time for every activity and give more time for weak subjects. time management is very important to crack any competitive exam.

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How to Prepare for B.Sc Paramedical Entrance Exam 2018

Paramedical course trains students and turns them into skilled and certified allied healthcare people and technicians. along side doctors and Nurses, allied healthcare workers also play an quintessential function inside the smooth functioning of the healthcare sector in India. Relating to service and professions which complement and support medical work but do not require a completely qualified physician (which includes nursing, radiography, emergency first resource, physiotherapy, and dietetics.we are the best B.Sc paramedical Coaching institute in Chandigarh.


Delhi Career Group is quirky coaching center for B.Sc paramedical Entrance exam in Chandigarh. We are giving better coaching to qualify B.Sc paramedical Entrance coaching in Chandigarh .We are known for our quality instruction. Numerous Students of Delhi Career Group break the B. Sc paramedical Entrance test under the direction of exceptionally talented educators. Delhi Career Group organization is give best Coaching for B.Sc Paramedical Entrance exam in Chandigarh. DCG institute give appropriate direction and recommendations to break the paramedical Written Entrance effortlessly to chose into dream line of there life. Along these lines, our establishment make unadulterated guarantee with student to helps in makes there entire life brilliant and agreeable.

Eligibility Criteria:-

 The applicants must be an Indian
 The applicants need to have completed 12th from recognized board. The appearing candidates of 12th also eligible for this exam.
 The applicants have to have PCB and English as compulsory subject of their 12th exam
 The applicants ought to have secured a min. of 50 marks in the 12th class.

• The right Guidance :- In order to save important time and attempts, candidate should seek for guidance from the best coaching institute available in Chandigarh.. This institutes provide best coaching in all subjects of the IAS exam. To know about which books to read, coaching to join and what strategy to adopt for IAS exam preparation .
• Short notes :- Prepare short notes has always been a best way to study and has always helping in revising soon. These notes can be made in the form of flash cards on subjects like current affairs, GK, as well as GS and chosen topics.
• Do it smartly :- Number of students believe that in order to become an IAS officer, this is done by proper work hard for it. We are believe that we need to study 9-11 hours or more, every day. But for desired results, you can extend it, all that a person needs to do is to walk the smart way means reading selectively and reading well .
 Start E

arly :- After complete your graduation u are appear in the exam. Preparations for the IAS exam should start early as possible .In order to get an information about but type of questions will be asked, solved papers of back years should be referred for this . It is also important to be updated knowledge of all fields.
• Read & Read :- Most of student reads for IAS, the More it will be beneficial for him. Reading a lot is the keys of success for better score in IAS Exam. The candidate should make it a habit of reading newspapers,& latest economic survey, all suitable text books & best supplementary books for IAS exam preparation available here for reading.

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Shining Star of Delhi Career Group

Defence Coaching

Akash SharmaCongratulations to Mr. Akash Sharma who acquire  training at Delhi Career Group Academy from 1-10th September 2017 and has been clear whole stage of NDA. We are tremendously happy with you Mr. Akash  Sharma and desire you all of the best to your future as an officer!! Bravo!!


Arjun Pundhir - Copy (1)

Congratulation to Mr. Arjun Pundhir to qualifying NDA Under the guidance of  Retd. Col. Puneet Sehgal  (Delhi Career Group Academy). Our teacher make you  smart & perfect by this quality you got Success in NDA. We wish you all the best for your future.


nikhil yadav - Copy

Congratulations to  Mr. Nikhil Yadav who gather  Coaching at Delhi career Group organization from 1-tenth September 2017 and has been clear entire level of NDA .We are especially satisfied with you Mr. Nikhil Yadav and preference you all the nice on your future as an officer!! Bravo!!


Puneet Kumar

Congratulation to Mr. Puneet kumar to qualifying NDA beneath the guidance of Delhi Career Group Academy . Our teacher make you Smart & ideal this excellent to procure achievement in NDA . We want you all of the best to your whole  destiny .